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[SDCPJ] Movie Night at the new home of the Peace Resource Center!


Tuesday, August, 9th (Nagasaki Day)
starting at 6:30PM Movie at 7:00PM

at the new home of the
in the
3850 Westgate Place San Diego 92105





Atomic Mom is a feature-length documentary film about two women, both mothers, who have very different experiences of the atom bomb. 

One is the filmmaker's mother, Pauline Silvia, who was a biologist in the Navy in the early 1950's and was sent to the Nevada Test Site where she participated in five detonations. At 23 years old, she was one of the few women scientists on an elite team of researchers. After decades of silence, Pauline is in a crisis of conscience about the work she did, work that involved animal testing. In our present moment of Wikileaks, Pauline is a similar whistle-blower having been cowed by the silencing machine of the US military. She reveals some of the grim and dark secrets of the U.S. atomic testing program.

In an attempt to reconcile with her own mother's past, her daughter, filmmaker M.T. Silvia, meets Emiko Okada, a Hiroshima survivor trying to resolve her own history in Japan. She was eight years old when the bomb was dropped and her twelve-year-old sister was never found. After many years of silence, Ms. Okada gives testimony of her atomic bomb experience and her commitment to education and disarmament. The film follows these survivors, each on a different end of atomic warfare, as they "meet" through the filmmaking process, and as they, with startling honestly, attempt to understand the other.




[SDCPJ] OB Rag - Best of the Week


Here is the Best of the Week from July 24th through July 30th. Click on headlines to see the articles.

Need Money? El Cajon Young Republicans San Diego GOP operatives Pay "Activists"! by Anna Daniels

Still Advocating for Children After All These Years by Ernie McCray

The Saga of the Del Mar Ave. Benches Not Over Yet by Andy Cohen

The Douche Distraction: Hail to the V, bye-bye Roe V Wade? by Anna Daniels

Memorial Benches Returned to Ocean Beach by Frank Gormlie

Ask OB Convert: "I still haven't found a job in OB." by OB Convert

OB Rag Challenging Assumptions Over At The Union Tribune by Doug Porter

Sustainability 101: Repurposing & Upcycling by Terrie Relf

NFL Lockout Officially Ended. A Look Back at the Issues and the Settlement by Andy Cohen

Bench Tour of South Ocean Beach by Citizen Cane

ComicCon 2011: Saturday costume session by Shane Finneran

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[SDCPJ] Legislation to Phase Out Private Military Contractors is Filed in Senate and House

July 27, 2011
Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) today introduced legislation that would phase out private security contractors in war zones.

Rest of article is at:
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[SDCPJ] show support for the Peace movement on Facebook

Show your support for the Peace movement by visiting the San Diego Veterans for Peace Facebook page and clicking the "Like" button.

We need your support to show the rest of the community and the elected officials that the Peace movement has a strong community support. We invite you to share on this page information and comments directly related to the organization's effort to end US military foreign occupations and the US foreign policy directed at perpetuating the ongoing wars.

Sergey Gratiy,
associate member of SDVFP

Left Hook: July 2011 - Debt Crisis

Left Hook

By Walter Davis

27 July 2011

The Debt Crisis: Artificial, Immoral, Preventable

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." -Woodrow Wilson, after signing the Federal Reserve into existence (1)…

This quote, though replete on the Internet and many other sources, is argued not to be an actual quote by Woodrow Wilson.

Whether or not the President uttered this quote or it is a conspiracy theory, the words ring of truth. Less than 5% of America’s population is in control of more than 90% of the wealth. Poverty levels are increasing and the middle class is disappearing. American families are weighed down by the shackles of debt.

“I have never seen more Senators express discontent with their jobs….I think the major cause is that, deep down in our hearts, we have been accomplices in doing something terrible and unforgivable to our wonderful country. Deep down in our heart, we know that we have given our children a legacy of bankruptcy. We have defrauded our country to get ourselves elected. ” - John Danforth (R-Mo) (Ibin)

Schools are closing and college graduates cannot get jobs. Highly educated people are performing manual labor jobs and happy to get them. Families are losing their homes in unprecedented rates. Banks and other major corporations are bailed out with tax payer money while police and fire services are cut back; citizens’ safety is being critically set back.

“From now on, depressions will be scientifically created.” -- Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh Sr. , 1913
Prices skyrocket, salaries stagnate, jobs are sent overseas and replaced by robots while one thing remains true consistently; the rich get richer. Citizens in developing countries are victimized by the modern day versions of slave plantations. Some are driven off of their lands. They come to America where they are reviled as illegal immigrants while they work for slave wages landscaping homes and working in kitchens.

America’s education system is falling behind other nations while the infrastructure crumbles. Young people are sleeping on the couch as they return home to their parents; some have never left home to begin with…further, older people are returning to the homes of their parents too. Few opportunities exist for young people other than the opportunity to join the military by the millions and fight for the interests of bankers worldwide.

“Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce.”- James A. Garfield, President of the United States (Ibin)

Herman is an electrician who cannot find work so he works at a Seven Eleven as a cashier after his job at Walmart where he stocks. Susan is a military retiree who is 100% disabled; she does not know if she is getting her retirement and disability check in August 2011 because of the political posturing in Washington. There is so much uncertainty in this country with so much promise. There is too much poverty and inequality in our society for it to stand. Sadly, most Americans do not understand the banking system or their power to stop the banks from victimizing them anymore.

“Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international money lenders. The accounts of the Federal Reserve System have never been audited. It operates outside the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States.” – Sen. Barry Goldwater (Rep. AZ) (Ibin)

The bankers who planned this gigantic Ponzi Scheme (Central Banking System) were so confident that they bragged: “The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.”- Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863 (Ibin)

Ponzi Scheme Defined: A fraudulent investment scheme which pays out returns to investors using their own money or new investor money rather than from actual profit earned on an investment. Returns offered are unusually higher than an average comparable investment, and for the Ponzi Scheme to work, needs an ever increasing cash-flow of deposited money from new investors to keep the Ponzi Scheme perpetuating. (2)

The quotes by President Wilson, Congressman McFadden and Congressman Lindbergh may appear to be true to some. Our current economic crisis is another indication that this system does not work for most people, thus, it is unethical. Conversations with Herman and Susan will reveal that this system does not work for them or millions of other Americans who want to simply earn a living and take care of their families. For far too many families even both parents working is not enough. This is all due to the greed of a few powerful people. The Federal Reserve must be disbanded, if America is ever to be out of debt. The American government must produce its own money and not continue to feed the giant Ponzi Scheme of the Central Banking system.

“Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are the United States government’s institutions.
They are not government institutions. They are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign swindlers”– Congressional Record 12595-12603 – Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency June 10, 1932(1)
Congressman McFadden was poisoned at a banquet after making this statement. Congressman Lindbergh suffered the kidnapping of his son. The American people have the power to stop this band of ruthless, greedy bankers who systematically victimize the America.

“This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on Earth. When the President [Wilson} signs this bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized....the worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill."- Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr., 1913(Ibin)

One thing for certain: What the ruling elite in this country want, they get. If they wanted all American families to get what they needed to live fulfilled and descent lives, they would.

1. Charting Stocks: Real Stock Market News and Insight. 10 December 2008. 25 July 2011.

2. Wall Street Survivor: Where Great Traders Begin. 25 July 2011. 25 July 2011.

[SDCPJ] Anti-Militarism Activist School -- Online!

Hi, folks,

The Alliance for Global Justice has offices in Washington, DC, and Tucson, along with me doing work for the Nicaragua Network (a project of the AGJ) here in San Diego.  To find out more about the on-line activist school, read below; to find out more about the AGJ, go to:

In the struggle for justice,
Katherine Hoyt
Imperial Beach

Alliance for Global Justice

Online Activist School Announces First Session Courses

The Alliance for Global Justice is proud to present our first session of courses for the AFGJ Online Activist School. This first session we will be offering five courses, designed for both new activists to develop skills and knowledge to become organizers and for long-time organizers looking to hone their skills in particular areas or to increase their knowledge base.

Please click on any of their titles to read more. Click here to register today! 

Course Title Description
Journalism from the Grassroots In this course, activists will be taught the key precepts of journalism, specifically writing for the web, developing sources, doing background research and how to have their work be read by a wider audience.
Using the Freedom of Information Act to Support Organizing This course will introduce activists to the Freedom of Information Act and walk them through the process of filing and pursuing a request.
Organizing for Alternatives to Military Recruitment in the Schools This course teaches activists about the relationship between militarism and our education system and focuses on how to educate youth and build alliances to raise awareness about what military service entails and alternatives to it.
Privatization of War: The Role of Private Military Companies in US Foreign Policy Learn more about the modern day mercenaries used by the US government and the impact these private military contractors will have on the future of militarization.
The Marriage of Neoliberalism and Militarism This course explores the relationship between the neoliberal economic ideology and militarism.

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We're Still Hiring

We are currently looking for instructors to teach during our second session, Jan. 13th - Feb. 17th, 2012. We have extended the application deadline to July 22nd. If you are interested in applying, please read more here and make sure to download our application.

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Like the work AFGJ is doing? Please consider supporting us today.

