Sunday, March 29, 2015

[SDCPJ] Another Free Show Tonight at Che - Come Support if You Can!

---------- Forwarded Message ----------
Date: Sun, Mar 29, 2015 01:24 PM
Subject: Another Free Show Tonight at Che - Come Support if You Can!
From: Jeanine Marie Webb <>

Dear Friends,

Right now at the Che we are having Rogers Community Garden outreach and a free screening of The Garden, a film about a community garden in South Central LA. (come by, we just started at 1 pm!)

This is happening today, a free show at the Che with a traditional Veracruz-style Son Jarocho band and SD caravan starting around 3 pm this afternoon, and acoustic performances by Ivan Cheoung, Christian Celesha, and Illya Shatov in the evening starting at 6:30 pm. Please come out and support the occupation. We're still not backing down, spirits are high, no cops right now. Come check it out! We have to continue action and presence because even if the cops don't have a presence right now, the administration has a history of "waiting out" occupations and sit-ins and then coming in and bulldozing the building when folks leave after Spring Break (like with the CLICS Library 3 years ago).

Also, this is a praxis of fun. Come out for the fun!  Today at the Che, free, spread the word.



Friday, March 27, 2015

[SDCPJ] Sign the Peace and Planet Nuclear Weapons Abolition Petition!

This April, just before most of the world's governments meet at the United Nations for the month-long Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference, thousands of people from around the world will mobilize to demand the total elimination of nuclear weapons, and to connect and strengthen the movements for peace and environmental, economic, and racial justice.…/sign-the-peace-and-plane…/

Thursday, March 26, 2015

[SDCPJ] Sat 3/28 NEW Community Conversations

Next conversation THIS SAT March 28th @ 10am
Hope to see you. We have an updated plan!

For our third get together, come help us move forward more ~ we have a plan and need YOUR feedback and involvement! 

1. We'll introduce the "topics" and a potential plan, confirm it makes sense (or not!) and discuss: What is exciting and/or useful about it?

2. Then break into small groups by topic, and discuss who/what/why/when/how... Why does this topic matter? (such as, what is "current" about it?) What action/program do we like? Who do we want to connect with? How do we go forward together? What else is needed to do this?

--- The PRC Community Conversations Series ---

What do YOU care about?
Why do you ACT?
How can we SUPPORT you?

In 2015, the Peace Resource Center (PRC) is turning 35. We want this year to be a reviving re-envisioning of our future, our service to community and the world… So, WE NEED YOU!

Join us for Community Conversations
the LAST SATURDAY each month, 10am – 12pm 
at the PRC, 3850 Westgate Pl.

We'll gather inside our space at the Friends Center, enjoy light refreshments, talk about current issues, build community, as well as brainstorm together about what matters and our next steps, asking questions, planning new possibilities, and linking the past to the present and future… for PEACE & JUSTICE!

Peace Resource Center of San Diego
3850 Westgate Pl, San Diego, CA 92105 & / 619-263-9301

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

[SDCPJ] Tonight 3/25: Blue Gold film

Some interesting events coming up at the Women's Museum.

The DVD for tonight's film was borrowed from the PRC library -- so, if you're not able to attend tonight, you can get in touch with us after and borrow it!

Here's a list of other films available via the PRC:

Peace Resource Center of San Diego
3850 Westgate Pl, San Diego, CA 92105 / 619-263-9301

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ashley Gardner <>
Date: Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 5:58 PM
Subject: Films and dance performances at the Women's Museum

new logo header
Events this week at the WOMEN'S MUSEUM!
Click image for more info
Wednesday, March 25 at 6:30 pm
WOSD Movie Night
Blue Gold: World Water Wars (90 mins)


This film is an award-winning documentary from director Sam Bozzo and narrated by Malcolm McDowell. 

We're moving closer to a world with water being the cause of war and becoming an increasingly precious commodity.


FREE   Doors Open at 6:30 pm

Screening begins at 7 pm

Click for tickets
Saturday, March 28 at 7:30 pm
PGK Dance Project presents a performance of "Remarkable Women in Dance" 


PGK DANCE PROJECT to perform "Remarkable Women in Dance" at the Museum during Women's History Month. 

