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American Fascism

This is a very interesting article. I was part of this attack on Beirut. I am very ashamed of my actions in 1984.

Friday, July 13, 2018

I thought I Was a Freedom Fighter

I thought I was a freedom fighter and learned that I was a storm trooper.
Walter in Naples, Italy 1985

I took a hiatus from writing this book as a painful truth became clear to me.

While watching a news program recently, small infants were shown arching their backs in agony in the aftermath of being chlorine gassed. I thought to myself, "What kind of monster could do that to infants, then, I remembered, I was one of those monsters. I had coordinated air strikes, missile strikes and shore bombardment operations against Hezbollah in the mid 1980's.

I realized that I did not know how many people I had killed in my 25 year military career. How many grand moms, babies, dads, children, women, girls?

I thought I was a freedom fighter and learned that I was a storm trooper.

The realization was so painful that I remained in a fetal ball in my bed for days in shame and depression.

I have shed tears at least once daily since this happened over this issue.

Many people who do not know about nonviolent communication or mindfulness ...or the need to validate people when they are in pain ...say things like...."You were doing what you were told"...instead of..."I have been ashamed of myself before, tell me more".

The concept of latent memory needs to be discussed. Latent memory is known as the subconsciousness or UNKNOWN AREA in the Johari Window.

I was well aware that writing this book was going to result in me discovering things in the UNKNOWN and BLIND areas of my life and that it would take courage to put them in the PUBLIC or OPEN area.

You see, in order to have functional relationships, the OPEN or PUBLIC area about us must be larger than the other three boxes.

In the Public or Open area, there are things that we know about ourselves and things that others can see. The Blind area has things that we cannot see about ourselves that others can see. The Unknown area has things that we do not know about ourselves and that others do not know first time we fell and hurt ourselves as a baby...that memory is in our minds clear as a bell even though we may not be able to retrieve it.

The HIDDEN or SECRET Area is an area that contains our secrets......we know things that others do not know. A counselor's or psychologist's job is to make it a safe place to explore and express feelings.

I was leading a group where two men had been raped. I kept encouraging them to talk about their rapes in the groups. Finally one told his story in the morning group and the other in the afternoon group.

A man next to me was rubbing his hands on his pants, sweating. I asked him, if he was ok and he said he was "Fine". Finally, he broke down and began crying. He told us of how his uncle had raped him between the ages of 4 and 7. He did not remember that until the other men told their stories.

You see, the mind protects us by not letting us remember things.

It is sometimes important to  bring these things to the focal point as they may cause us to react in negative ways to similar situations as we go through life. This is how treatment works.

We become aware of things in our Unknown Area, hold on to the info in our Secret or Hidden Area. We have the courage to bring it out in Public or Open Area and people give us feedback and we discover more in the Blind Area and then Unknown Area.

The tenants of nonviolent communication guide us to speak in terms of emotions and to avoid rationalization, justification and minimization in this process.

(I was not THAT drunk, I was not THAT mad, I was not THAT LATE..or....Everybody does it...or...If you had a wife like mine you would drink too.)

It is important to speak on how we feel as opposed to what we think.

Emotional words are intrinsic to this process.

It is important to state what happened and how we felt about it.

I have learned to go through feelings, not around them.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

[SDCPJ] Press release Fwd: San Diego tells Rules Committee We Need a Commission on Police Practices

From: Anne Barron <>
Date: July 10, 2018 at 8:46:12 PM PDT
Subject: Fwd: San Diego tells Rules Committee We Need a Commission on Police Practices

Press Release

July 10, 2018

For more information contact:

