Saturday, April 6, 2019

The Sickness and Hypocrisy of Trump Supporters

I will never understand the mindset of Trump supporters.
He is a draft dodger who does not hesitate to send brave men and women to war and their deaths. While promising to drain the swamp, he is filed his government with corporate criminals and posted CEO’s to head the government agencies that are supposed to regulate them, destroying consumer protections and regulation. The 22 suicides of veterans everyday rarely make the news while psychiatric professionals and pharmaceutical companies gloat over their “success” and lucrative government contracts.
Boeing’s CEO has been placed in charge of the Pentagon and is trying to force the Air Force to accept planes it does not what while the defective Boeing 737 Max 8 kills people all over the world. The FAA, closely in bed with Boeing and without qualified inspectors, has allowed a defective plane to remain in the air far too long. Boeing, who saw European Airbus jetliners get better fuel mileage, was allowed to put oversized, more fuel efficient engines on jets that had their wheels and wings moved into an unbalanced position that forces the nose up then down for catastrophic results.
His destructive environmental policies promise to leave our children with a more polluted or even a destroyed ecosystem. Evangelicals and right to life people support him while his policies on mass incarceration, immigration, healthcare, economics and welfare separate and destroy families.
Poverty is never mentioned while safety net programs are brutally cut, even though they make up a small fraction of the budget.
Military spending is off the chain while military readiness slips below our adversaries and his oligarch arms manufacturing buddies reap huge profits and service members get food stamps.
Young people struggle with mounting debts and limited economic opportunity while the elderly live in fear of losing their Medicare benefits and social security benefits.
His mentors and close associates have been philandering, cross dressing, gay homophobes (Stone, Cohen, Guilliani), while he boasts of grabbing women’s genitals, openly pays off sex partners…with the support of the fraudulent evangelical community. He fills his government with white supremacists that are promoting worldwide racism in support of far right, brutal dictatorships that murder their citizens at will (Saudi Arabia, The Philippines, Brazil, North Korea….and Steve Bannon). With the realization of the sentiments of his racist allies and the fact that people of color outnumber whites, he wishes to stem the flow of immigrants, incarcerate babies and families and separate families in an effort to destroy them and create a permanent underclass. This permanent underclass would revolve in and out of for-profit prisons creating a profit for his investor class. All this while he supports his own family’s immigration agenda. His ancestors were immigrants and so is his wife.
Trump practices weaponized anthropology, appointing his unqualified offspring and associates to international posts. The damage that Jared Cushner has wrought on The Middle East and Latin America alone promise carnage and suffering for millions of people. Israel gets more than $10 million of our tax dollars each day while Detroit gets only a TOTAL $17 million for a catastrophic mass water poisoning of its population.
 Our government officials must swear allegiance to a hypocritical Zionist Israel where a genocidal campaign against Palestinians rivals Hitler’s campaign against Jews (one would think they would be very sensitive to this kind of injustice) and America’s genocidal campaign against native Americans, blacks, Asians and Latinos. Anyone who even discusses the crimes of Israel is considered anti-Semitic, including…Jewish Voices For Peace. We are even threatened currently with six figure fines and decades of incarceration with pending congressional legislation for having the temerity to discuss holding Israel accountable for its war crimes.
His Right To Life allies do not care about the lives of children their policies force women to have after birth. Safety net programs for the poor, medical programs for children and families are cut or efforts to discontinue them are pressed forward without alternatives proposed.
Safety net programs for families go unfunded while a cycle of mass incarceration drives poverty and more crime with poorly constructed get tough on crime policies without a shortage of funds for police officers (who are there to keep the poor and less powerful in their places).  A bribed and unaccountable judiciary that only punishes those who do not have enough money to pay for legal assistance (public pretenders are overloaded and poorly serve their clients). An American citizen is arrested every 38 seconds for some drug related crime.
Trump’s reversal of established treaties revealed to our long-time allies and adversaries that America cannot be trusted to keep its word, not that it had a good track record to begin with. Just ask blacks about the 40 acres and a mule, the Apache, the Cherokee, the Choctaw, the Mexican government and its invitation to Anglos to occupy its northern territories, the Iranians, and a host of others who have had their treaties totally ignored.
No, some of these problems did not start with a President who creates crisis then offers a solution. America has a long history of Trumpism, just look at President McKinley of the late 19th century. Our most recent rounds of poorly thought out policy implementation has put ugly American policy promotion into hyperdrive and revived sick policies from our not too distant past. This latest round of lies and deception however promises long term damage of which we may not recover.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

