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FinScribe of wisdom: Timelines of the Modern...

FinScribe of wisdom: Timelines of the Modern U.S. Policies in the Child...
FinScribe of wisdom: Timelines of the Modern U.S. Policies in the Child...: Not sure when the genesis of the baby taking scheme began, although there was a report on May 1st with Peter Jennings about ...
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How government actions promote the destruction...

How government actions promote the destruction of the American family.
FinScribe of wisdom: The Archaic CAPTA Legislation
FinScribe of wisdom: The Archaic CAPTA Legislation: TWENTY YEARS OF CAPTA The background, limitations and results of federal and state child abuse legislation By Damon Coffma...
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[SDCPJ] Community organizations: register by 11/15 for annual holiday bazaar (12/8)

  Mark your calendars and register for tables NOW! . . .
The Annual Peace on Earth
Holiday Bazaar
Sat., December 8, 2012
10 Am - 2 PM
The Mid-City Gym
43rd and Landis St., San Diego
(park free in parking building 1 block no. on 43rd) 
Last year 26 community organizations distributed information and raised money selling alternative holiday gift items. The deadline for groups to register for tables this year is Nov. 15. See attached info. or visit
Participating vendors must be not-for-profit community organizations working for a peaceful, just and environmentally healthy world. For more information, contact Peace Resource Center,, or Project YANO, Online registration is open at

[SDCPJ] Peace Garden updates & special dates to remember

NOTE:  The Peace Garden is located on the campus shared by the Peace Resource Center, First Church of the Brethren, American Friends Service Committee--U.S./Mexico Border Project and the San Diego Quaker Meeting, 

All events listed below will take place at 3850 Westgate Place, San Diego, CA 92105.

Hi everyone-

First, we have 2 special dates coming up.

This Thursday, Nov. 1st, we are having a movie night and potluck, co-hosted by the Peace Resource Center and SD Food Not Lawns.  We will show "Food Mythbusters: The real story about what we eat".  Also, come find out about food justice and Prop 37.  We will potluck at 5:30 and start movie at 7:00.  Don't worry if you can't bring food, you are always welcome.  We will have plenty of food.  Children are also welcome and its free!

Saturday, Nov. 10th is our garden building day!  Yahooooo - we can't wait to get growing!  But we need YOU!  We will start at 9:00 and keep at it until noon or beyond.  Don't worry, we will have plenty of snacks and we'll break for a potluck lunch.  There will be lots of opportunity to learn how to make garden beds and discuss plans for the garden, but most importantly this will be a fun day of labor and camaraderie.  The following tools would be helpful if you have them: wheel barrow, cordless drill with bits & screw driver, staple gun, level, wire nips, spades.  You may want to bring gloves, water and sun protection.  You are also invited to bring flowering shrubby or herbaceous potted perennials if you have them, such as sages, rosemary, milkweeds, yarrow, mallow, etc.

Other updates:
We have work days every Wednesday morning 9 -11 and every second Saturday 9-12.  Please join us.  The 'hugel culture' mound is doing great with squash, sunflowers and pumpkins.  The pineapple guavas are starting up.  It will be so exciting to start planting other beds after our work day on the 10th.  We will be gearing up for some work shops soon (stay tuned for details on an irrigation work shop) and planting LOTS of kale for our Kale Festival in February.  More on that soon.  We are still looking for bed sponsors at $200, or partial bed sponsors.  A sponsorship is simply the money to cover the cost of building the garden, but you get your name, or organization's name, on the bed for the first year.  Finally, we are looking for growers to rent the garden beds after our work day on the 10th.  Please get in touch with me about any of these things:

See you in the garden or at our movie night!


Beth Townsend
Garden Coordinator

Monday, October 29, 2012

[SDCPJ] UNAC statement on the elections


  (please forward widely)



October 23, 2012

As election day approaches and campaign news dominates the media, anti-war activists should note that there is no true debate between the two major parties on the central issues of war, U.S. interventions abroad or the wars waged against Americans at home.

There is no argument between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney about the size of the military budget or on a perceived right of the United States to interfere in the affairs of sovereign nations or to create more "collateral damage" worldwide against civilian populations. Both candidates promise an endless "war against terror", a war which victimizes human beings and violates the rights of people across the planet. President Obama appealed a court decision striking down the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which allows him to indefinitely detain anyone he chooses. Mitt Romney is not in disagreement on the powers of the NDAA and has said that he would utilize them just as much should he become president. President Obama oversees targeted assassinations and we can be sure that Romney would continue this criminal practice.