Andrea St Julian   Tel. (858) 792-6366 | Fax (858) 792-6069 |

Anne Barron   Tel. (619) 836-2494 |

Rules Committee to Hear Final Arguments for

A City Charter Amendment to Establish

an Independent Commission on Police Practices

What: Rules Committee, San Diego City Council

When:  Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 1PM

Where:  City Hall @ 202 C Street, 10th floor

The ballot measure that would amend the City Charter to replace the current Community Review Board on Police Practices with an independent Commission on Police Practices is again before the Rules Committee of the City Council.  The proposal by Women Occupy San Diego has strong community and organizational support, with over 30 allies. However, community members are anticipating strong law enforcement push-back as in past efforts. At tomorrow's Committee meeting, residents affected by police misbehavior will be making a strong case to allow voters to decide on an independent Commission.   Women Occupy San Diego, the ACLU, the League of Women Voters, Black Men United, the NAACP and other justice organizations will speak about the context and community need for transparency and independence. This time, City Council should let the voters of San Diego decide on what community oversight should look like.

If this feels like deja vu, it is.  Women Occupy San Diego (WOSD) authored a similar proposal in 2015, to provide more tools and power to the existing Citizen Review Board (CRB).  That Board was enacted in 1989 in response to community concerns about police brutality.. The police came out to support the weaker ballot question, which placed the Board directly under the supervision of the Mayor and the San Diego Police Department Internal Affairs.  This was and is a clear conflict of interest. Another conflict was the reliance of the Board on the City Attorney, who also defends SDPD against lawsuits. The 2016 proposal by WOSD for an strong community oversight board was watered down by the then City Council, and these conflicts continues.

The Police Officer Association stated in a letter to the Clairmont City Council that "First and foremost, the Citizen Review Board (CRB) is effective as is."  This isn't the reality for too many people, and especially for people in marginalized communities.  Stephanie Jennings experienced the reality of the CRB dependence on police reports after an illegal arrest during the Occupy days at City Hall.  "After my wrongful arrest by SDPD in which I was treated abominably, I realized that complaints needed to be filed by me and others wrongfully arrested.  At that time the CRB claimed they had no record of our complaints. Only those able to file lawsuits against the city ever received any kind of justice. In my case the City Attorney dropped the charges & agreed to a settlement."  

Many civil rights organizations and advocates have pointed out that the dependence of a citizen board on the police to investigate the police only breeds mistrust.  This is especially problematic when that department has a higher than average number of officer-involved shootings for a city of similar size and a proven track record of racial profiling.  The President of the San Diego Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) stresses this in the supporting letter he wrote to the Rules Committee:

"We believe that trust in the San Diego Police Department cannot be restored without a truly independent investigation into potential police misconduct."  

Dr. André Branch, President, NAACP San Diego Branch.

The Grand Jury agrees.  Its May 2018 Report on the CRB stated, " the CRB performs a valuable function, but needs revised operational procedures."  It chastised the city for its delay in implementing Proposition G and noted strong community support for an independent agency.  WOSD can testify that many people facing police misconduct do not file a complaint with the CRB because as one victim who prefers to be anonymous said, "it won't do any good, and because the form is too long, and because the police investigate the complaint themselves".  

Good public safety requires a high level of mutual trust and respect.  Police have power; such power requires oversight. All officers serve the public better when able to engage with residents using best practices.  Women Occupy believes that trust must be earned and can be with proper oversight. We met with all stakeholders over the past two years, to find a common ground where community would also have a seat at the table of justice.  Official concerns over the so-called Police Bill of Rights were addressed through a subpoena power only for civilians. The new Chief of Police has voiced a policy of openness and transparency.  We expect that he will offer the same openness and transparency to the Commission if approved, including access to his officers.

Economic concerns were noted.  While there will be expenses for the independent investigators and legal counsel, we believe that a strong Commission will reduce the millions the City pays annually to settle lawsuits due to SDPD misconduct.