This performance features PGK Dance performing works by: Khamla, Blythe, Kim, Rosalia, Viviana, Heather, and PGK women performing works by Peter Kalivas with special guest artists Natasha and Faith. 


General Admission - $25 ; Student / WMC Members - $20
SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 4:30 PM & 7 PM

Women's Museum and Italian Film Festival presents two screenings of 

Catia's Choice: 80 miles south of Lampedusa (2014)

Director Roberto Burchielli

This is the story of Italy's continuing effort to save migrants attempting to make the perilous crossing from Africa to Sicily.  It is also the story of the first woman to command a vessel of the Italian Navy.  Catia Pellegrino takes on this 2013 mission captaining a ship which already, in October, 2011, had been deployed once before in saving migrant lives from a sinking freighter. The response in Italy is both overwhelming pride and equally devastating sadness. This movie became an event when shown on TV.

Special thanks to the director Roberto Burchielli, the Italian Institute of Culture in Los Angeles and its Director Dr. Valeria Rumori and to the film sponsors - Corriere della Sera, The Italian Navy, and RAI Fiction.   


Events Next Week 
Tuesday, March 31 at 6 pm

The Women's Museum of California, League of Women Voters of San Diego, and the Women's League for Peace and Freedom of San Diego welcome you and your friends to a reception and the Museum's current exhibit, "Tears of War: The Many Faces of Refugee Women."  

Curator Anne Hoiberg and two of the Refugee Women will discuss their contributions to efforts to end war through exhibitions, storytelling, activism, and resilience. FREE

Questions: Anne at 858.245.1677 or
Friday, April 3 at 5:00 pm

Join us for our last peek at the

'TEARS OF WAR' Exhibit 

and learn more about our 

Membership Drive!

Sign up before April 15 to be entered to win great prizes
Sign up now HERE
For details go to our website
2730 Historic Decatur Rd., San Diego, CA 92106 

[SDCPJ] Bill to automatically register Cali. males for a future draft, act by 3/31!

Please use the FCL-CA email system to send messages opposing AB 82 to the Assembly Transportation Committee. You can modify the text in their system if you want to shorten your letter or focus on a particular set of arguments. Opposition letters from organizations are especially effective since they will be listed in the report from the committee's legislative analyst--but they must be received by March 31 (hearing is April 6).
Attached to this is a list of talking points from Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft ( that focus on some key arguments that are being used by Selective Service to win over legislators. You can borrow from this as well.
Rick Jahnkow

For Californians:
Subject: CA Driver's License = Selective Service Registration?
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 12:40:13 -0400
From: Friends Committee on Legislation of California <>
Reply-To: Friends Committee on Legislation of California <>

News From Sacramento

Apply for a driver's license = Selective Service registration?
Tell the Assembly "No" on AB 82
Yet again the federal Selective Service System is pushing hard for a law that will force boys and young men ages 16-25 to consent to registering for Selective Service in order to apply for a California driver's license. By filling out an application to drive, males who are 18-25 years old must allow the state to forward their "identifying information" to the federal government for registration right away and those under 18 will be automatically registered when they reach 18.
The bill will be heard very soon in the Assembly Transportation Committee and we need to get letters of opposition in by March 31. This hearing is one of the most critical times we can weigh in, so please take action now!
We've prepared a sample letter with some of the most important arguments against this bill.  You can send the letter "as is" or edit it to highlight the points that are most important to you or to add your personal views. Please act now!
Thank you!
Friends Committee on Legislation of California



[SDCPJ] FW: Arab World teach in

Activists, don't miss this opportunity!  
If we don't understand this now, we'll be on the sidelines when it's time to act.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

[SDCPJ] An Open Letter to Pradeep Khosla: News reports on today's protest agai nst eviction of C.H.E. CAFE

An Open Letter to Pradeep Khosla:
News reports on today's protest against eviction of C.H.E. CAFE

---------- Forwarded Open Letter ----------

From: "Monty Kroopkin" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 04:28:14 GMT
Subject: News reports on today's protest against eviction of CHE CAFE