Mitt Romney may attack the president for "leading from behind" on foreign policy but this comment is vague and meaningless precisely because there is no disagreement between the two candidates. While Romney attacks Obama because he won't publicly state an intention to attack Iran, Obama still insists on ever more harsh sanctions against that nation. He has said repeatedly that all options are "on the table".

At home America is still the world leader in mass incarceration, and deportations continue at a record pace. There is no federal government effort to stem police brutality and extra judicial killings which take place on a daily basis. The architects of the financial collapse go unpunished and their victims go unaided by our government. The 1% can be confident that they will not be discomfited by any president of the United States. Activists in the Occupy movement, a populist protest against the massive displacement of wealth towards the 1%, have been harassed and brutalized for asserting their first amendment rights.

UNAC acknowledges that differences exist between President Obama and Governor Romney on some issues, and UNAC is not endorsing any candidate for the presidency, nor calling for an election boycott. This statement is an effort to emphasize the continued need for peaceful mass mobilizations and other such effective protests before and after election day.

Regardless of who emerges victorious on November 6, 2012 the need for a truly progressive mass movement must continue. Popular demand for change is now as always the only path to greater justice at home and abroad.

If you would like a report back from one of the 31 people who recently visited Pakistan as part of the anti-drone trip and protest organized by Code Pink, please send an email to requesting a speaker and we will help get someone to come to your area.  The UNAC website, contains report back from various UNAC people who were on the trip.  Click here for a video of our rally near the border of the tribal areas of Pakistan:

click here to donate to UNAC
Click here for the Facebook UNAC group.


 To remove yourself from the UNAC listserv, please send an email to:
  To add yourself to the UNAC listserv, please send an email to:

[SDCPJ] NRC monitors nuclear plants in Hurricane's path and Bill McKibben on Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change

Bill McKibben on Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change: "If There Was Ever a Wake-up Call, This Is It"

NRC Monitors Nuclear Plants in Hurricane's Projected Path

Sunday, October 28, 2012

[SDCPJ] Upcoming Anti-Nuclear events in San Diego! Nov. 1-8 -- poetry event, 3 new films, Fukushima blogger speaks!

From The Peace Resource Center of San Diego, 

Thursday, November 1, 
"No Nukes Night: Poets Against Nuclear Power: An evening of poetry against nuclear energy and for green energy
," 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Space Bar Internet Cafe, 7454 University Ave., La Mesa, CA 91942.  Bring your poems, come and hear poems!  Calling all Southern California poets to write a poem and attend or send a poem to  The best 50 poems will be accepted for the anthology, "No Nukes: Poets Against Nuclear Power."   Info (619)461-7100

Friday, November 2, 6;30-9 p.m.  "Film: Knocking on the Devil's Door."  Sierra Club Monthly Film Series, Sierra Club Chapter Office, 8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111. Free!  Representatives from the Peace Resource Center of San Diego and the Shut San Onofre Campaign will be present to answer questions. "Knocking on the Devil's Door: Our Deadly Nuclear Legacy" triailer:

Saturday, November 3, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Come hear Japanese guest, Fukushima Blogger, Iori Mochizuki speak about Mutation, Plant situation, Global consequences at the Peace Resource Center, 3850 Westgate Place, SD, CA 92105.  Free!   
Mochizuki, a resident of Yokohama (~165 miles from Fukushima), writes the Fukushima Diary blog to share on-the-ground information of what's happening to the people of Japan since Fukushima. After March 11, 2011, he became frustrated with the lack of reliable information from official Japanese channels and began posting stories he discovered on Facebook sites. Harassed and threatened by Japanese officials, facing repeated online DDOS attacks and sickened by radiation (diarrhea, headache, coughing, nasal congestion, fatigue, pain behind his eyes), Mochizuki left Japan in December, 2011. Since then, he has traveled extensively and been hosted by his blog's followers in France, Spain, Netherlands, Romania, Austria and Tunisia. He currently lives in US. Fukushima Diary continues to be read by approximately 10,000 people a day.  Read "Fukushima Diary:"