The community wants this amendment placed on the November 2018 ballot as written because it fosters trust in the functioning and outcomes of citizen oversight by doing the following:

  1. Creating an independent commission with independent legal counsel (independence is key to creating trust.);

  2. Giving the new commission the authority to conduct its own investigations and giving it the ability to do so through the retention of expert investigators and policy analysts;

  3. Giving it the power to subpoena civilian witnesses and all relevant documents;

  4. Requiring it to regularly make public it findings and recommendations.

Read the Charter Amendment Here

This is a Press Release from Women Occupy San Diego



[SDCPJ] Fwd: July 11th - Action needed now for community oversight of police

Begin forwarded message:
From: Peace Resource Center of San Diego <>
Date: July 10, 2018 at 8:21:59 AM 
Subject: July 11th - Action needed now for community oversight of police
Reply-To: Peace Resource Center of San Diego <>

July 11th - Action needed now for community oversight of police


Wednesday July 11th
San Diego City Council
202 C street, 12th floor

The  city's Rules Committee meets July 11 to decide on the community proposal to create a strong, independent Commission on Police Practices.

The PRC supports this much-needed proposed community oversight of police.
Now is the time to call your council member.  There has been strong opposition by law enforcement. Let your elected officials hear your voice.The Rules Committee must approve and move this proposal to the full Council now - if approved, the proposal will be on the November 2018 ballot for a vote by the people.

Who is on the Rules Committee?
Myrtle Cole (Chair), Mark Kersey (Vice Chair), Barbara Bry, Chris Ward and Chris Cate
You can find city officials contact info here.

Who polices the police?

The District Attorney is charged with investigating when police fire on civilians.
The SDPD Internal Affairs (IA) conducts their own investigations
The Community Review Board (CRB) on Police Practices makes their decision based solely on the IA investigation. 
The Mayor approves appointees to the CRB. 
Despite the deaths of over 300 people at the hands of police in San Diego, the DA has not charged one officer.  

The community also needs to be at the table of justice.
Women Occupy San Diego believes this is best done through a charter amendment that would empower a Commission to independently investigate police.

Why San Diego needs a Commission on Police Practices:

·the independently appointed Commission would replace  the current Review Board appointed by the Mayor.

· independent Investigators to investigate instead of relying on the records of SDPD Internal Affairs .

· independent Legal Counsel -  instead of the Office of the City Attorney, which also defends police officers.

· the power to subpoena civilian witnesses.

·to receive and review all complaints and decides their disposition.


UPDATE on Raul Rivera, shot May 28 by SDPD during a mental health crisis
Copyright © 2018 Peace Resource Center of San Diego, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
Peace Resource Center of San Diego
3850 Westgate Place
San Diego, CA 92105

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[SDCPJ] Biggest Loser in the June Primary Wasn’t on the Ballot | Progressive Activist Calendar, July 6 -16, 2018

Biggest Loser in the June Primary Wasn't on the Ballot | Progressive Activist Calendar, July 6 -16, 2018

Biggest Loser in the June Primary Wasn't on the Ballot | Progressive Activist Calendar, July 6 -16, 2018

Via Youtube

It takes a month for San Diego County's Registrar of Voters to finalize election results. Mostly what we learn about at this point in the game are the really close contests. Districts 4 & 8 on the San Diego City Council, and one seat on the Community College Board were this election's nail-biters. All involved second place finishers cleared to go on the November ballot.

In D4, incumbent Myrtle Cole wound up in second place, trailing challenger Monica Montgomery by six votes. D8 saw Antonio Martinez beat Christian Ramirez for a second place finish by three votes. And Sean Elo wound up in second place in the Community College contest besting Rafael Perez by twenty-three votes.

Sometimes loser's names in political races aren't on the ballot. These folks are behind the scenes players working to advance their causes, some with less than sterling intentions.


At the top of my losers column is Mickey Kasparian, the now-marginalized labor leader whose choices in the June primary amounted to a revenge campaign.

He'd like you to believe he's a progressive, but his backing of National City's Mayor Ron Morrison's (another big loser) attempt to end-run term limits says otherwise.

If Measure B on the National City ballot had prevailed, Morrison would have been able to use his powers of incumbency to run against Councilwoman Alejandra Sotelo-Solis, who just happens to have crossed Kasparian in his quest to discredit the women in UFCW Local 135 accusing him of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Kasparian's union put up $25,000, for Measure B as an Independent Expenditure PAC, with an equal amount coming from Laborers International Local 89.