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[SDCPJ] AGENDA - Monday July 25 SDCPJ Meeting

Come to our meeting and help plan for October action - meeting agenda follows and is attached.  THANKS


                             3850 Westgate Place, San Diego, CA 92105

                             Monday, July 25, 2011 – 7:00 PM



Facilitator: Josh

Welcome, Introductions

Note taker for this evening's meeting will be ________________

Next regular SDCPJ meeting: Monday, August 8 (to be confirmed).  Facilitator_____________



Accept Minutes from June 27 meeting (see below)

New Business/Report Backs/Updates/Discussion Items

-- Report Back: July 16 Gay Pride Parade

-- Update: BDS campaign in San Diego

-- Update: SDCPJ Financial Report (current account, collection on March 19, other)

-- Update: High School Leafleting Project

-- Update: San Diego Community Radio Project


Upcoming Actions/Events



Break Outs (as needed) 




***NOTE:  Information about events listed here can be found on SDCPJ's website  or at or at

Saturday, July 23, 2011

[SDCPJ] Call for Agenda Items - Monday July 25

There WILL be a meeting of the San Diego Coalition for Peace & Justice this Monday evening, at the Church of the Brethren.  The major agenda item (likely to have most of the meeting time) will be planning for an October San Diego regional antiwar/anti-empire/anti-all-the-threads-that-connect-the-multiple-wars-to-political/economic-imbalance-and-injustice, event. 
BRING YOUR IDEAS and your body for this brainstorming/planning!
Please also reply back with any other items which should be on the agenda; the final agenda will be e-mailed out Sunday evening. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

[SDCPJ] Tijuana Maquiladora Tour -- August 6th <> 6 de agosto

(Versión en español, ver abajo)
Tijuana Maquiladora Tour
Come to learn about Tijuana communities and workers' conditions and struggles!
Saturday August 6th, 9 am to 3 pm
Important Notice:
Citizens returning from Mexico should present an U.S. passport. (Otherwise, they need an official ID, birth certificate, and waiting in line when returning to the U.S. for a period of time to be decided by the border gate officer.) More information: the U.S. State Dept. web site:
All tour participants must read the US travel alert to Mexico and sign the tour waiver. Please read the attached file.
Schedule (There may be slight variations from tour to tour.)
9:00 am sharp- San Ysidro/Tijuana border-bus station. We will walk together to cross the border gate and travel to our locations in Tijuana using chartered buses for transportation.
9:45 am- The crosses at the border: More than 7,000 immigrants have died trying to cross the border.
10:30 am- Otay Industrial Park, Sanyo, Douglas Furniture, other maquiladoras: workers' labor conditions, labor rights and struggles

NOTE: We will visit the Tijuana industrial area but won't enter any factory.
11:30 am- Community Ejido Chilpancingo-Rio Alamar: industrialization, health, environment
12 pm- Metales y Derivados, a story of struggle and success for environmental justice
12:30 pm- Lunch
1:15 pm:- Group dialogue about the experience; time for questions and comments.
2:15 pm- Working women in Tijuana are organizing artisan cooperatives and promoting an alternative economy. They will bring their handcrafts to the tour. To learn in advance about these cooperatives, please go to
3 pm- Return to the bus station
$30 regular, $20 students, $ 50 solidarity
Donations cover the bus, lunch, and a donation to the workers' organizations.
To reserve a place, please go to
If you prefer to use the postal system, or for more information, please contact: Herb Shore:, (619) 287-5535
Sponsored by Colectivo Ollin Calli Tijuana, Colectivo Chilpancingo for Environmental Justice, San Diego Maquiladora Workers' Solidarity Network, Environmental Health Coalition, and Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras
Conoce las luchas y condiciones de trabajo de los y las trabajadoras de las maquilas
Sábado 6 de agosto, 2011, 9 am a 3 pm
Nota importante:
Ciudadanos de EUA necesitan pasaporte para regresar a EUA.
Ciudadanos de EUA tienen que leer la alerta del Departamento de Estado y firmar el waiver. Please see the alert in an attached file.
9:00 am en punto en la estación del trolley de San Ysidro o la estación de taxis de la entrada a Tijuana desde San Ysidro. Desde la estación de trolley cruzaremos la frontera a pie para abordar un autobús particular que nos transportará en Tijuana
9:45- Visita a las cruces en la frontera: Más de 7,00 emigrantes han muerto tratando de cruzar la frontera.
10:30-  Parque Industrial de Otay: Sanyo, Douglas Furniture, otras maquiladoras: condiciones laborales, derechos laborales y luchas en las maquilas
NOTA: Visitaremos una zona industrial de Tijuana pero no entraremos a ninguna fábrica.
11:30 am- Comunidad Ejido Chilpancingo-Rio Alamar: industrialización, salud, medio ambiente
12 pm- Metales y Derivados, una historia de lucha y éxito por justicia ambiental
12:30- Lunch
1:15 pm- Dialogo con el grupo sobre la experiencia del tour; preguntas y comentarios
2:15 pm: Trabajadoras de Tijuana están organizando cooperativas que promueven una economía alternativa. Ellas traerán su producción al tour. Para saber desde antes sobre esas cooperativas, favor de visitar:
3 pm- Regreso a la estación de autobuses
Para reservar, favor de escribir a O si prefiere, puede reservar en la página web (en inglés) at
USA: $30 regular, $20 students, $50 solidarity
México: $20 regular, $10 estudiantes, algunas becas a estudiantes $5, gratis a trabajadoras/es
Las donaciones cubren el autobús, almuerzo y una donación a las organizaciones de trabajadoras
Invitan: Colectivo Ollin Calli Tijuana, Colectivo Chilpancingo por Justicia Ambiental, Red de San Diego en Solidaridad con los y las Trabajadoras de las Maquiladoras, Coalicion pro Justicia Ambiental, Coalición Pro-Justicia en las Maquiladoras