Saturday, November 3, 6:30 p.m., "The Land of Hope,"  Asian Film Festival7510 Hazard Center Drive, San Diego, CA 92108.  A new (2012) art, drama about a nuclear accident in Japan; sound familiar?  General Admission $11.50.  More info and buy tickets here:

Wednesday, November 7, 4 p.m.:  "Nuclear Nation," a free showing by the Asian Film Festival, UltraStar Mission Valley, 7510 Hazard Center Drive, San Diego, CA 92108.   Don't miss this new documentary about Fukushima and Japan.  The Peace Resource Center of San Diego is one of the co-presenters and we have reserved 10 tickets for the film; if you'd like to be part of our party, contact  Read about film here:

Thursday, November 8, 7 p.m.:  "The Land of Hope,"  Asian Film Festival, 7510 Hazard Center Drive, San Diego, CA 92108.  A new (2012) art, drama about a nuclear accident in Japan; sound familiar?  General Admission $11.50.  More info and buy tickets here:

[SDCPJ] Citizens speak about San Onofre to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in Irvine, Oct 25, 2012

Ace Hoffman has uploaded Citizens speak to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in Irvine, Oct 25, 2012.
Citizens speak to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in Irvine, Oct 25, 2012
The commission had managed to prevent most of us from speaking, but after listening to one Chamber-of-Commerce speaker after another take up the speaking time to say the same thing -- that San Onofre is "safe, reliable, affordable energy" (it's none of those) Gary Headrick managed to force his way to the podium by dint of having nearly half the audience there to support him. He was followed by an eloquent 13-year old from Idyllwild, Zora.

Those two presentations, the vote, plus our speakers for the press conference afterwards are all presented here.

Speakers: Gary Headrick, Zora, CPUC, Ray Lutz, Gene Stone, Donna Gilmore, Ace Hoffman

Video by Ace Hoffman

©2012 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

Saturday, October 27, 2012

[SDCPJ] October 27, 2012 - 7:00pm ASD Film Series: Homotopia

ASD Film Series: Homotopia (followed by discussion)

October 27, 2012 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Joyce Beers Community Center: 3900 Vermont St; San Diego, California 92103

ASD Film Series: Homotopia
(directed by Chris Vargas & Eric A. Stanley, 2006) Set sometime in the future-present Homotopia chronicles a group of radical queer’s dedicated to exposing the trouble with gay marriage, dismantling the State, undoing Empire, while looking totally fierce.

Woven into the story of Yoshi’s adventures in love, resistance, and sex, is a critique of the crushing violence of homonormativity and its deadly perpetuation of US patriotism, conservative kinship structures and affective accumulation. Homotopia holds cinematic assumptions hostage through its motley assemblage of never-passing crew. Race, gender, ability and desire are reworked through an anti-colonial take of queer struggle creating a visual rhythm of melancholic utopianism that knows there may be no future but still hopes today is not their last. Love revolution, not State delusion, Homotopia.

This movie is only 30 minutes long, but it opens up many avenues for discussion. We plan on having a 90 minute discussion following the screening.

[SDCPJ] Join us for a Memorial Service for Bernie Levy - Sunday, October 28th @ NOON @ World Beat Center

Dear Friends of Activist San Diego,

One of our dear friends and a founding supporter of the Activist Center passed away on Friday afternoon after years of valiantly battling Parkinson's.  At the request of his family we have helped organize a memorial service at the World Beat Center, one of Bernie's favorite spots.

Please read and distribute the message below to anyone you know who knew Bernie or would want to attend Sunday at noon.   Donation suggestions at the bottom.

In deep appreciation for all that Bernie shared with us and our community on conscience,

Activist San Diego Board

To honor Bernie and celebrate his life

Memorial Service for Bernie Levy

Political activist, visionary, 70's clothing designer extraordinaire, 
entrepreneur, gourmet chef, creator, innovator, critical thinker

Sunday, October 28th @ Noon
World Beat Center - Garden

Dear Friends and Family:

It is with love and heartfelt sadness that we share that our father and grandfather Bernie Levy passed away today with his 2 children, Josh and Alyssa and other dear ones by his side. He lived a passionate and extraordinary life and will be dearly missed.
For all of you who knew Bernie, you know he was one of kind! Big hearted, caring and truly generous, he was at once an avid political activist, visionary, 70's clothing designer extraordinaire,  entrepreneur, gourmet chef, creator, innovator, critical thinker and without a doubt had a very strong will to live and lived as fully as possible throughout his life. 