The two unions are affiliated with the Working Families Council, which formed in 2017 following the ousting of Kasparian and his coterie from the San Diego and Imperial Counties Central Labor Council as the national AFL-CIO concluded a months-long investigation. The UFCW President (who claims he and others quit) was facing mounting accusations of sexual harassment and improper conduct.

The Working Families Council's unions "independently" opposed Nathan Fletcher in the D4 County supervisor's contest, alongside the reactionary Lincoln Club, San Diego's most notorious political player with a reputation for smear campaigns.

They did have one win in the City Council D8 election with Martinez' second-place finish. The runner-up faces long odds against termed-out Councilman David Alvarez staffer Vivian Moreno in November.

Election season isn't over for Kasparian, who's hoping to merge UFCW Local 135 with Local 1167, with a vote scheduled for Monday, July 16. His critics claim this move is at least in part motivated by a desire to avoid having to run for re-election as leader of the San Diego local. They say the merger will allow him to become the president of the newly merged local without having to go through an election process.  

Opposition within Local 135 is being led by Grievance Director and E-Board member Rep Todd Walters, mostly with postings on social media, including the one below:

Six staff members retired about 2 years ago. Why do you think they would do that? It was due to a building frustration from the way that we represented members. The focus from our leadership was on politics and not on our members. I am frustrated to see your dues money wasted. Did you know that over $200,000 was given to Lori Sadana who ran for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and she lost! This just happened in the last June election. Ask Mickey why was your money wasted?

The political spending from Local 135 is getting higher every year. Right now over $10,000 a month of your dues money is put into an account that is spent on politicians and we aren't getting anything for it. Mickey is betting that you won't show up and vote on July 16th. Let him know that your dues money is not for him to throw away.   

The union responded to Walter's opposition by changing the locks to his San Marcos office, removing him from previously assigned tasks, and eliminating his access to the internet. He believes this is a prelude to being fired. None-the-less, he's persisting:

…It is clear to me that if the merger is approved, I will likely be terminated for exposing the real reason for the merger. I respect this Union too much to see it manipulated and I am willing to put my job on the line to tell you the truth.

It is your right to know the facts. This merger vote is not about making the unions better or they would have done that a long time ago. The truth is that this is a power grab by desperate people. Ask these questions. Why merge now? Why isn't the notice of merger election a giant notice on the front page, rather than being buried in the back of the WORKER. Why is the vote on a Monday night at 6pm? Why is there only one voting time and one voting location? Why is the vote at Local 135 offices where the capacity is around 200 people? Our membership is well over 12,000 and there is no parking! The truth is that they are only hoping to have a few members show up to vote and not ask questions. Your Union Local has been publicly humiliated with the lawsuits and alleged misdeeds. Do not support this power grab and vote NO on the merger.


The R in tRump stands for Racism.

Credit: NYC Marines / Flickr

Let's face the facts: the President is really good at generating outrage (see low-lights from his Montana speech) and making good on his promise to Make American White Again. If the elimination of barriers to discrimination, the cozying up to nativists, and the cruelty to children weren't enough evidence, perhaps the purges of immigrants from the military will be enough to convince you.

From Gabe Ortiz at Daily Kos:

Immigrant military recruits, by enlisting, are telling the U.S. government that they are willing to put their lives on the line in service of their new country. The U.S. government is telling them, "no thanks," following an AP report that "some immigrant U.S. Army reservists and recruits who enlisted in the military with a promised path to citizenship are being abruptly discharged."

At least 40 immigrant recruits have reportedly been discharged or fallen into "questionable" status, with no explanation why. But, "there is evidence," going back at least a year, that "the government is trying to strangle the immigrant recruitment program with bureaucracy," Washington Post reporter Alex Horton tweeted. 

