Sunday, June 28, 2015

[SDCPJ] San Diego Museum Rejects Golden Rule’s Request to Dock, Cites Ketch’s ‘Political Agenda’

The Golden Rule is renowned for its 1958 voyage to Marshall Island in an attempt to halt atmospheric nuclear weapons tests. The crew was arrested in Hawaii before it reached its destination. However, the act became a model for future peace activists and directly inspired the organization Greenpeace. The newly restored ketch is now known as the world's first peace vessel. The restoration project was financed by Veterans for Peace, and the organization hopes to have the ship docked somewhere in San Diego by early August for their annual convention

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

[SDCPJ] This Sat 6/27 ~ Conversation on Immigration & Borders

Each month the Peace Resource Center is hosting a conversation time to come together to talk about issues in our communities, what we know and can learn, and how we can act to make a better world.

Community Conversations Series
Last Saturdays from 10 am - 12 noon
@ PRC, 3850 Westgate Place, 92105
June 27th topic = IMMIGRATION & BORDERS

As a starting point, we'll review "10 Myths" of immigration (see *reference below) and impressions from the recent Border Reality Visit (co-hosted June 7th). 

Questions to explore are:
- What is our understanding/experience of this issue?
- Why do we care? How does it relate to our communities?
- What change is needed and how can we do it?

"10 Facts You Didn't Know about Immigration and the Undocumented"
by Aviva Chomsky, May 2014, Beacon Broadside

~~ About this Conversation Series ~~

"PRISMS" are a way to look at interconnection of issues, related to equity, culture/norms, and barriers to change. The initials stand for: Poverty - Race - Immigration - Spirituality - Militarism - Sustainability.

What do YOU care about?
Why do you ACT?
How can we SUPPORT you?

We'll gather inside our space at the Friends Center, enjoy light refreshments, talk about current issues, build community, as well as brainstorm together about what matters and our next steps, asking questions, planning new possibilities, and linking the past to the present and future… for PEACE & JUSTICE!

Peace Resource Center of San Diego
3850 Westgate Pl, San Diego, CA 92105 & / 619-263-9301

Sunday, June 21, 2015

[SDCPJ] FW: Thurs, 6/28 - From San Quintin to Baltimore

-please forward widely-
Join us for a Socialist Worker forum
Thurs., June 25, 6pm
From San Quintín to Baltimore
Fighting back against state violence and neoliberalism

City Heights Recreation Center
4380 Landis St., San Diego 92015

Workers throughout the world are fighting back against neoliberal austerity and racist violence.

The rebellion in Baltimore following the police murder of Freddy Gray led to homicide indictments against six police officers.

In San Quintin, not far from San Diego in Baja California, 15,000 farm workers struck for two months against starvation wages, finally winning concessions from the growers and the Mexican government.

Join us for a Socialist Worker forum to to learn more about these fightbacks, and how socialists can organize for solidarity and workers power.
Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization
more info: or Facebook

Friday, June 19, 2015

[SDCPJ] PRISMS Conference, Save the Date! Oct 17

You're invited for a special one-day conference:


Come together with other social justice people for this unique gathering to:
- Explore the intersection of core issues
- Strengthen our connections
- Formulate action plans

Saturday, October 17th, 2015
on the Peace Campus
3850 Westgate Place, San Diego 92105


We're reaching out and getting feedback from various excellent organizations for the workshops you won't want to miss!

Tentative schedule:
8:30-9:00 am Registration
9:00-9:30 am Welcome/Opening
9:30-10:30 am Keynote
10:45-12:00 pm Session A (workshops 1-4)
12:00-1:00 pm Lunch
1:00-2:15 pm Session B (workshops 5-8)
2:30-3:45 pm Session C (workshops 9-12)
4:00-4:30 pm Next Steps/Closing

Coordinators: Peace Resource Center of San Diego WWW.PRCSD.ORG,San Diego First Church of the BrethrenAFSC-San Diego

Questions? or 619-263-9301
Peace Resource Center of San Diego
3850 Westgate Pl, San Diego, CA 92105 & / 619-263-9301

Anniston, Alabama police dept. has two hate group members on the force

[SDCPJ] This SAT! 2-6pm Kids' Peace Fest

Block Party & Kids' Peace Fest
Sat. June 20th, from 2-6 pm
@ throughout the Peace Campus
3850 Westgate Pl, San Diego 92105

This year, the PRC will be joining the Block Party by adding a Kids' Peace Fest with crafts and activities that relate to peace, justice, and sustainability... for all ages!