A perfect symbolic moment happened when we visited him this past weekend. He was alert and yet only able to communicate minimally — however he let us know by the blink of his eyes that he did want to vote for Obama! One of the doctors that treated him through the years at UCLA commented unsolicited on how fascinating he was and how much he appreciated his intellect.

Lover of food, Cuba, "the Blues", arts in all dimensions, Martha's Vineyard, Southern California weather, the beach, travel and cultures, learning and politics — he was a deep and reflective thinker and definitely taught us the value of education, to inquire and question, respect differences, think out of the box, look at alternate viewpoints, deeply understand social issues and inequities worldwide, appreciate art and helped set a stage for us to follow our dreams.
We will hold a Memorial to honor Bernie and celebrate his life this Sunday in San Diego.

Date: Sunday, October 28th, 2012.
1 PM - Memorial services
Location: The World Beat Center, Southern Garden (just outside and to the South of the Center), 2100 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101  Parking: Should be ample park along Park Blvd. or across the street in the Hospital Parking Lot.

We hope you will join us.

More information about how to contribute to a charitable organization in the memory of Bernie will follow.

With all our love,

Alyssa, Josh, Heidi, Jaime, Wynne, Eli and Kiara

--   Martin Eder  619-871-9354 = Cell  
Donations in memory of Bernie Levy may be sent to:

Project YANO - The Project on Youth and Non-military Opportunities. This organization helps educate youth on the realities of military enlistment and provides non-military alternatives for youth to learn valuable skills, go to college, find adventure or serve others. Their website is:

Community Radio Project KNSJ / Activist San Diego:  Bernie was an enthusiastic supporter of the new KNSJ- 89.1FM community radio station that Activist San Diego (ASD) is launching.  Bernie was also a founder of ASD's Activist Center and a proud supporter of ASD from its inception.  Community Radio or ASD donations can be made to:

[SDCPJ] Daniel Ellsberg and 14 Nuclear Protesters Are Victorious in Federal Court

ederal Magistrate judge Rita Federman last Wednesday allowed the U.S. government to dismiss all trespassing charges against the "Vandenberg 15," a group of citizens who in February conducted a civil disobedience action at Vandenberg Air Force Base. The group was attempting to stop a testing of the Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile that later reached a target in the Marshall Islands (without a nuclear warhead). The group was urging the base commander to stop the testing of thermonuclear warhead delivery vehicles and to eliminate land-based missiles in the U.S.

The Vandenberg 15 included prominent leaders of the anti-nuclear movement - Daniel Ellsberg, a former Pentagon nuclear weapons strategist, (who also released the Pentagon Papers to the press in 1971); Father Louis Vitale, a Franciscan monk and co-founder of the Nevada Desert Experience; Cindy Sheehan, founder of the Gold Star Families for Peace, whose son, Casey, was killed in the Iraq war; and David Krieger, president of Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF), member of Veterans for Peace, etc.

Attorney Matthew Umhofer stated, "Ultimately the government did the right thing to dismiss this case, because they had no real trespassing issues. It is the highest form of patriotism for my clients to petition their government, and they were acting within their rights, and did not trespass as charged. Truly, they are the true patriots, because these nuclear weapons can threaten our national security."

Read rest of article:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

[SDCPJ] Financial probe of San Onofre nuclear power plant approved!

The California Public Utilities Commission voted 5-0 today to institute an "OII" instituting a an "order of investigation" into costs and issues raised by the extended outage of San Onofre Nuclear Plant Units 2 and 3.  Congratulations to all who turned out today to urge the PUC to take this action!   The Scope and extent of the OII was/is NOT a foregone conclusion---our grassroots spotlight on this is building the momentum for REAL investigation and substantive action.  Our coalition's press conference was well attended; see articles below

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

[SDCPJ] Call to action! Welcome to "DRONE Diego" --- did you know the drones killing people are mede San Diego?

Welcome to "DRONE Diego!'

The drones killing people in countries like Pakistan are made here in San Diego County by General Atomics.  We have many other drone connections, including surveillance drones on the border between the U.S. and Mexico.   