[SDCPJ] REMINDER- Monday July 25 - MAJOR SDCPJ planning session

Save this date and ATTEND:  The next San Diego Coalition for Peace & Justice meeting, Monday July 25, 7:00 PM at the Church of the Brethren -
We will be planning for a MAJOR October event in San Diego; this event will raise hell about not only the perpetual wars STILL being waged, but also all the threads of injustice and inequity woven into the war/empire economy and political structure.  "At long last, sir, have you no sense of decency?"  That verbal indictment of Joseph McCarthy decades ago applies a thousand-fold today to
  • perpetual wars for profit
  • horrible apartied in Palestine
  • domestic war on the American middle class
  • destruction of health and welfare safety nets
Come with us on July 25 to make sure this event represents YOU

Thursday, July 21, 2011

[SDCPJ] Obama's Expanded Militarism

Drones are the perfect weapons for the post-Cold War world of globalization that has radically compressed our notions of time and space and made a formerly predictable international environment chaotic.
Sdcpj mailing list

[SDCPJ] Anti-militarist Web site recently updated

This is to let you know that NEW articles and updated content have recently been posted at, the Web site of the San Diego-based Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft (COMD).
Included in the current update are three articles from the latest issue of COMD's printed newsletter, Draft NOtices:

- "A New Generation of Activism Brings Hope," a report by Paula Hoffman-Villanueva on local high school students who received a special award for their activism from the statewide Peace and Justice caucus of the California Teachers Association.

- "California DMV/Draft Registration Bill Headed for Another Defeat," an update by Rick Jahnkow on the fifth attempt in the state legislature to make Selective Service registration a prerequisite for males seeking a drivers license.
- "Rekindling the Fire — Now That Would Be Great!," by retired school principal Ernie McCray, explaining why greater  involvement in high school leafleting is especially critical right now.
In addition to the above three articles, the current printed version of Draft NOtices includes an article on creative approaches used to challenge military indoctrination in schools, an exposé on the use of STEM programs to track K-12 students into the military, and a review of the movie Hidden Battles.
To order the complete printed version of Draft NOtices, visit the Web site's Draft NOtices page.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[SDCPJ] Rekindling the Fire -- Now That Would Be Great!


Rekindling the Fire -- Now That Would Be Great!


-- Ernie McCray


I was asked to see if I could rekindle (though I can barely keep a campfire going) energy for leafleting our high schools with information to help students understand and respond to attempts to militarize them. They encounter this not only in their schools but also in their communities and beyond, as anyone can see in commercials, video games, and every form of media.


Well, it should be obvious that there's a tremendous need for us, especially those of us who dare to refer to ourselves as "community activists." We look out for our children when Uncle Sam comes after them with his zest for war, even though some of the organizations and activities that counter the militarization of young people are shrinking nationwide.


For instance: the American Friends Service Committee no longer has staff in its national office working full time on youth and military recruitment. The work of the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO) ceased in 2008 when the venerable, decades-old organization folded. And, for a brief while, Project YANO (Youth and Non-Military Opportunities) recently had to cut its sole paid organizer's position to half-time.


As I settle into my rekindling assignment, I do so with thoughts of children on my mind and I find myself humming and singing lines from my favorite song of all time: "War! Hunnh! Good God! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!" Truer lines were never sung.


Those words were written with children in mind, but the spirit of the message certainly doesn't reside in the minds of our "representatives" in DC, who fan the flames of war from one side of their mouths while decreeing that we are the "Greatest Nation" in the world from the other side. There's nothing great about war that's detectable to the naked eye, that's for sure.


And right now Uncle Sam, who has pretty successfully armed so many of our young people the last few years, is licking his chops to hustle more of them with sweet talk about how they will have an opportunity to "make a difference" as mature, disciplined, prideful warriors: that 18-year-old who just graduated the other day, and some young DREAM Act youth, if that law ever gets underway. Innocent prey to a war machine.


Now what would be great is if we were to line up around the corner, in that "it takes a village" kind of consciousness and enthusiasm, to leaflet our youth at their schools with relevant, life-affirming news and views they can use.


It's the simple acts that will turn this world around, and there's nothing more simple than getting up in the morning and spending about an hour leafleting at a high school to help young people think critically and become thoughtful, loving, caring, and moral human beings.