[SDCPJ] Fwd: Progressive KNSJ 89.1 Got Smacked down ... 😒

Please forward this to friends and other activists.

Emergency E-mail

Please join us in making a difference.
We are raising money to get KNSJ back on the airwaves!

       =>=> If you & everyone who views gives just $5 we will prevail!
~ ANY donation counts!

         Early donor count the most to encourage others to give too!
Give early $50 -$100 & we will order parts now!
If you do

If you do nothing else forward & see this short video

San Diego needs KNSJ 89.1 FM,  back on the air. Ironically KNSJ fell victim to "climate disruption" and an erratic winter storm,  the worst ice storm in decades, which damaged the antenna  and took San Diego's only community radio station off the air.

  Only YOU can help us recover!
- " People power radio" KNSJ 89.1 FM must depending on this people powered fundraising campaign to raise $4000 to $8000  to complete the necessary repairs and protect itself against future disruptions.

Always wanting to give back, KNSJ's selected donors will be receiving perks & premiums, including:

  • > For $24 you become an official listener member; with occasion perks during the year.
  • > For $35 get  VIP Seat for our next stellar speaker (Eg: KNSJ hosted had Amy Goodman and Chris Hedges)
  • > For $50, get a major theater, concert or cultural event tickets
  • > $100 donors receive an Echo 'Smart-speaker' for hands-free, easy listening KNSJ or any station music.
  • > $300 donors get an opportunity to go on the air and shape the content topic of the show.   So what's your passion?
  • > One donor will also be randomly selected to receive their very own one-off radio show. (This could start a relationship and a whole new show!)
  • > Other premiums will be allocated to the runner ups.
We know you give for the cause of independent media, but a perk is our way of saying thank you!

      We & our programming is unique in San Diego:

READ MORE & Please DONATE! (Mention 'Antenna' in your donation notation)

Thank you for
5 years Years of KNSJ:  We need you!

Please 'Like & Follow" us on Facebook! Stay in touch.

 We created local media justice by establishing KNSJ as a voice for progressive news and views

OUR VISION & YOUR HELP! We are seeking to be an organization led by peoples of color, with strong women's leadership; an org which is multi-generational and gender diverse.  In this season of giving please join as a member and please give a sustaining contribution  Please take 2 minutes and Give NOW! so that  KNSJ can be around for another generation.  

 Board of Directors elected by its members.


 You help keep independent media growing, SD's only progressive broadcast voice. ~~

KNSJ is the only station bringing consistently progressive news, information & more local music

Your donation supports...

KNSJ 89.1 fm is just 4 1/2 years old, but we have broken new ground.  What you hear on KNSJ has never been heard on the San Diego airwaves. Without the deeper analysis and challenging perspectives, we can not expect a community to participate in shaping its destiny. KNSJ is young, yearning to become an agent of transformative information and communications.
Our syndicated programs not only tell national and international stories, we are striving to inspire local action and involvement. What other station has a local women's show, a masterfully-produced political humor show, a Vets show, several environmental shows, labor shows, a live Native American talk show, plus Democracy Now with Amy Goodman, Thom Hartman, Ralph Nader and local icon Mike Aguirre?
This year we have been adding a new locally-produced music show every month. We have just begun our quest for indispensable information in San Diego.  We need your help to blossom.  Please, Please, donate now. Your support can help transform San Diego.
Copyright © 2018|* *ActivistSanDiego*, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is: PO Box 5631, San Diego, CA 92165

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Monday, February 18, 2019

[SDCPJ] Fri. 2/22 4:30pm - #HandsOffVenezuela


 Hands Off Venezuela!
Friday, February 22, 4:30pm
Federal Bldg.
Broadway between Front and Union
Downtown San Diego

Join us on Friday, February 22, 4:30-6pm at the Federal Building to demand Hands Off Venezuela. This will be one of many such events across the US (see ).