This past Saturday, 10/20/12, Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK, presented us with an informative and dynamic call to do more about drones ... especially here in San Diego.  Here are some resources, to help us answer that call!

Some of us are currently meeting to work out a project developed in a post-program strategy session with Medea for bringing more attention to San Diego's role in drone production.  Details TBA; if you're interested in working with us on a committee planning this, please let me know!  

In the meantime, San Diego Veterans for Peace is holding a weekly vigil at the killer drone production site in Poway.  Thursdays, 4-6 p.m., on the corner of Scripps Poway Parkway and General Atomics Way in Poway.  PLEASE COME OUT AND SUPPORT THIS ACTION!

And! PLEASE educate yourself on this issue!  We'll be providing more educational/action info in coming weeks.

If you missed the Peace Center program featuring Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK, talking about her new book, "Drone Warfare:  Killing by Remote Control,"  we recommend reading her book which is available here:

These two websites have great current info:

Stanford and NYU have issued an important new Report on Drones:

Carol Jahnkow
Special Projects Coordinator
Peace Resource Center of San Diego

[SDCPJ] Organizer Training, Nov 10 & 11 - by IWW

IWW is running a 2 day training for organizers on November 10 and 11 in San Diego. It is open to all workers, regardless of union affiliation or none. This is a structured training, which IWW conducts in different locations around the U.S. from time to time, and this is the first time it has been done in San Diego.

Please help spread the word.

---------- Forwarded Message ----------
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 20:28:52 -0700


Please spread these around!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[SDCPJ] NRC announces plan to carry out cancer risk study - includes San Onofre

About time.


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff is implementing a National Academy of Sciences committee's recommendations to perform a pilot study of cancer risk in populations around six U.S. nuclear power plant sites and a nuclear fuel facility. The NRC is asking the Academy to carry out this effort, which will help the agency determine whether to extend the study to the remaining U.S. reactor and certain fuel cycle sites.

The pilot effort, described in the staff's update (SECY-12-0136) to the agency's five Commissioners, will examine each of the seven sites with two types of epidemiological studies. The first will examine multiple cancer types in populations living near the facilities; the second will be a case-control study of cancers in children born near the facilities. The six reactor sites are: Dresden Nuclear Power Station, Morris, Ill. Millstone Power Station, Waterford, Conn. Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, Forked River, N.J. Haddam Neck (decommissioned), Haddam Neck, Conn. Big Rock Point Nuclear Power Plant (decommissioned), Charlevoix, Mich. San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, San Clemente, Calif.

The Dresden, Millstone and San Onofre sites include both operating reactors and a decommissioned reactor. The pilot effort will also study Nuclear Fuel Services in Erwin, Tenn. The Academy recommended these sites because they provide a good sampling of facilities with different operating histories, population sizes, and levels of complexity in data retrieval from the relevant state cancer registries.

The NRC will work with the Academy to begin the pilot study process in the next three months. The NRC staff expects the effort will continue at least into 2014 and cost approximately $2 million. The Academy will work with interested parties near the sites prior to gathering information and beginning the necessary analyses.

The NRC/Academy effort's overall aim is to provide a modern version of the 1990 U.S. National Institutes of Health – National Cancer Institute (NCI) report, "Cancer in Populations

Office of Public Affairs Telephone: 301/415-8200
Washington, D.C. 20555-0001
E-mail: Site:
No. 12-117
October 23, 2012

Living Near Nuclear Facilities." The NRC has used the 1990 NCI report as a primary resource when communicating with the public about cancer mortality risk in counties that contain or are adjacent to certain nuclear power facilities.

In Phase 1 of the study, the Academy developed proposed methods for examining the most up-to-date cancer information in populations living near
NRC-licensed nuclear facilities. The pilot studies will determine the feasibility of using these methods on the balance of the remaining operating nuclear power facilities and certain fuel cycle facilities in phase 2 of the project.

News releases are available through a free Listserv subscription or by clicking on the EMAIL UPDATES link on the NRC homepage ( E-mail notifications are sent to subscribers when news

[SDCPJ] Call on CPUC to Investigate San Onofre--NOT ONE DIME MORE! 10/25/12 CPUC Meeting!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Carol Jahnkow <>
Date: Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 8:31 AM
Subject: Call on CPUC to Investigate San Onofre--NOT ONE DIME MORE! 10/25/12 CPUC Meeting!