Dear Chancellor Pradeep Khosla:
Please see below a collection of the local news reports today. Although reporters tend to find the facts complex and may get various points not quite right, they are attracted to this story like iron to a magnet because they know there is truly 'something rotten in Denmark'. You are giving UCSD a black eye. You know the C.H.E. Cafe is not only supported by punk rock fans in their teens and twenties, right? You know that doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, journalists, editors, artists and intellectuals and highly respected professionals in all spheres also support it, right? 
If you think the past year of conflict over the C.H.E. Cafe is nearing an end point, you are sorely mistaken. Now that you have actually served an eviction notice on the C.H.E. Cafe Collective, the real conflict is only just beginning.The Artists' Boycott of UCSD will expand. An Alumni Boycott will be started. You may expect to see the misconduct of your administration become an issue in the Academic Senate. Your tenure as UCSD Chancellor may prove to be one of the shortest in history.
You can stop this at any moment. Stop the eviction. Restore the lease. Stop lying about the safety and structural soundness of the building. It is not truly an old building, even. Certainly not by East Coast or Old World standards.
Instead of creating intense divisions in our community and wasting probably more than $100,000 of tax-payer money on attorney fees and court costs (thus far), trying to obliterate a cultural and educational treasure and a shining light of University Diversity, you could devote a little energy toward nurturing it. You could seek alumni donations and endowments for it, and for the other campus student cooperatives.
Perhaps this is all a matter of you getting very bad advice and incomplete information from your subordinates. You could publicly say so and apologize. You could replace some of them.
Monty Kroopkin, B.A, UCSD Class of 1981
C.H.E Cafe Support Network
Governor Jerry Brown
State Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins
Board of Regents of the University of California
UC President Janet Napolitano
UCSD Vice Chancellor Juan Gonzalez
UCSD Associate Vice Chancellor Gary Ratcliff
UCSD UCEN Director Sharon Van Bruggen
and the press
the San Diego Union-Tribune

Monday, March 23, 2015

[SDCPJ] End Solitary Confinement, Caravana 43 San Diego & Support the Che Cafe

The Caravan 43: The Border Will Open up to the Delegations from Ayotzinapa en Route to San Diego

A group of parents and students from Ayotzinapa, Mexico, are coming to San Diego. They will speak about their search for the kidnapped students, their struggle for justice, and their views of the current situation in Mexico. They request the support of the peoples of United States! See the program below.

Members of the Caravana 43 San Diego
  • Blanca Luz Nava Vélez, mother of Jorge Alvarez Nava
  • Estanislao Mendoza Chocolate, father of Miguel Ángel Mendoza Zacarías                         
  • Ángel Neri De La Cruz Ayala, student survivor of the Sep 26 attack 
  • Josimar De la Cruz Ayala, student
  • NOTE: Info about the members of the Caravana here: PROFILES Caravana 43 Pacifico                             
Monday March 23
Location: Monte Carmelo Catholic Church, 2020 Alaquinas Dr, San Ysidro, CA 
  • 4:30 pmPress Conference
  • 6:00 pmVigil 
  • 7:00 pmCommunity Potluck Dinner 
Tuesday March 24
Location: San Diego City College, Building MS, Room MS 162
  • 10 amPress Conference 
  • 11 amCommunity Student Forum
  • 1:30 pmLunch
  • 3 pm: City College (Park Blvd. and B St.) to Federal Building (880 Front St.)
Community Forum
More information

Statewide Coordinated Actions To End Solitary Confinement (SCATESC) will start Monday, March 23, 2015 and will happen on the 23rd of each month.

This date emphasizes the 23 or more hours every day, for years and decades that people are kept in solitary confinement in 7 x 11 foot concrete cells.