You can
~ Create from Cardboard
~ Paint your imagination of Peace
~ Write a wish for Peace
~ Hang your wish "hands" on the clothesline
~ Make Puppets
~ Perform a peaceful puppet show
~ Make a Kindness Catchers

The Block Party is an annual event (5th year!) on campus, hosted by the Brethren with support by various community groups and businesses. It is open to all and lots of fun for children (and adults) of all ages with games, face painting, music, cake walk, jump house, hay ride around the garden, and more. Bring a dish to share and meet your fellow community members. 

See you Saturday 6/20!

Message sent by Mariah on behalf of
Peace Resource Center of San Diego
3850 Westgate Pl, San Diego, CA 92105 & / 619-263-9301

RWW News: Jones: Charleston Shooting Part Of Socialist Race War Plot

WATCH: Ohio Police Allegedly Use Extreme Force in Pool Arrest

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

[SDCPJ] Fwd: New CPI/SDSU study finds wage theft in San Diego area restaurants

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From: "Clare Crawford, Center on Policy Initiatives" <>
Date: June 17, 2015, 7:00
Subject: Shorted: New CPI/SDSU study finds wage theft in San Diego area restaurants


Center on Policy Initiatives


Yesterday CPI and San Diego State University released a new study on workplace conditions in the San Diego restaurant industry. The findings should be of concern to anyone who works or eats in restaurants.

In the study, Shorted: Wage Theft, Time Theft and Discrimination in San Diego County Restaurant Jobs, we surveyed 337 employees of all kinds of restaurants, from fast food to fine dining, throughout the San Diego region. More than three-quarters of them reported their employers have illegally shorted them on wages or tips. A third said it happens on a regular basis.

You can download the report, watch the press conference, and see initial media coverage at

Wage theft means withholding pay that is legally due to employees. The main forms reported in the survey were:

  • Requiring unpaid off-the-clock work before or after shifts,
  • Failing to pay overtime rates,
  • Deducting from paychecks for damages or cash register shortages,
  • Paying less than minimum wage,
  • Sending workers home early without compensation,
  • Diverting any part of workers' tips to managers.

We also found other legal violations, such as preventing meal breaks or rest breaks, and widespread scheduling practices that rob employees of their personal time.

This pilot study indicates a dire need for more research into the problems reported by San Diegans employed in the restaurant industry, and for stronger enforcement of the laws on the books. Our findings are consistent with other wage theft studies in Los Angeles and across the state of California that have identified the restaurant industry as one of the worst violators.

Our report includes specific information on existing laws regarding wages and breaks, and we hope it will help inform employees of their rights. Please help us get the word out by sharing the report:, and in Spanish at

We also invite you to a community forum where the research team will discuss the findings. The presentation is at 6 p.m. on Monday, July 6, with pizza provided at 5:30. It will be at the Employee Rights Center, 4265 Fairmount Avenue, Suite 210, in San Diego.

Thanks for your support of CPI.


Clare Crawford, Executive Director
Center on Policy Initiatives

Center on Policy Initiatives · 3727 Camino Del Rio South, #100, San Diego, CA 92108, United States
You can also keep up with Center on Policy Initiatives on Twitter or Facebook.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

[SDCPJ] United States of ALEC? find out more at Women Occupy Movie Night June 24

"Moyers & Company presents "United States of ALEC," a report on the most influential corporate-funded political force most of America has never heard of — ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. A national consortium of state politicians and powerful corporations, ALEC presents itself as a "nonpartisan public-private partnership". But behind that mantra lies a vast network of corporate lobbying and political action aimed to increase corporate profits at public expense without public knowledge.

Using interviews, documents, and field reporting, the episode explores ALEC's self-serving machine at work, acting in a way one Wisconsin politician describes as "a corporate dating service for lonely legislators and corporate special interests."

In state houses around the country, hundreds of pieces of boilerplate ALEC legislation are proposed or enacted that would, among other things, dilute collective bargaining rights, make it harder for some Americans to vote, and limit corporate liability for harm caused to consumers — each accomplished without the public ever knowing who's behind it.

"All of us here are very familiar with ALEC and the influence that ALEC has with many of the [legislative] members," says Arizona State Senator Steve Farley. "Corporations have the right to present their arguments, but they don't have the right to do it secretly."