Thursday, October 25, 2012  --  Irvine City Council Chambers, 1 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine 92606
Public Testimony: 9 a.m. (be there by 8:30 a.m.).  Press conference at 11:30 a.m.

Please see below for:

  • More info on meeting and how to participate personally or by e-mail
  • Our core message to the CPUC (also attached)
Meeting info and how to participate personally or by e-mail:

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)  regulates the rates and reliability of electric service by SoCal Edison & SDG&E, majority and minority owners of Onofre Nuclear Power Plant.  The CPUC rarely conducts its "Voting Meetings" outside of its HQs in San Francisco. It is holding its next "Voting Meeting" on Thursday, October 25th in the Irvine City Council Chambers, which gives those affected by the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant a tremendous opportunity to address all 5 of the Commissioners, who are appointed by the Governor.  The meeting starts at 9a, but we are asking supporters of the Keep San Onofre Shut Coalition to arrive by 8:30a 
and take seats before the meeting starts. Seating is always at a premium at public meetings on San Onofre, so we want to be sure our Coalition is well-represented in the Council Chambers, which seats 200; the CPUC is also planning an Overflow Room with 100-seat capacity, plus loudspeakers broadcasting the Meeting outside.

The CPUC's published Agenda for this meeting includes opening an Investigation into issues raised by the extended outage of San Onofre Nuclear Plant Units 2 and 3. Again, the CPUC regulates the rates and reliability of electric service by SoCal Edison & SDG&E, majority and minority owners of San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant -- NOT nuclear power plant safety, which is the exclusive jurisdiction of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  The CPUC's Draft "Order Instituting Investigation (OII) can be viewed here:

At the beginning of each Commission "Voting Meeting," people may address the Commission about items on the Agenda (except closed session matters and certain other cases).  If there are a lot of speakers, each speaker will get a maximum of 1 minute to speak.  However, if a group wants to select a spokesperson or two, additional time will be allotted for the spokespeople, rather than having all of the individuals speak.  In addition, spokespeople can bring such things as petitions or position statements to leave with the Commissioners.  We ask your cooperation in allowing a limited number of spokespeople to sign up to speak for a longer time, to amplify and elaborate on our "Core Message to the CPUC" and "Detailed Message" (see following).

In addition to, or instead of, attending the Commission Meeting on Oct. 25th, you can also submit your Comment to the Commission via e-mail to the Public Advisor's Office at  The Public Advisor routes comments received to the Commissioners and there is no limit on the number of pages for written comments, so people can be more detailed in their comments, rather than having to get their spoken statement down to 1 minute (for large number of speakers at CPUC Meeting).  If you attend the Commission Meeting on October 25th, you can also bring 7 copies of your written statement to submit to the Commission.  

In prepping to attend the Commission Meeting, be mindful that "Signs brought by meeting attendees are limited to 8 1/2 x 11 inches in size.  Sticks or any other type of handle are strictly prohibited."  We CAN have larger signs/banners or signs with handles OUTSIDE -- and we will have these for our Press Conference outside, which we will hold at 11:30am.  Please plan to stay through at least our Press Conference.

Core Message to the CPUC

It's time to cut our losses and permanently shut down the defective San Onofre nuclear reactors.

·        Edison's plan to restart (even at partial power) defective and damaged equipment is unacceptable. This is not a prudent or reasonable plan for ensuring cost effective and reliable power.

·        Forcing customers to pay potentially billions of dollars for Edison's aging and crippled nuclear reactors is unacceptable.  Edison and SDG&E customers already have some of the highest electricity rates in California and the nation.

·        The CPUC investigation should analyze costs and reliability through the current license period. This will show that Edison's mismanaged, defective and aging nuclear reactors are a bad investment for California ratepayers.

·        Near-term replacements for San Onofre power should emphasize reducing demand, and strengthening energy efficiency and renewable options. This would address economic and environmental impacts from the San Onofre outage.

·        OII proceedings regarding San Onofre should be conducted in the area most impacted by the decisions of these proceedings, particularly the pre-hearing conference.  

A Detailed explanation of the Core message is in the attached file.  

[SDCPJ] 2 Films @PRC: Th 10/25 & Th 11/1

You're invited to TWO Film Nights!