In San Diego, California Families Against Solitary Confinement (CFASC)  will hold an Informational demonstration including photosof men in SHU along with some who used to be in SHU but are now in General Population 

Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm, Location: at Rosa Park (the park is next to library) in City Heights, San Diego

Co-sponsors: California Families Against Solitary Confinement (CFASC); ACLU of Northern California; Anti-Racist Action-LA;  California Prison Focus; Critical Resistance Oakland; Food Not Bombs; Global Women’s Strike; Human Rights Pen Pals; LA Laborfest; Payday Men’s Network; Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community (PARC); Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition (PHSS); Project: Pollinate; Santa Cruz Resistance Against Militarization (SCRAM!); Sin Barras; Women of Color/Global Women’s Strike.

We suggest you choose a high visibility area and reach people with leaflets/information. Include Agreement to End Hostilities issued by Pelican Bay State Prison-SHU Short Corridor Hunger Strike Representatives, Statement to the Streets and All Youth Lock-ups from Youth Justice Coalition, Frequently Asked Questions, etc.

Organized, community-based pressure is a core strategy to end solitary confinement. We are holding CA statewide actions from San Diego to Eureka, including Eureka, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, San Jose, Santa Cruz… We have cosponsors nationwide and internationally, and are asking for people to hold actions wherever you are.

Endorsers: United Against Police Terror San Diego; Ramona Africa and The MOVE Organization; Dr. Nancy Arvold, PhD, MFT, member Psychologists for Social Responsibility; Black and Pink San Diego; Cabrillo College Justice League; Cafe Intifada; Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB); California Peace and Freedom Party; Communities Organized for Relational Power in Action (COPA) Restorative Justice Institutions; Darrell and Karen Darling; Family of Frank Alvarado Jr., killed by Salinas Police, July 10, 2014; Freedom Archives; Free Our Minds, Free Radio Santa Cruz; Rabbi Borukh Goldberg; Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace; Justice for Palestinians, San Jose; National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)-Santa Cruz County; National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT); Dylcia Pagán, former Puerto Rican Political Prisoner held in US prison; Leonard Peltier Support Group Silicon Valley; Prison Activist Resource Center (PARC); Queer Strike; Redwood Curtain CopWatch; San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper; Santa Cruz County Community Coalition to Overcome Racism (SCCCCOR); South Bay Committee Against Political Repression (SBCAPR); US PROStitutes Collective; Donna Wallach; Women’s Council, California Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

Attached is a handbill to print (double sided to save trees/water if you can) and distribute among your organization actions To End Solitary Confinement. https://prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity.wordpress.com

For a pdf file please go to

Rally to support the Che Cafe Tuesday, March 24th at 5:00am 

Message from the The Che Cafe Collective
As many of you may already know, we received our formal eviction notice last week. We will not go out without a fight. Please join us on Tuesday, March 24th at the Che Cafe for a rally to support the space. We will be meeting at 5am, and we expect the UCSD administration to come at 6am.
Come help us make some noise. Come help us make our voices heard. Come help us save this space.
There is no education without community.
We love you all.

Thank you, The Che Cafe Collective

In service,

Catherine (Cat) Mendonça
Af3irm San Diego;  an anti-imperialist, transnational feminist women’s organization, evolving from the organization formerly known as GABNet, and 20 years of women’s organizing, activism, and struggle.
United Against Police Terror; a grassroots organization, dedicated to educating and organizing the community to fight back against police terror in SD.
Black and Pink - San Diego; an organization supporting LGBTQ prisoners impacted by the prison industrial complex.
a member of San Diego No More Prisons Coalition and Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

[SDCPJ] Know Your Rights Training, Sunday 1-3 at the CHE

CHE alum and criminal defense attorney John Viola will conduct the training.
Please attend it if you can. Please spread the word. It is Free of Charge.
Attached are some online KYR's resources. Good preparation for the training.

[SDCPJ] Rally to Protect the CHE CAFE, 5 AM, Tuesday, March 24, UCSD

Posted by the CHE Cafe Collective, Saturday, March 21, 2015:
"Dear friends,

"As many of you may already know, we received our formal eviction notice last week. We will not go out without a fight. Please join us on Tuesday, March 24th at the Che Cafe for a rally to support the space. We will be meeting at 5am, and we expect the UCSD administration to come at 6am.
"Come help us make some noise. Come help us make our voices heard. Come help us save this space.
"There is no education without community.
"We love you all.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Re: [SDCPJ] Speaker Series "Pathways to Racial Justice"

UPDATE: Change of date for PRC -- now will be Sun. March 29th. Talk/discussion will introduce the organization and our current work, including Mariah's recent attendance at the White Privilege conference.