The Venezuelan people have the right to determine their own destiny, free from interference from the US or other foreign powers. The current difficulties faced by the Venezuelan people must be solved by the Venezuelan people themselves, free from economic sanctions and military intervention from the US.

From the time of the Monroe Doctrine in 1823, the US has acted on its self-declared its right to oversee the affairs of Latin America. This has led to invasions and US-backed coups, including Guatemala (1954), Cuba (1961), Dominican Republic (1965), Chile (1973), El Salvador (1980s), Nicaragua (1980s), Honduras (2009), and now Venezuela, to cite only some of the most prominent examples. The result has been suffering, destruction, repression, and migration for the people, while a small handful reap profits at the expense of the multitude.

Living within the empire's heartland, we have a responsibility to oppose these policies. Our resources may be limited. However, by joining together to demonstrate our opposition to US intervention in Venezuela, we can send a message that people in San Diego and throughout the US opposes the interventionist policies of the US government.

This event is co-sponsored by the Friends of the (former) San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice and the Green Party San Diego, and endorsed by the International Socialist Organization (San Diego).

For more information,

Friday, February 8, 2019

[SDCPJ] Fwd: unique opportunity for Violence De-escalation with Meta Peace Team in San Diego Feb 16

From: Anne Barron <>
Date: February 8, 2019 at 10:02:55 AM PST
To: PRC SD Info <>
Subject: Fwd: unique opportunity for Violence De-escalation with Meta Peace Team in San Diego Feb 16

Dear Friends,

The internationally active Meta Peace Team enters areas of violence, especially those involving state violence, around the world to assist and support as needed people facing violence.

The Peace Resource Center of San Diego is happy to host their unique skills training workshop next Saturday, Feb 16.  The Meta Peace Team will be in Tijuana the following week assisting organizations supporting the people fleeing from the state violence in Central America only to face US inhumane procedures here.

Space is limited. Please RSVP at

Please share this invitation with your contacts!  

You can find out more about the Meta Peace Team efforts at

Thursday, February 7, 2019

[SDCPJ] Fwd: February News and Events with Sierra Club San Diego Chapter

From: "Sierra Club San Diego" <>
Date: February 7, 2019 at 5:18:56 PM PST
Subject: February News and Events with Sierra Club San Diego Chapter
Reply-To: "Sierra Club San Diego" <>

Movie Night, Seal Walk and Talk and more

FREE Movie Night 

2 Films this month.

The Story of A Forest(2018) 

A Darker Shade of Green – REDD Alert and the Future of the Forest (2018)

Friday, February 8 at 6:30pm
Chapter Office

8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
Ste. 101
San Diego 92111

New York based Global Justice Ecology Project, whose main goal is to stop the spread of genetically modified trees in the U.S. and abroad, has sent us these films.  The first one features interviews with scientists and activists who share their insight and expertise on the potential harm of genetically engineered trees on ecosystems, communities, and indigenous people. The second film discusses the dangerous effects of lead on indigenous peoples.
The Story of a Forest poster

It's Pupping Season for the La Jolla Harbor Seals!