@ the Peace Resource Center
3850 Westgate Place, San Diego 92105

1)  Thursday Oct. 25th

co-hosted with

Doors open 6:30 pm
Film at 7:00 pm, then discussion
Free & Open to Public
Light Refreshments

Even for those who still doubt the severity of the impact of climate change or just don't buy it at all, "Carbon Nation" is a compelling and relevant film that illustrates how SOLUTIONS to climate change also address other social, economic and national security issues. It features a host of entertaining and endearing characters. It's an optimistic, solutions-based, non-preachy, non-partisan, big tent film that shows tackling climate change boosts the economy, increases national & energy security and promotes health & a clean environment.

2)  Thursday Nov. 1st

FOOD MythBusters: 
The REAL STORY About What We Eat!

Potluck & Film Night
co-hosted by San Diego Peace Garden & SD Food Not Lawns

Potluck starts at 5:30 pm ** it's OK to just bring YOU, we'll share!
Films at 7:00  (and you an still be eating)
Open to all. Kids welcome.

See the local premiere of bestselling author Anna Lappé's new animated film debunking the myth that we need industrial agriculture to feed the world. We'll follow with another new short film and share conversation about the "Food System," Prop 37, and cultivating food justice! 

Peace Resource Center of San Diego
3850 Westgate Place, San Diego 92105
office: 619-263-9301 /
Nonprofit 501(c)(3) # 95-3594247

General PRC -- (no longer using: prcsandiego[at]
Mariah Gayler, Executive Director --
Carol Jahnkow, Director Emerita & Special Projects --
Social Media --

Monday, October 22, 2012

[SDCPJ] PRC Voting Guide & TODAY is last day to Register in CA!

TODAY! Monday, October 22nd, is the deadline to register to vote!

Paper forms must be postmarked today, OR... 
California now offers internet registration as well! 

So, if you still need to register (or re-register), go ONLINE RIGHT NOW to

Below are the PRC's recommendations for State Propositions and one in San Diego City. We've also attached the same voter guide in a one page pdf that you can print out for reference.

Voter Recommendations for November 6, 2012

Because a large part of the mission of the Peace Resource Center of San Diego is to promote Peace, Social Justice, and Environmental Sustainability in the San Diego region, we urge you to vote in the coming election on Tuesday November 6th. Based on a number of sources and our own analysis, we suggest the following ballot measure choices for the upcoming election in pursuit of those values: 

YES on 30: Education Funding.  A quarter percent (.25%) temporary increase in sales taxes and an increase in income taxes on upper incomes will provide needed funds (that the Legislature failed to pass) for Education and Public Safety.  (We suggest No on 38, another education funding measure, which raises taxes for low-income groups.)

NO on 31:  State Budget.  State and Local Government.  While a switch to a two-year state budget might have benefits, this Constitutional Amendment is poorly written, expands the governor's power, and permanently restricts ability to fund vital services.

NO on 32:  Political Contributions from Payroll Deductions. This is deceptive and anti-union.  It restricts political donations from payroll deductions, which affects primarily labor unions, but does not restrict companies from using their funds for political donations. 

NO on 33: Insurance Premiums based on coverage history.  Put your car in "Planned non-operation" while you are overseas in the military, or in college, or hard-pressed financially,  and when you return your rates can be raised, regardless of your good-driving record.

YES on 34: Death Penalty Repeal.  Replaces legalized murder with life without parole.

NO on 35: Human Trafficking.  Human trafficking of all kinds is vile, but this measure eradicates any aspect of trafficking other than sex slavery, and eliminates restrictions on coerced domestic work and unfree labor.

YES on 36: Three Strikes Law.  Stops mandatory life sentences for three time felons with non-serious, non-violent offenses.

YES on 37:  Genetically Engineered Foods. Mandatory Labeling.  Genetically Engineered foods (sometimes called GMO's or genetically modified organisms) are different from hybrids that result from cross-pollination. GE foods have various consequences and it is important for consumers to have ability to know what is in their food.

NO on 38:  Tax for Education and Early Childhood Programs.  Although this provides more revenue for certain types of education than Proposition 30, it imposes taxes on low income groups and only provides funds for new programs sought by local districts applying for grants.