In March, "the federal agency in charge of processing citizenship … shuttered all of its offices at US Army basic training locations." Last September, the military "abruptly canceled enlistment contracts" for hundreds of recruits. The June before that, an "overtasked vetting process and heightened security risk led officials to recommend canceling enlistment contracts" for 1,800 immigrant recruits with specialized skills.

It's not just immigrant recruits. Military Times reports "the government is rejecting more requests from veterans and their dependents for protection from deportation." Last March, the government had to be publicly shamed into dropping deportation proceedings against Elia Crawford, the spouse of a special forces veteran. "After the Crawfords' story published, Military Times was contacted by several other families also facing the deportation of a spouse."

Are you outraged yet? This isn't television. This is history.

So get active. Let's protest. And let's frame the fall's conversations in such a manner as to make progressive electoral victories possible.

When refuting Trump's lies, use the "shit sandwich" method. Never repeat the lie first:

  1. State the truth without mentioning the lie – "The sky is blue"
  2. Say the lie is untrue – "Saying the sky is red is untrue"
  3. Give the context for the truth – "Blue light waves are shorter than others and are scattered by air molecules as they enter the atmosphere."

Get your event listed:  I try to list the next 10 days or so of mostly non-commercial events I think our readers might find of interest. I source my material from social media listings and press releases. Club meetings will be listed IF there are speakers and they are open to the public.

Democratic Candidates: I will list all non-fundraising events open to the general public. A listing does not imply endorsement. Events that are listed on Facebook as 'private' or sold-out are not listed.  In cases where there are competing but similar events or campaigns of the progressive persuasion, I do my best to list everything.

A couple of favors, por favor. Facebook no longer allows us to advertise this calendar because it's considered "political" content. (Well, duh. At least we're not making stuff up.) So please "share" the Activist Calendar. Often.  And gang, please feel free to copy this info for your newsletters. BUT it sure would be nice if you'd acknowledge where it came from. This thing is a lot of work to put together. Thanks.

July 7

Peaceful Rally at Immigrant Child Detainment Site

Saturday, July 7, 10am
1160 Broadway (El Cajon)
For More Information

This rally is to not only speak out against the lack of humanity this administration has in traumatizing children to make a political point but to let the children know there still is love, compassion, and humanity in this country. That we care about them, and we are there for them!!

This is an old retirement home converted into a detainment site for immigrant children who have been forcefully torn from their families. We will be singing (not chanting) so the children do not misinterpret our chants as hostile towards them. Please look at this video to understand how we will sing the song. It's super basic:

We will sing in Spanish and English, "Niños, los amamos, y estamos con ustedes. | Children, we love you, we are with you." To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Please bring signs, and any other peaceful rally songs you know of you would like to share. Musicians, bring your instruments and beautiful voices too!! Any peaceful song will be fine!!

Cultural Diversity Workshop

Saturday, July 7, 1pm
Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation
404 Euclid Avenue
For More Information
Hosted by Martin Luther King Jr. Democratic Club San Diego

This Cultural Diversity Workshop will improve the quality of diverse or different cultures, as opposed to monoculture, the global monoculture, or a homogenization of cultures, akin to cultural decay. The phrase cultural diversity can also refer to having different cultures respect each other's differences. The phrase "cultural diversity" is also sometimes used to mean the variety of human societies or cultures in a specific region, or in the world as a whole. Globalization is often said to have a negative effect on the world's cultural diversity.

She Fest 2018

Saturday, July 7, 11am
North Park Community Park
4044 Idaho Street
For More Information
Hosted by She Fest and San Diego Pride

She Fest is a woman-centered event that celebrates and supports the talents and contributions of women while fostering meaningful connections within the LGBT and larger San Diego community.

Building on second-wave feminism's creed of "the personal is political," we are guided by principles of intersectional feminism: we recognize that while all women experience oppression, we also all experience oppression in varying forms based on race, class, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, etc. With that in mind, we want everyone at She Fest to feel supported, included, and represented. She Fest is intentionally inclusive of transgender women, nonbinary people, intersex people, and gender non-conforming folks.