And if we also think critically, we'd see that it's crucial to get behind such work while our so-called leaders let our children down, playing word games like defining "reducing the war" as bringing home the warriors they sent over to bolster the units already there -- the "surge" forces. Deception through semantics.


Our young people, soon to be the creators and keepers of whatever our society is to become, need such "truths" explained so that they can plan their lives accordingly rather than going off somewhere killing other youth who also harbor misguided dreams and themes so that "we can live free."


I don't know of any outreach that has touched more young people than the leafleting that's taken place in the past -- a human touch initiated by passionate, anti-war peace activists, often through smiles and hellos and an occasional handshake. This contact can enable young people to walk away with information about how they can protect themselves. They learn facts like these from one of the leaflets we handed out in San Diego last year:


·        They and their parents must give fully informed permission before they can be enrolled in JROTC.

·        It was young people like them and older allies who ended weapons training in San Diego City Schools.

·        They may be asked to take a test called the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), which someone might say is a "career exploration" exercise, but it's really a test used for military recruiting that they don't have to take.

·        If they know somebody in the military who needs help, there's an 800 number they can call.         

·        They have the right to hand out leaflets in their schools.


I think it's easy for us to do the right thing if we keep in mind the images the Temptations put in our minds when they sang about what war means:


Destruction of innocent lives. . .

Tears in thousands of mothers' eyes . . .

War has caused unrest within the younger generation . . .

Induction then destruction. Who wants to die?

War have [okay, a point off for grammar] shattered many a young man's dreams,

Made him disabled, bitter and mean...

Peace, love and understandin',

Tell me, is there no place for them today?


Yes, there is a place for peace, love, and understanding today, all across the country. Thousands of our youth have already been reached, and with more people involved we can easily touch the lives of thousands more. We owe it to our children to help them create a better world, a world that gives peace a chance. Let's get on it. Let's rekindle the energy that's enabled so many young people to get a better understanding of how their world operates.



Ernie McCray is a retired school principal and member of the Project YANO Community Advisory board. Note: If you'd like to volunteer for leafleting at high schools or other activities in San Diego, please contact COMD, If you live in another part of the country, visit for a directory of over 140 grassroots groups working to counter military recruiting and demilitarize schools.


Reprinted from the July-September 2011 issue of Draft NOtices, the newsletter of the Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft (

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

[SDCPJ] 2 simple ways to promote Peace

There really are two ways that YOU can help peace work move forward!

Okay, there is a catch...
We mean help us, the Peace Resource Center, with our work promoting peace. But, you're on this list, so you know it's good work and your help really does matter... So, which one will you do?!

1. Volunteer with the PRC
There's actually a lot going on behind the scenes right now. We are IN the Friends Center now. Yes, the PRC is OPEN! But, we're still getting organized and we need YOUR help to make it the best resource we can - for YOU and the San Diego community!

-- Coming up --
Thur 7/18 and Mon 7/25 during the day (approx 10:30am-3:30pm) we will be organizing our materials, files, papers, periodicals, books, etc. Come see what we've got and help us figure out what to keep and what to pass on/recycle. And if you can't do those dates, please contact us and let us know when and how you want to volunteer with us.

2. Donate to the PRC
Luckily, we are dedicated and know how to stretch a buck, but we do continually need financial support... Any amount you can give will help us continue our work for peace, social justice, and the environment. You can send a donation by mail to the PRC or do it online! Go to -- you can even use a credit card! We'd love for you to become a member, renew your membership, or even giving a one time donation of any amount. Every bit helps.

In Peace, With Gratitude,

Mariah Gayler
Peace Resource Center of San Diego
3850 Westgate Pl, San Diego CA 92105 / 619-263-9301

[SDCPJ] URGENT: Solidarity with Samsung Workers in Mexico <> Solidaridad con las trabajadoras de Samsung en Manzanillo