"United States of ALEC" is a collaboration between Okapi Productions, LLC and the Schumann Media Center, headed by Bill Moyers, which supports independent journalism and public watchdogs including the Center for Media and Democracy, whose investigators are featured in the report."                           --

Ascent Expo 2015 Sacred Feminine Panel with Jacqueline Sakai

Saturday, June 13, 2015

[SDCPJ] Black Lives Matter Event in Lemon Grove, June 22nd

Dear Justice Advocate Friends
In support of the national "Black Lives Matter" movement, Summit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is holding a rally next to the trolley station from 4:00 to 7:00 P.M. on Monday June 22nd.  This event is similar to one we had in Santee on May 31st.
One of the issues associated with this action is to protest local enforcement agencies conducting "raids" such as Lemon Drop.
Attached is a Flyer for the event
Please pass this email to others in our community who may be interested in supporting this event.
Thank you
Jack Shu
Chair, Justice Ministry Committee at Summit UU Fellowship.
(619) 708-2050

Stand on the Side of Love

Monday, June 22, 2015

4:00 to 7:00 P.M.

Lemon Grove

Meet at the northwest corner of Lemon Grove and Broadway next to the Trolley Station outside the International Market.

Support the national

"Black Lives Matter" Movement

Stop law enforcement actions like

Lemon Drop -- No More Raids





Bring signs, hats, water and be ready to peacefully rally and march. If driving, park on the street south of Broadway or west of trolley station. Obey all traffic laws and do not obstruct traffic or other pedestrians. Wear your UU Standing on the Side of Love shirt or goldenrod yellow top.

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[SDCPJ] PLEASE FORWARD: Activist SD Elections & Envision the Future;  ~ June 13th Midnight Climate Rally

Activist SD Elections & Envision the Future;  ~ Midnight Climate Rally
  1. Sat. 6/13 Midnight Ride STOP Climate Change
  2. Mon 6/15 ASD Board Elections & Visioning - You are encouraged to attend, and participate in your org
  3. Go Solar with Sungevity & Save $ & the Planet
  4. Tues 16 -Black & Brown Lives Matter Coalition
  5. KNSJ Radio meets on Thursdays : Join us!

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ASD & KNSJ News and Views:
  • Call in to KNSJ's 'Talk of the Town' with Mike Aguirre continues LIVE CALL-IN shows on Saturdays 11am to noon.  Join the conversation on air 619-528-8383. We covered TPP & police violence, and gang injunctions, This week the "You Missed" radio hosts, Chris & Diane.  Got other topics & ideas?  As you listen on TuneIn, hot topics get hotter with your calls.
  • On Monday, June 15th ASD hold its yearly Board elections AND gets your input about the future direction of ASD and KNSJ. See you Mon. at Joyce Beers at 7 PM. Info at 619-283-1100
  • ASD-KNSJ has initiated a venture with Sungevity solar panels. If you are interested in installing solar panels our site and your agreement - you'll all ready to go!
    Sungevity will give you a free estimate without pushy sales people and will give you a $750 rebate and a $750 finders fee to support ASD-KNSJ. Go to and click for the discounts... Call 619-871-9354 for details 
 Listen to KNSJ 89.1 or TuneIn Radio app.  See for the NEW SCHEDULE

Activist San Diego Board of Directors Elections and VISIONING !
MON 6/15 @ 7PM at Joyce Beers
...Don't miss th opportunity to meet the new Board Members
and to participate in guiding the org and radio station!

PLEASE ATTEND, PARTICIPATE and exercise your Activist vote!

~ Your Organization, Your Voice: Join a Discussion in the Round ~
visioning how to build activism and a movement in San Diego.

~ What role will KNSJ Community Radio play in informing the community?

~ How can we build an information, communications and mobilization hub?

Candidates for Activist San Diego Board Elections

Voting member may vote for up to 5 candidates for a 2-year term.