July 8

LGBTQ+San Diego: Stories of Struggles and Triumphs

Sunday, July 8, 10am
San Diego History Center
1649 El Prado
For More Information (Tickets)
Hosted by Lambda Archives of San Diego and San Diego History Center

The San Diego History Center in partnership with the Lambda Archives of San Diego brings the first-ever exhibition in Balboa Park focused on the history of San Diego's LGBTQ+ community. Visitors will experience and learn about the struggles to overcome persecution, the battle with AIDS, bullying, and intolerance, the power of the community, and the tremendous strides taken in the fight for equal rights. The exhibit curator is noted author and historian Lillian Faderman.

Exhibition runs: July 8, 2018 – January 2020.

Postcard Event: No Joe Arpaio!

Sunday, July 8, Noon
Blind Lady Ale House
3416 Adams Avenue
For More Information
Hosted by Call & Text Banking

Join us as we write postcards to Arizona voters urging them to vote against racist birther Joe Arpaio. Arpaio was pardoned by 45 for corruption and civil rights abuses during his time running concentration camp style prisons in Arizona. Against aggressive racial profiling? Don't like the idea of shackling women of color who are giving birth? Help us keep this abominable man from winning a seat on the United States Senate. We have 900 postcard names and addresses. We need all hands on deck! Their primary is August 28th, and November is coming…

July Meeting of Labor Dems!

Sunday, July 8, 2pm
Olivewood Club House
541 East 24th Street (National City)
For More Information
Hosted by San Diego Labor Democratic Club

Our agenda will include:

Roundtable introductions, June meeting minutes, Present/EBoard Reports, Old business
New business will include: Review of primary election results, Labor Council and Democratic Party strategic endorsements; E Board recommended races for midterm election endorsements (endorsement votes will occur at August 11th and September 8th general club meetings); PRIDE at work.

July 9

Pride Flag Raising and Building Lighting

Monday, July 9, 7pm
UC San Diego Health
200 West Arbor Drive (Hillcrest)
For More Information (Tickets)

We're lighting UC San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest in rainbow colors for the month of July! Join UC San Diego Health as we light the UC San Diego Medical Center in rainbow colors and raise the Pride flag in celebration of the LGBT community and our commitment to health care equality. The event will include live music from the San Diego Women's Chorus and complimentary refreshments.

SDPDC July General Meeting

Monday, July 9, 6pm
Elijah's Restaurant
7051 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard
For More Information
Hosted by San Diego Progressive Democratic Club

We've got new officers to swear in, new events to discuss, a forum for us to go over the certified primary election results and to plan our electoral strategy for November, and more!

July 10

Carlsbad City Council Meeting

Tuesday, July 10, 6pm
City Hall
1200 Carlsbad Village Drive
For More Information
Hosted by Families Belong Together, Carlsbad

Regarding the Carlsbad Municipal Code (CMC) section 8.17.030, we are going to meet on July 10th at the City Council Meeting to request a change to the Carlsbad Special Event Permitting Process for gathering in public places so it is more current. As it is now, it is onerous and burdensome and does not encourage people to exercise their constitutional rights in this current climate where news is changing so quickly.

I spoke with Cori Schumacher of the Carlsbad City Council over the weekend. She wrote me and said, "The City of Carlsbad has a policy in place that requires a permit for 'special events' on city property that requires event planners to apply for a permit 90 days before the event. This includes free speech events. It is clear to me after review, that existing Council policy is not responsive or flexible enough for the dynamic times we are experiencing."

As a next step, we invite everyone who would like to join us to show up for the next Carlsbad City Council meeting to support our First Amendment Rights within the city limits of Carlsbad.

July 11

Take Action for Police Accountability!

Wednesday, July 11, 1pm
San Diego City Hall -12th Floor Committee Room
For More Information
Hosted by Reform the Community Review Board on Police Practices

The Commission on Police Practices City Charter Amendment was presented to the City Council Rules Committee in April. Final Presentation to the Rules Committee will be on this date.

Click To read the full amendment.