ACCIÓN URGENTE: Solidaridad dramática protesta de trabajadoras en Manzanillo, México, contra transnacional Samsung
Trabajadoras despedidas injustificadamente, víctimas de malos tratos dentro de sus labores, se mantienen enjauladas, en huelga de hambre, los labios cosidos y la amenaza de una de ellas de inmolarse. --versión en español: ver abajo
=== English versión ==
Samsung workers in Mexico on hunger strike - Solidarity needed
Four female workers, unfairly fired and victims of workplace abuse, have caged themselves and sewn their lips shut as they launch a hunger strike and one threatens to burn herself alive in a dramatic protest against the multinational corporation Samsung.
Jul 16, 2011
Four female workers, unfairly fired and victims of workplace abuse, have caged themselves and sewn their lips shut as they launch a hunger strike and threatens to burn herself alive in a dramatic protest against the multinational corporation Samsung, funded by Korean capital which is currently constructing a plant for the extraction of natural gas in the Mexican port of Manzanillo, in the state of Colima.
Madaí Díaz Rodríguez, Sandra Gómez, Lourdes Zamora y Elvira Orozco worked in the kitchen of the Ingeniería Civil construction company, subcontracted by the multinational and whilst working were victims of constant abuse and mistreatment which escalated to daily verbal and physical violence from their Korean bosses and foremen. To these facts there can also be added multiple instances of arbitrary treatment and labor abuses such as the imposition of 12-hour days, with no pay for the extra hours which were their legal right. This situation is a daily reality for the hundreds of workers who lend their services to the aforementioned company.
The inhuman and degrading conditions imposed on both male and female workers have already resulted in a diversity of protests, including a strike, without any affect on the violation of human and labour rights. On the 3rd June of last year, Madaí Díaz, a single mother workign as a cook, initiated the protests against the abitrary sacking and beatings dealt out to her by Korean employees. In the first instance she locked herself in a cage and sewed shut her lips, before days later caging herself again along with her two children, after which she officially denounced her aggressors, an accusation that has not had any effect.
Last July 6 the compañera Madaí, who had been reinstalled, was once again attacked and thrown out of work; failing to receive a positive response to her demands for justice from either the labor authorities or her union, she returned to the cage, accompanied by her workmates who had also been fired. They are currently on hunger strike and have sewn their lips shut. Furthermore, Madaí has declared her readiness to take the extreme action of setting herself on fire in the event of receiving an unsatisfactory answer to her demands.
It must be mentioned that the construction of the gas plant in Manzanillo has itself provoked multiple instances of rejection, both for the serious environmental effects it will impose on the coastal and lagoon region into which it will be embedded, and for those that it will cause to the economy and life of the fishing towns of the zone.
As can be observed, this is a situation of serious conflict and the potential exists or it to worsen, with even greater effects on the health, physical integrity and life of the compañeras in protest. All this is caused, needless to say, by the violatory and merciless infringement of every human and labor norm on the part of the transnational business and its representatives.
Faced with the events related herein, the solidarity of all organizations is an urgent necessity. Coordinated and determined action is required to oblige the bosses of this transnational to desist from their arbitrary actions, to demand that the governmental authorities that cease their indolence and intervene to achieve a solution and, above all, to prevent a dramatic end to this conflict.
We ask all organizations to declare their demands through the sending of communiqués to the following:
C. Mario Anguiano Moreno
Gobernador Constitucional
Estado de Colima
C. Gustavo Adolfo Buenrostro Cabello
Presidente Municipal
Manzanillo, Colima
(Sample letter reproduced below in Spanish and English)
A nombre de nuestra organización, (___________), queremos comunicarle que hemos sido enterados de la difícil situación de conflicto por la que atraviesan las trabajadoras Madaí Díaz Rodríguez, Sandra Gómez, Lourdes Zamora y Elvira Orozco, quienes se encuentran en huelga de hambre y realizando una protesta por el despido injustificado y los abusos de que han sido objeto por parte de la empresa Ingeniería Civil y, por medio de esta, de la empresa transnacional Samsung.
Por este conducto manifestamos nuestra más enfática solidaridad con las compañeras y su protesta, así como nuestro rechazo a las ilegales prácticas de que han sido objeto ellas y sus compañeros trabajadores. Por tal motivo nos permitimos solicitar a ustedes su inmediata intervención para:
·La solución satisfactoria e inmediata de las demandas de las trabajadoras
·El cese a las violaciones a los derechos laborales y humanos de ellas y de quienes laboran en las empresas mencionadas
·El castigo legal a las y los responsables de las agresiones a que hemos hecho referencia;  y,
·Sobre todo y de manera urgente, evitar que el asunto que nos ocupa tenga un desenlace lamentable que afecte aun más la integridad física y la salud de dichas trabajadoras.
Con la seguridad de recibir mediante su pronta acción una atención positiva a lo aquí planteado, quedamos de ustedes
(Nombre del responsable y de la organización)
On behalf of our organization, (___________), we wish to communicate that we have been made aware of the difficult situation of conflict that confronts the workers Madaí Díaz Rodriguez, Sandra Gómez, Lourdes Zamora and Elvira Orozco, who are currently on hunger strike in protest at the unwarranted dismissal and the abuses to which they have been subjected by the business Civil Engineering and, through this, by the transnational business Samsung.
The extreme measures to which the dismissed workers have been forced are, according to our information, due to the situation of generalized violation of their human and labor rights that they have suffered, the same that has arrived at acts of violence, harassment and other aggressions and that is also suffered by the workers employed in the construction of the gas plant in the Port of Manzanillo.
By these means we hereby declare our most emphatic solidarity with the compañeras and their protest, as well as our rejection of the illegal practices to which they and their fellow workers have been subjected. For such motive we request your immediate intervention for:
·An immediate and satisfactory solution to the workers' demands
·The cessation of all violation of human and labor rights of the workers concerned and of all those working in the aforementioned companies
·Legal redress for those responsible for the aggressions to which we have made reference; and,
·Above all, and as a matter of urgency, that you act to ensure that this situation does not end tragically and affect still further the physical integrity and health of said workers.
In the expectation of receiving a swift and positive response from yourselves to that laid out above, we remain attentively yours,
(Name of official and organization)
====== Versión en español
ACCIÓN URGENTE: Solidaridad dramática protesta de trabajadoras en Manzanillo, México, contra transnacional Samsung
Trabajadoras despedidas injustificadamente, víctimas de malos tratos dentro de sus labores, se mantienen enjauladas, en huelga de hambre, los labios cosidos y la amenaza de una de ellas de inmolarse.
16 de Julio, 2011
Publicado por Kaos en la Red
Cuatro trabajadoras despedidas injustificadamente y víctimas de malos tratos dentro de sus labores, se mantienen enjauladas y en huelga de hambre, con los labios cosidos y con la amenaza de una de ellas de inmolarse, en una dramática protesta en contra de la empresa transnacional Samsung, de capital coreano, misma que construye actualmente una planta regasificadora en el puerto mexicano de Manzanillo, en el estado de Colima.
Madaí Díaz Rodríguez, Sandra Gómez, Lourdes Zamora y Elvira Orozco laboraban en la cocina de la constructora Ingeniería Civil, subcontratada por la transnacional y, en ese trabajo, eran víctimas constantes de malos tratos que llegaban cotidianamente a la violencia física y verbal por parte de patrones y capataces coreanos. A esos hechos se sumaban también múltiples arbitrariedades y abusos laborales como la imposición de jornadas de 12 horas diarias, sin el pago de las horas extras que legalmente les corresponderían. Esta situación es vivida cotidianamente por los cientos de trabajadores que prestan sus servicios a la citada compañía.
Las condiciones inhumanas y degradantes que se imponen a las y los trabajadores han motivado ya diversas protestas, entre ellas un paro de labores, sin que hasta la fecha se hayan remediado las violaciones a los derechos humanos y laborales. El 3 de junio pasado, Madaí Díaz, madre soltera y quien se desempeñaba como cocinera, inició las protestas contra el despido arbitrario y las golpizas que le propinaron empleados coreanos. Primero se enjauló y se cosió los labios y días más tarde se encerró nuevamente con sus dos hijos, luego de lo cual levantó una denuncia contra sus agresores, denuncia que no ha tenido efecto alguno.
El pasado 6 de julio la compañera Madaí, quien había sido reinstalada,   fue de nueva cuenta agredida y echada de su trabajo; al no tener ni por parte del sindicato ni de las autoridades laborales una respuesta positiva a su exigencia de justicia, regresó a la jaula, acompañada por sus compañeras también despedidas. Al momento se encuentran en huelga de hambre y se han cosido los labios, además de que Madaí ha manifestado su decisión de llegar al extremo de inmolarse prendiéndose fuego en caso de no recibir respuesta satisfactoria a sus demandas.
Cabe mencionar que la construcción de la regasificadora en Manzanillo ha provocado igualmente múltiples muestras de rechazo, tanto por las graves afectaciones ambientales que causará a la región lagunera y costera en la que estará enclavada, como por las que ocasionará a la economía y vida de los pueblos de pescadores de la zona.
Como puede observarse, la situación de conflicto es grave y puede profundizarse, incluso con mayores afectaciones a la salud, integridad física y vida de las compañeras en protesta. Todo ello se ocasiona, sobra decirlo, por la actuación despiadada y violatoria de toda norma laboral y humana por parte de la empresa transnacional y sus representantes.
Frente a los hechos narrados, la solidaridad de todas las organizaciones es una necesidad urgente. Se requiere una acción coordinada y decidida para obligar a que cesen las arbitrariedades de los patrones de la transnacional, para exigir a las autoridades gubernamentales que cesen en su indolencia e intervengan para lograr una solución y, sobre todo, para impedir que el conflicto tenga un desenlace dramático.
Pedimos a todas las organizaciones se manifiesten mediante el envío de comunicados a las siguientes direcciones:
(Anexamos propuesta de texto)
C. Mario Anguiano Moreno
Gobernador Constitucional
Estado de Colima
C. Gustavo Adolfo Buenrostro Cabello
Presidente Municipal
Manzanillo, Colima
A nombre de nuestra organización, (___________), queremos comunicarle que hemos sido enterados de la difícil situación de conflicto por la que atraviesan las trabajadoras Madaí Díaz Rodríguez, Sandra Gómez, Lourdes Zamora y Elvira Orozco, quienes se encuentran en huelga de hambre y realizando una protesta por el despido injustificado y los abusos de que han sido objeto por parte de la empresa Ingeniería Civil y, por medio de esta, de la empresa transnacional Samsung.
Las extremas medidas a las que se han visto obligadas a llegar las trabajadoras despedidas obedecen, según la información a que hemos tenido acceso, a la situación generalizada de violación de sus derechos humanos y laborales que han padecido, misma que ha llegado a actos de violencia, hostigamiento y otras agresiones y que es sufrida también por las y los trabajadores empleados en la construcción de una planta regasificadora en el puerto de Manzanillo.
Por este conducto manifestamos nuestra más enfática solidaridad con las compañeras y su protesta, así como nuestro rechazo a las ilegales prácticas de que han sido objeto ellas y sus compañeros trabajadores. Por tal motivo nos permitimos solicitar a ustedes su inmediata intervención para:
·    La solución satisfactoria e inmediata de las demandas de las trabajadoras
·    El cese a las violaciones a los derechos laborales y humanos de ellas y de quienes laboran en las empresas mencionadas
·    El castigo legal a las y los responsables de las agresiones a que hemos hecho referencia;  y,
·    Sobre todo y de manera urgente, evitar que el asunto que nos ocupa tenga un desenlace lamentable que afecte aun más la integridad física y la salud de dichas trabajadoras.
Con la seguridad de recibir mediante su pronta acción una atención positiva a lo aquí planteado, quedamos de ustedes
(Nombre del responsable y de la organización)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