____Yes ____ No    Mike Aguirre         

____Yes ____ No   Tayari Howard      

____Yes ____ No   Zeus Pao                 

____Yes ____ No   Mansoor Sabbagh

____Yes ____ No   Jerry Toolsie        

... and endorsement for the following replacements:

____Yes  ____ No   Nadar Salahuddin
to replace Douglas Holbrook after his passing.

____Yes ___ No   Sonia Cobos Medina
to replace Roslyn Harris who moved to East Coast

More info


CLIMATE CHANGE MOBILIZATION: Re-Enactment of Paul Revere's MIDNIGHT RIDE  at Sixth and Laurel in Balboa Park

Be there as                                                        'Paul Revere'                                                        rides in at                                                        midnight to call                                                        for a new                                                        revolution against                                                        climate change

Sat. June 13th at 11:45 PM  assembly
Come participate in the Re-Enactment of Paul Revere's MIDNIGHT RIDE on Saturday, June 13th, 11:45 p.m. at Sixth and Laurel where the Kate Sessions statue is located in Balboa Park. There will be a re-enactment and a rally with music and short speeches to follow.

  Read Much More
Call us. 619-871-9354

- See the latest at:

Notice to ASD Members & the public 
Every year Activist San Diego hold an annual meeting to elect board members for the Board of Directors.  If you are interested in running for the Board, please call to notify us by June 1st, 2015 at 619-871-9354 and email

if you donated at least $24 in the last year.
go to and click on Donate

☒ YES  or    ☑ NO
Monday, June 15, 2015, 7pm at Joyce Beers Community Center,
1.5 blocks North of Univ. ave on Vermont.
Community radio needs YOUR $upport!  Contact us & get involved!
*Join us at the 'Black & Brown Lives Matter' Coalition meeting
Tues. May 26th ~ 7 PM   All Welcome!
Activist Center: 4246 Wightman, SD 92105  enter driveway
May 16th and every other Tuesday:  Originally convened by Activist San Diego and our partners seeking to create and ongoing coalition for racial and social justice.  We need your participation.  Help us strategize, organize and mobilize.
Meeting every 2 weeks on  Tuesday.
We meet in solidarity national efforts to build a people's movement in Ferguson & now Baltimore and countless other cities.  Become part of a permanent presence in this work with a new generation of activists. JOIN US!       * PLEASE ATTEND THIS MEETING: Read more
We value your feedback, participation and advice; e-mail  or call
 (619) 283-1100.

San Diego Really  Really Free Market

Sunday, June 14th 11-2pm in Teralta Park - City Heights where Orange Avenue meets 40th Street over I-15.

Live musical performance -
Staged Reading Mon., June 15th

Come celebrate the debut of this wonderful project in San Diego!
Project1VOICE, in association with San Diego Black Ensemble Theatre (Rhys Green) and Cultural Noire Performing Arts Company (Gina M. Jackson), presents the Staged Reading

Justice 4 Janitors 25th Year Anniversary J4J Day March ~
Thurs, June 18, Noon

Symphony Tower
750 B Street. San Diego, CA 92101
(End with a Rally at the Civic Center Plaza)
FREE Parking at Horton Plaza with 3-hour validation
Only a 4-block long March

"Border Social Forum" in TJ:
A multi-city convergence of activists, organizers, artists June 25th

Activists from the United States and Mexico will convene in Tijuana on June 25, 2015 as part of the 2015 U.S. Social Forum -- a multi-city convergence of activists, organizers, artists and writers from many diverse social justice and resistance movements. read more

*Join Activist San Diego

Join ASD as a member! In so doing you are helping us mobilize, educate and sustain activism. Our challenge: to close the current $1000-a-month deficit we currently have incurred running your brilliantly-progressive community radio station and developing the racial justice organizing that ASD is helping lead in SD.  We need you and San Diego desperately needs progressive activists  like us!  Join Now!

Please support our partner, SD Rep,  by attending
May 23 - June 21, 2015
Lyceum Stage

~~~~~~~ This Activist e-Newsletter is Vital~~~~~~~~~
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  • If a few more of you would invest 5-10 times that amount we'd be a powerfully transformative organization.
We get your car to a worthy activist & it funds social justice!

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Join our Community Clean up day
at the Activist Coop, Sat. June 20
  9-5 pm
Everyone welcome and encouraged!
call 619-871-9354

Room for RENT for Activists! $435-$500
Available after June 20th

Join a Cooperative Living, shared home; believe in social justice? , (City Heights near Univ. Ave bus)
Live your values!An intentional community is possible, right here in San Diego! We are seeking... See More

Voice of the People. We survive and thrive only through your donations
 see  Everyone welcome, Join us, get involved  619-283-1100  See you at the KNSJ General meeting 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month.  Join us Thurs, June 18th @ 7 at 4246 Wightman, SD 92105.
For more info 619-283-1100
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