Join us for a Talk on Seal Biology and Behavior followed by a short Walk to Casa Beach to see the Seals
Saturday, February 9th at 2 pm
Mangelsen-Images of Nature Gallery
7916 Girard Ave, La Jolla

(858) 551-9553

Presented by Seal Society of Sierra Club San Diego

Register Here
Mother seal and pup

Idyllwild, Custom Log Home Vacation Rental  
The Bear's Den, 4 bd/2ba, sleeps 12, WiFi, Gourmet Kitchen, Great Rm, 2,600 s/f, 1 acre lot, near Humber Park.  On both creeks!!!  All linens provided, beds made up.  Couple rates available.  Go to or contact Property manager, Martha at: 951-663-0527

Make Your Grocery Game Zero-Waste 

Five ways to render grocery shopping easier on the planet—and your wallet.  Talk to your grocer about food waste. As consumers, we can change our behavior to reduce individual waste, but the U.S. retail food sector generates eight million tons of waste a year in distribution centers and stores, which accounts for a whopping $18 billion a year in lost value, according to a 2018 ReFed analysis.  Read more here...
Fresh produce in store

Should the San Diego Region Prioritize Public Transportation?

YES!  But we need your help.  The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) is in the process of creating the next Regional Transportation Plan that will be the blueprint for how we get from one place to another.  We need more public transportation, not more roads.  Join other Sierra Club Volunteers who are looking to prioritize public transportation.
Be part of the movement.

Join San Diego Activist Citizens (SANDAC)

Join us!

Oregon Timeshare Vacation Rental  
Redmond, Eagle Crest Timeshare Deeded Week Ownership.  2 bedrooms 2 baths, bicycle, walking trails, golf.  Gold Crown 5 Star, RCI-Interval International's trade service.  $1,900.  Call 858-613-9210.

San Diego County must address greenhouse gas emissions - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Commentary by Sierra Club San Diego
California and many local governments already have made the commitment to achieve aggressive emission reduction goals. These impacts will worsen dramatically unless our government agencies, and all of us, take prompt and strong action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Read more here...
Wildfire near homes

2019 San Diego Chapter Awards Dinner Celebration
Saturday, May 4, 2019
​Flow Reception Dinner & Silent Auction
Hilton Harbor Island Hotel
Sponsorship opportunities available.
For more information please contact Richard Miller at 858-569-6005 or​

Please consider making a donation to the San Diego Chapter.
100% of your contribution stays with the San Diego Chapter to fight for what you care about, solutions to climate change, clean water, clean air, and protecting our backcountry.
Donate Now

Let us help you start the new year feeling accomplished. 
Donate a vehicle you no longer need and we'll remove it for free! 

Donate your vehicle

This email was sent by the Sierra Club San Diego Chapter
8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd #101 San Diego, CA 

Friday, February 1, 2019

[SDCPJ] Fwd: February Events From the Ocean Beach Green Center

From: Ocean Beach Green Center <>
Date: February 1, 2019 at 7:34:31 PM PST
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: February Events From the Ocean Beach Green Center

Ocean Beach Green Center, 4862 Voltaire Street, Ocean Beach 92107 


Dear friends of the Ocean Beach Green Center,
We are still in the process of setting up at our new location at 4862 Voltaire St. Ocean Beach 92107.   We will be opening up soon. Look for updates on our website:

                            February Events From  the Ocean Beach Green Center
Every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Climate Mobilization Coalition Meeting Feb 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd. Ocean Beach People's Cooperative Community Room, 4765 Voltaire Street.  Come help plan for the upcoming Climate Action events.  More info   Contact:

February 2nd. Saturday 8 am -11 am WOC ROAR 2019 Panel Discussion:  Running and Winning.   Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, 404 Euclid Ave. San Diego 92114  Women of Color Roar 2019 is a celebration of the historic elections of Women of Color, from London Breed becoming the first African American female mayor of San Francisco to a record number of WOC in the freshman class of Congress.  A panel of local dynamic women leaders will reflect on 2018, share insights from their own campaigns and shed light on the required groundwork for the 2020 election. More info:

February 2nd. Saturday 9 am - 4 pm Love Your Wetlands Day Kendall-Frost Marsh 2055 Pacific Beach Drive This  event  will entail a series of interactive and fun educational activities and talks about marsh conservation, as well as live animal presentations. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn more about the wilderness in your own backyard via a walk through the marsh!  More info:

February 2nd. Saturday White People for Racial Justice 101 hosted by Showing Up for Racial Justice - SURJ San Diego  4089 Fairmount Avenue, San Diego 92105 Join us for an interactive workshop where we will discuss the basics of white supremacy, privilege, and fragility. We will also go over practical tools for unlearning your own biases, identifying everyday racism and taking action to fight for racial equality. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. 7:30 am – Check-in and light breakfast, 8:00 am – 3:00 pm – Workshop. More info:

February 4th Monday 12 pm - 1:30 pm "The Theology of Racial Capitalism and Economic Justice" with Bishop Cornelius Bowser Hosted by Interfaith Worker Justice of San Diego County, Friendship Hall - University Christian Church DoC  3900 Cleveland St. San Diego 92103 IWJSD invites all to bring your lunch and join us! The Lunch and Learn series is a program that seeks to introduce various faiths and traditions to the public highlighting the social justice strain within religions and to provide an interactive forum for discussion and discovery. More info:
February 5th  Tuesday 1:30 PM – 4 PM Support City Council Repeal of Vehicle Habitation Law!  Hosted by San Diego Housing Emergency Alliance San Diego City Council 202 C St. San Diego, CA 92101 Show the San Diego City Council as they consider Repealing the No Vehicle Habitation Law that you SUPPORT doing so! We will have small signs and will help you sign up to show your support. Go to facebook page for more info and history of ordinance.

February 5th Tuesday 6:30 pm Green New Deal Live Watch Party Modern Times Conference Space 3402 Kurtz Street, Suite 200 San Diego 92028 Join us as we gather and push the fight for clean air + water and good jobs for every single person across the country. We need everyone to take action to show our legislators that we're serious about climate and they need to be too. More info:

February 6th Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Clean Elections Campaign Meeting   First Unitarian Universalist Church, 4190 Front St, San Diego, CA 92103,   More info:  John Hartley: 619-299-8870 or visit

February 6th Wednesday 6 pm - 9 pm Bikes, Mobility and the Future of San Diego Hosted by San Diego County Bicycle Coalition.  Mike Hess Brewing company, North Park, 3812 Grim Ave. San Diego 92104 Join us for a free, fast-paced event of ideas, entrepreneurs and bikes, capturing the exciting things happening in the bike industry. Speakers:   Council district reps 9 and 3, Director of Programs at Climate Action Campaign and Marketing Manager of Electra Bicycle Company.  More info:

February 7th  Thursday 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Earth Stewardship Alliance 903 Sunset Cliffs Blvd. San Diego 92017 We invite you  to join us for our monthly Earth Stewardship Alliance (ESA) meeting! The ESA is a community action network of individuals and organizations dedicated to stewarding the health of our local and global ecosystem. We provide a collaborative, strategic platform for citizens to take action on local environmental issues. More info:

February 7th Thursday  8:45 am  -9:30 am  Call on Rep. Scott Peters to endorse a Green New Deal 4350 Executive Drive Suite 105, San Diego 92121.   Join SanDiego350 and partners to call on Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) to endorse a Green New Deal and commit to a just and equitable transition to a world free from fossil fuels, support green jobs, and reject fossil fuel money.
Please also RSVP at our website, where you can also find events at Representatives Vargas, Davis and Hunter's offices.   More info:

February 8th Friday  6:30 pm Sierra Club film night Movie: 2 films approximately 70 min combined; The Story of A Forest & A Darker Shade of Green – REDD Alert and the Future of the Forest 8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd #101, San Diego, CA 92111.  New York based Global Justice Ecology Project, whose main goal is to stop the spread of genetically modified trees in the U.S. and abroad, has sent us these films.  The first one features interviews with scientists and activists who share their insight and expertise on the potential harm of genetically engineered trees on ecosystems, communities, and indigenous people. The second film discusses the dangerous effects of lead on indigenous peoples. More info:  Jean Costa (619) 463-0721