[SDCPJ] PLEASE FORWARD! Meltdown at San Onofre? - Who's Fault will it be? Mon, July 18, 7 PM @ Joyce Beers

Nuke Meltdown at San Onofre?  ~Who's Fault  will it be?  

Monday, July 18, 2011

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Joyce Beers Community Center

4065 Vermont St., San Diego, CA 92103

Come early, limited seating

Activist San Diego

with many other local organizations

Rochelle Becher


 URGENT: Lessons California MUST
Learn from  Fukushima, Japan

Driving by at night at 70 MPH, the tips of two giant half spheres of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant flash red like nipples on the breasts of a giant Hydra monster floating on her back in the Pacific Ocean. If there was ever a time we needed a Hercules to fight this toxic Hydra, it’s now.

As the horrific events in Japan unfolded last March, culminating in the reactor meltdown at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant, the vulnerability of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS),  in our own backyard, has become a growing concern for many San Diegans. Compounding our anxieties is the rampant deceit and cover-ups we’ve seen in Japan as this disaster continues to unravel. Thinking people are compelled to ask, “Who can we trust to tell us the truth about nuclear power and our aging reactors?” Could California’s nuclear plants, which are similarly vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis, be the next Fukushima?

Rochelle Becker has been working, sometimes single-handedly, on safety issues with the SLO Diablo Canyon and the San Onofre nuclear plants for nearly 36 years. As Executive Director of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility, she has built a bipartisan alliance in developing bills for nuclear safety that have passed the California State Legislature unanimously!

On July 18, 2011, Ms. Becker will be here in San Diego to tell us the truth about the seismic funding hearing last week for San Onofre (SONGS) and the precedence of the PG&E license renewal case at CPUC. She’ll also tell us how “we the people” can impact this critical issue with the upcoming California Energy Commission (CEC) hearing on nuclear power and other possible bills for 2012.  

In addition, Ruben Seja, who went to Japan and is involved in clean-up processes, will update us on the situation in Japan. Be sure to mark your calendar – this issue is too critical to miss.
 --  Martin Eder 619-871-9354 = Cell  

--  Martin Eder 619-871-9354 = Cell 619-226-1116 = Home office

Friday, July 15, 2011


On Saturday, July 16th, San Diego supporters of Bradley Manning will be marching with The San Diego Alliance 

for Marriage Equality (S.A.M.E.) who last September joined with fifteen other local progressive organizations to 

rally and call for the immediate release of the alleged Wikileaks whistleblower. Last August, members of S.A.M.E. 

were arrested in an act of civil disobedience when they refused to leave the County Clerk's Office until marriage 

licenses were issued to the LGBT activists and their partners. S.A.M.E. is calling for the charges against these 

"Equality 9" as well as Pfc. Manning to be dropped and insist that all parties are being persecuted for standing 

against systemic injustice and committing crimes of conscience.

The Parade route will begin for all contingents at 11am at Normal St and University Ave. We will march for 

about 1.5 miles and the route ends at Balboa Park at 6th ave. We ask that you get to Normal St and University 

Ave early around 8:30/9am. If you are driving, you can park your car at the Naval Hospital Parking lot on Park 

Ave and President's Way. Shuttles will be provided for you and drop you off at Normal St. Our contingent 

number is 66.

The annual San Diego LGBT Pride Parade is the 5th largest in the United States attracting 150,000

 cheering spectators. The Pride Parade is the best attended and largest single day event in San 

Diego. Join us and share your Pride and solidarity with LGBT queeroes  Bradley Manning & S.A.M.E!

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