On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 2:51 PM, PRC SD Info <> wrote:
This looks to be an interesting list of speakers hosted by one of our partner organizations here on the peace campus.

Oh, and look! You probably know some of the people!

For example: Mariah, PRC Executive Director
& Allen McAfee for AVP (and he's also on the PRC Board)


The Faith in Action Team of San Diego Church of the Brethren Speaker Series:

Pathways to Racial Justice: Peacemaking through Tension
Sundays 9-10 am 
from March 1 through May 17, 2015

@ The Peace Campus
inside Church of the Brethren Sanctuary
3850 Westgate Place, San Diego CA 92111

After studying Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, members and friends of the local Church of the Brethren, a faith community living out its peace witness, are determined to:

   * Educate ourselves to break through the "colorblind" mentality and fearlessly explore the reality of racial-justice issues
   * Support Efforts to address racial justice issues in our community
   * Investigate Avenues for Action we can support in San Diego region & beyond
   * Take Action towards breaking racial injustice and alleviating the very real impact of racial injustice on very real lives.

All are welcome to join us on our journey!

SPEAKERS  (Subject to change; please contact church office)
* March 1: Arlene Smith, Village of Promise:  "collective mentoring" for children of incarcerated parents
* March 8 Justine Darling, Restorative Practices and Restorative Justice in the SD Unified School District as alternatives to suspensions / expulsions
*  March 15 Debby Park, NonViolent PeaceForce: works internationally to protect rights and lives using nonviolent strategies
* March 22 Allen McAfee, Alternatives to Violence: an on-going program to teach inmates in Donovan Prison
* March 29 (Palm Sunday) Faith in Action Team presentation
* April 5 (Easter Sunday) Faith in Action Team Presentation
* April 12 Clovis Honore, Community Organizer, President of Black Health Associates, and Executive Director of San Diego Area Congregations for Change
* April 19 TBD
* April 26 Dante Dauz, UPAC (Union of Pan Asian Communities: Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services) prevention and intervention programs for at-risk youth, counseling for parents, etc.
* May 3 Mariah Gayler, Exec. Dir., Peace Resource Center of San Diego
* May 10 Martin Moreno, Mid-City CAN: Restorative Pipeline to Success Momentum Team, working with City Heights youth and community
* May 17 Review and wrap-up: What now?

For more info, contact the Brethren office

Thursday, March 19, 2015

[SDCPJ] Fwd: Awesome Activist Concert & Dinner

Please forward,

HOPE TO SEE YOU ON SAT. at the Fab Food and Cool Concert.


  1. Awesome Activist Food & Concert - George Mann March 21 6pm -
  2. KNSJ: Come learn News recording & editing.  Thurs Feb. 19th
  3. ORGANIZE for  Racial  Justice - Tues.  March. 24, 7
  4. Activist Intentional Living Opportunity - Room Rental

Email not displaying correctly?
View it in your browser.
ASD News and Views:
  • Our members were out in force on Sun, March 15 for the Climate March. We met hundreds of you and got juicy interviews that you will be hearing on KNSJ
  • On Mon the 16th ASD's general meeting, thanks to Lucy Larom, focused on Energy, Climate Change and Global Security. The powerfully dynamic presentation by Rear Admiral Leendert "Len" Hering Sr. USN,(retired), a prominent military and civilian sustainability leader with a broad background in energy and environmental issues. He had a huge impact on our audience. Everyone appreciated his passion and system change perspective to prevent climate change.
  • Big changes for LOCAL music on KNSJ. Last week almost 20 musicians, DJs, radio producers, spoken word artists, & event organizers gathered to reimagine what it would mean to have a local radio station focus on local music and culture. We will be sharing big news about new local radio shows that will provide an alternative format from 9 PM to 5 AM and connect us with the local music scene. If interested in joining in, send an email to
  • Please forward on Facebook and email the information about George Mann's concert coming up this Saturday far and wide!
  • Two ASD board members attended a nationwide conference on "Impact Investment" where socially conscious investors put venture capital into organizations like ours. We explored alternative funding for our nonprofit org.
  • ASD-KNSJ has initiated a venture with Sungevity solar panels. If you are interested in installing solar panels on your home we can give you a free estimate that will give you a $750 rebate and a $750 finders fee to support ASD-KNSJ. We will give you a code for the discounts...Call 619-871-9354 for details 
  • Sign-up to volunteer on EarthDay in Balboa Park!  619-283-1100
 Listen to KNSJ 89.1 or TuneIn Radio app.  See for the NEW SCHEDULE