Light Up the Cathedral – An Interfaith Pride Celebration

Wednesday, July 11, 7pm
St Paul's Episcopal Cathedral
2728 Sixth Avenue
For More Information
Hosted by St Paul's Episcopal Cathedral and San Diego Pride

Join elected officials, interfaith leaders, and San Diego's LGBT community at this official San Diego Pride 2018 event. To kick off Pride Week, we will witness the Cathedral's annual ceremonial rainbow lighting.

This is the first "Persist With Pride" event of Pride week. This service will feature preacher Nicole M. Garcia, a transgender candidate for ordination in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Nicole's journey of faith persisted so that she could discover God's love for her as the woman she was always meant to be.

The service will also include performances by the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus, the San Diego Women's Chorus, dance performance by San Diego Creative Arts Project, and presentation of the Light of Pride award by Pride Executive Director Fernando Lopez.

July General Meeting – YIMBY Dems

Wednesday, July 11, 6pm
Tiger! Tiger!
3025 El Cajon Boulevard
For More Information
Hosted by YIMBY Democrats of San Diego County

Long time YIMBY Dems member or YIMBY curious, join us for our next meeting. Socialize with us at 6pm, with the meeting beginning at 6:30pm.

July 12

Film Night " Brother Outsider:  The Life of Bayard Rustin"

Thursday, July 12, 7pm
Ocean Beach Green Center
4943 Voltaire Street
For More Information

This 2003 documentary film has introduced millions of viewers around the world to the life and work of Bayard Rustin — a visionary strategist and activist who has been called "the unknown hero" of the civil rights movement. A disciple of Gandhi, a mentor to Martin Luther King Jr., and the architect of the 1963 March on Washington, Rustin dared to live as an openly gay man during the fiercely homophobic 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. The recipient of more than 25 awards and honors, BROTHER OUTSIDER has been shown at The United Nations, The Kennedy Center, and for members of Congress, as well as at hundreds of schools, community forums, labor gatherings, faith organizations, and film festivals.

July 13

San Diego Trans Pride 2018

Friday, July 13, 1pm
Balboa Park
Sixth & Prado
For More Information

Pride season is coming! Please come out and join us in celebrating Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, and Gender Expansive folks of ALL walks of life!

This will be a FREE EVENT, open to RESPECTFUL individuals wanting to celebrate their gender expression however they choose in a community environment that is free of judgement/criticism.

There will be entertainment, food, games, and new friends. Information tables will be available for folks to find resources to aid them in various aspects of living and existing, and we will end the day with a Trans Visibility March to the Spirit of Stonewall Rally.

Spirit of Stonewall Rally

Friday, July 13, 6pm
Hillcrest Pride Flag
University Avenue & Normal Street
For More Information
Hosted by San Diego Pride

Pride celebrations everywhere trace their heritage to the evening of June 28, 1969, when patrons of the Stonewall Inn in New York City said "No more!" to police harassment. That protest has grown to annual events held in major cities throughout the world.

In San Diego, our first rally was held in 1975. San Diego Pride's Spirit of Stonewall Rally is a time to recognize and honor leaders who are working hard to preserve our gains and meet the many challenges still facing our community.

Come join us as cheering crowds and energetic speakers kick off San Diego Pride Weekend!

Sierra Club Film Night: Inhabit; A Permaculture Perspective

Friday, July 13, 6:30pm
8304 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard
For More Information

A different way of relating to the Earth, permaculture is a design method that offers an ecological lens for solving issues related to agriculture and many other facets of life.  Focused mostly on the Northeastern and Midwestern regions of the U.S., Inhabit provides an intimate look at permaculture peoples and practices as they present a diversity of responses to local and global challenges from issues of food, water, and medicine to governance, economy and culture.

June 14

San Diego Pride Parade

Saturday, June 14, 11am
Starts at Hillcrest Pride Flag, ends in Balboa Park.
For More Information
Hosted by San Diego Pride

The annual San Diego Pride Parade the largest single-day civic event in the region, and is among the largest Prides in the United States, attracting over 200,000 cheering supporters of the LGBTQ community!