YES on 39: Tax Treatment for Multi-state Businesses.  Closes a tax loophole granted (in 2009) to corporations doing business in several states.  Passage may raise state revenues by $1 billion and may create 40,000 jobs.

YES on 40:  Redistricting State Senate districts.  Keeps Senate Districts that have been drawn by the Citizens' Redistricting Commission.

YES on Z:  San Diego Neighborhood Schools Classroom Safety and Repair Measure. Funds for facilities and technology needs at local neighborhood and charter schools.

For online access to the full text of the various measures, arguments from each side, editorial opinions, and links to various sources of information, we recommend visiting:

Peace Resource Center of San Diego
3850 Westgate Pl, San Diego 92105
619-263-9301 /
Nonprofit 501(c)(3) # 95-3594247

[SDCPJ] Fwd: SAN ONOFRE: Hydrogen gas leak from crippled reactor exposes danger of restart


CONTACT: Damon Moglen, Friends of the Earth: (202) 222-0715
John Large, Large and Associates (London): +44 7971 08886

SAN ONOFRE: Hydrogen gas leak from crippled reactor exposes danger of restart

Friends of the Earth: Edison must immediately say if leak is radioactive

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 – A reactor at the crippled San Onofre nuclear power plant is leaking hydrogen gas into the environment, according to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Although it  is not yet known if the leaking gas is radioactive, Friends of Earth said the latest trouble at San Onofre is strong evidence that the plant is not safe to restart. 

According to an 
NRC bulletin issued Sunday, an unknown quantity of hydrogen gas is leaking from Reactor 2, which like Reactor 3 has been closed since a leak of radioactive steam in January and the discovery of severely damaged steam generators. The NRC did not say what caused the leak. 

"There are critical questions that Edison must answer immediately," said Damon Moglen, energy and climate director at Friends of the Earth. "Is the leaking hydrogen radioactive? And was the leak caused by heating up the plant's steam generators in advance preparation for restart? Edison keeps saying safety is its priority, but it's clear that the San Onofre reactors are not safe to operate."

Both the California Emergency Management Agency and San Diego Department of Environmental Health were notified of the leak Sunday morning.

Earlier this month, Edison filed a plan to restart Reactor 2 at 70 percent power and run it for five months to see whether it is safe to restart permanently. The NRC says it will take months to decide whether to allow restart.

This past weekend, Edison was conducting tests that include bringing the reactor to normal operating pressure and temperature, using offsite electrical power. The steam generators will be hot and pressurized. The leak is likely to persist for some days, as the only way to stop such a leak is to depressurize and lower the temperature of the reactor and its coolant system. This is a delicate operation that must follow rigid safety rules to avoid further damage to the reactors. 

"This has all the signs of a bungled and hurried preparation to bring San Onofre Unit 2 back to power," said John Large, a London-based nuclear consultant. "Depending on the extent of damage to the reactor this could be a further setback to Edison's plans for an early restart."



Sunday, October 21, 2012

[SDCPJ] AGENDA: SDCPJ, Monday Oct. 22, 7 PM

All, below/attached is the agenda.  Will be extremely interesting to review latest events including Oct. 6-7, Media Benjamin, the increasing death scourge of drones, and more.  PLEASE DO ATTEND -


                        - At the Friends Center -

                        3850 Westgate Place, San Diego, CA 92105

                        Monday, October 22, 2012 – 7:00 PM


Tonight's Facilitator: TBD

Welcome, Introductions

Note taker for this evening's meeting will be ________________

Next regular SDCPJ meeting: Monday, November 26, 2012 (to be confirmed) 




- Report Back: Oct. 6-7 Coordinated Actions, Afghanistan/Occupy

- Report Back: Oct. 20 Media Benjamin Visit/drones (see also discussion item below)

- Update: BDS Campaign

- Update: Veterans for Peace Drone Protests (see also discussion item below)


New Business/Discussion Items

- Discussion/action: Request to endorse Grace Campaign (Cathy Mendonca)

- Discussion: Increasing use of drones; what to do about it (see attached)

- Cont."Global" Discussion: Continued role of the SDCPJ; related, SDCPJ media capacity & responsibilities - maintenance of SDCPJ Web site, listserve; need for SDCPJ-specfic Facebook page; policies; other/related

Break Outs (as needed) 




***NOTE:  Information about events listed here can be found on SDCPJ's website  or at or at

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