Saturday,  March 21st @ 6 pm
Church of the Brethren, SD

3850 Westgate Pl, San Diego, CA 92105 SD

New York Folk/Labor Singer!

George Mann back in 2015

Presale discounted Tickets
 On-line ~Door 3850 Westgate Pl, SD

Join us for an inspiring evening of food and  music

           Don't miss George Mann as he sings songs from the last century of labor and social activism, and his own songs are powerful and funny takes on the state of the nation. His concerts are part sing-along, part history lesson, and he can make you shout for joy, send chills down your spine or bring tears to your eyes in the same set.

  George is particularly interested in breaking down the barrier between performer and audience, sharing stories and the history of the songs he sings and writes as he takes you on a free-flowing musical journey.
Order ticket now and save.  619-283-1100  Volunteer veggie cooks needed, get in free: Call us. More Event info...

*Join us at the 'Black & Brown Lives Matter Coalition'
Tues. March. 24 th ~ 7 PM   All Welcome!
Activist Center: 4246 Wightman, SD 92105  enter driveway
Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday:  Originally convened by Activist San Diego and our partners seeking to create and ongoing coalition for racial and social justice.  We need your participation.  Help us strategize, organize and mobilize.
Meeting every 2 weeks on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. 
We meet in solidarity national efforts to build a people's movement in Ferguson/St. Louis and countless other cities.  Our intent is to establish a permanent presence in this work with a new generation of activists. JOIN US!       * PLEASE ATTEND THIS MEETING: Read more

We value your feedback, participation and advice; e-mail  or call
 (619) 283-1100.

*Join Activist San Diego

Join ASD as a member! In so doing you are helping us mobilize, educate and sustain activism. Our challenge: to close the current $1000-a-month deficit we currently have incurred running your brilliantly-progressive community radio station and developing the racial justice organizing that ASD is helping lead in SD.  We need you and San Diego desperately needs progressive activists  like us!  Join Now!


Save the Che Cafe!  Eviction Notice Posted !
Sign the Emergency Petition


On March 15, 2015 the collective received a letter from the UCSD administration stating that it will now go ahead and post the final eviction order, the 5-day notice to vacate our home of 35 years, the C.H.E. Cafe...  Email
Read more 

~~~~~~~ This Activist e-Newsletter is Vital~~~~~~~~~
  • If each of the 1300 of you who receive this newsletter donated $2-$5 a month, we'd become a more powerful organization. We will reward you with SD Rep Tickets and more.
  • If a few more of you would invest 5-10 times that amount we'd be powerfully transformative organization.
We get your car to a worthy activist & it funds social justice!


~ Collective Convergence  ~
Sat. March 28th 10-6

The San Diego Collective Housing Convergence seeks to share resources, information and space with each other in order to build a more cohesive San Diego collectives community as a project of resistance to the individualist, capitalist system.  Read more...

Let's be social media friends too.
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Room for RENT for Activists! $435-$500

Join a Cooperative Living, shared home; believe in social justice? , (City Heights near Univ. Ave bus)
Live your values!An intentional community is possible, right here in San Diego! We are seeking... See More

Voice of the People. We survive and thrive only through your donations
 see  Everyone welcome, Join us, get involved  619-283-1100  See you at the KNSJ General meeting 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month.  Join us March 26th @ 7 at 4246 Wightman, SD 92105.
For more info 619-283-1100
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It is as easy as clicking the Donate Now button at
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