Come show your Pride on Saturday, July 14, 2018 at 11:00 am. The parade begins at the Hillcrest Pride Flag at University Ave. and Normal St., proceeds west on University Ave., turns south on 6th Ave., turns left onto Balboa Dr. and ends at Laurel St. – where you'll find the entrance to the Pride Festival!

Jewish Voice for Peace Film Event "Knowledge is the Beginning"

Saturday, July 14, 1:30pm
Friends of SDPL University Community Branch
4155 Governor Drive
For More Information

This documentary shows how Daniel Barenboim established the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra with the late Palestinian writer Edward Said to bring together young musicians from across the political divide in the Middle East. Their goal: a better future.

July 15

Pride World Forum

Sunday, July 15, 10:30am
San Diego History Center
1649 El Prado #3
For More Information
Hosted by San Diego History Center

Join us for a forum convening LGBTQI movement leaders from around the world! LGBTQI leaders that are part of the Department of State's International Visitors Leadership Program will participate in a panel discussion as attendees learn about their work and human rights issues around the globe. The panel will include select visitors from the listed countries below.

10:30 am Doors Open
11:00 am Panel Presentation
12:00 pm Mix & Mingle

Free guided tours of the LGBTQ+ San Diego: Stories of Struggles and Triumphs will begin at noon. Participants are still being finalized, but we expect delegates to be in attendance from the following countries: Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Israel, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Singapore, Turkey, Vietnam

July 16

Youth Organizing for Unity

Monday, July 16, 7pm
Joyce Beers Community Center
3900 Vermont Street
For More Information

'March for Our Lives' was just the beginning!
Linking to ongoing organizations & organizing is key This summer; Join other Activist Youth in San Diego

Together we can build an intersectional movement; for peace with justice & equity. The NRA & Trumpsters are undermining democracy, igniting racism, tax breaks for billionaire$. Youth are saying "A new world is possible"

How do we unite and interconnect this movement into the core of all our causes? -How do we advance youth leadership within other struggles for social justice? How do we assure that our movement will be strong, multi-racial with gender equity? Had Enough? Ready to organize to end violence in the US and abroad? Corporate capitalism is at the root of a society that degrades human relationships with environmental, racial, gender, LGBTQ and immigrant intolerance. Unite!

Save the Date

Call to Action if Trump Fires Mueller
March for Truth—an organization that is working with dozens of advocacy groups to organize rapid response protests has partnered with, Public Citizen, Indivisible and many others to prepare emergency 'Nobody is Above the Law' rallies that will happen directly following the firing of the special counsel should it occur. There are already events in 800+ cities and communities scheduled across the country—more than 300,000 people are prepared to take to the streets.

By firing Mueller or Rosenstein, the president would trigger a full-fledged constitutional crisis by asserting that he is above the law. The hours following the firing will determine whether he is proved right.

Local Rallies Starting Today at 5pm & Continuing Daily Thereafter
Bring Pots and Pans – Make Noise

Call to Action if Trump Fires Mueller
US District Court Southern District of California
330 West Broadway (Downtown)

Nobody is Above the Law Rally
Westfield North County Mall (Escondido)

Nobody is Above the Law Rally
Collier Park (Ramona)

Nobody is Above the Law Rally
Carlsbad Premium Outlet Mall

Other Stuff to Do

Join the ACLU's People PowerPeople Power is, at its core, a grassroots member-mobilization project. Through People Power, the ACLU will engage volunteers across the country to take action when Trump or his administration attempt to enact unconstitutional policies or trample on people's constitutional rights. By mobilizing in defense of our civil liberties, volunteers will build local communities that affirm our American values of respect, equality, and solidarity.

Sign Up for Indivisible. All the cool kids are doing it. (Really!)

San Diego Democratic Party Calendar Includes business meetings, chartered club meetings, voter registration events, election information, holidays, and other events of interest to Democrats.


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