February 9th Saturday   1 pm - 3 pm   San Diego Fixit Clinic Second Chance Beer Company, 15378 Ave of Science #222 San Diego 92128.  We have been all too accustomed to the throw away lifestyle. If something doesn't work, throw it out and buy a new one. Because of this behavior our landfills are filling at a rapid rate and electronic waste has become the one of the largest pollution generators. So why not learn how to fix it?! Bring your broken, non-functioning things: electronics, appliances, computers, toys, bicycles, clothes, etc. for assessment, disassembly, and possible repair. We'll provide workspace, specialty tools, and guidance.  More info:

February 9th to March 2nd Warm Weather Seed Starting Workshop Cabrillo Community Garden 4113 Voltaire St. San Diego 92106.   Join the Ocean Beach Branch Library, Ocean Beach Seed Library, and UCCE San Diego Master Gardeners for this 3-part Seed Starting Series at our local Cabrillo Community Garden! Learn how to successfully plant your spring garden with vegetable plants you grew from seed. The Ocean Beach Seed Library, a pilot project of the Ocean Beach Library, will be there distributing free seeds and participating in the "off-site" library program! Program will be taught by Deanna Chandra, UCCE San Diego Master Gardener. This will be a fun day filled with hands-on learning! No cost. Kid-friendly.

February 10th Sunday 6 pm - 8 pm  San Diego Barnstorm: Fight to Win Medicare For All  First Unitarian Universalist Church  4190 Front St. San Diego 92103.    Join us as part of the National Medicare for All Week of Action. Hundreds of events are happening across the country as activists come together to win Medicare for All. We'll talk about what's at stake, our plan to win, and what you can do to take action and get involved. More info:

February 12th Tuesday 8 am - 4 pm Zero Waste 2019 - Re-Thinking Resources Sixth Annual Symposium   County of San Diego Operations Campus Center Hearing Room 5520 Overland Avenue, San Diego 92123.   This year's symposium will focus on an examination of how we can better manage resources – both virgin and discarded – globally as well as locally. Current practices negatively impact human health, sustainable economics, and the environment. Let's discuss how we can collectively change this paradigm. More info:  For speakers list:
February 14th Thursday 11 am - 2 pm One Billion RISING-a Movement to Awaken our Hearts: Encinitas hosted by Caroline Grace Lorenzo. Swami's Beach.   One Billion Rising is a global movement powered by the love of our hearts and the strength of community standing up for what we believe in. One Billion Rising is a global movement on V Day February 14th to end violence against the feminine in all bodies, including the earth. More info:
For Inspiring videos for past events go to:    
February 14th Thursday 5:30 pm "Sunrise Movement and the New Green Deal" The Story of a Rising Youth Climate Organization and a Bold Solution for the Climate Crisis presented by The North County Climate Change Alliance Vista Library 700 Eucalyptus Ave., Vista, CA 92084 Learn about the Sunrise Movement's story and about their efforts to push climate policy forward with increased urgency.  We'll discuss the original historical New Deal & the current Green New Deal as envisioned by Sunrise, and we'll compare and contrast it with other climate policy at the national level.  More info:
February 15th Friday 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Seeking Solutions in a Polarized World - A Student led conversation on the issue of gun violence prevention 
Canyon Crest Academy, 5951 Village Center Loop Rd. San Diego 92130.   Join the students of Team Enough San Diego, as well as students from cities across the nation, as they host a non-partisan town hall meeting with a panel of community leaders and local youth. This is not a debate, but a respectful forum for asking questions and discussing proposed ways to reduce gun violence in our communities. More info:

February 17th Sunday 10 am - 12:30 pm Join Sea Shepherd San Diego for a World Love for Dolphins Day protest at Sea World San Diego! We will meet on the corner of Sea World Dr. & S. Shores Rd.  Come be a voice for the whales and dolphins. Speak out against cetacean captivity.  Signs will be available but homemade signs are always welcome.  Contact More info:

February 20th Wednesday  5:30-8:00 PM GreenMeet: State of Green Building, San Diego BNIM, 797 J Street, San Diego.  Join the San Diego Green Building Council leadership to recap the San Diego green building movement's accomplishments in 2018 and learn what's in store for 2019 and beyond. During this annual event, we will present the green project data and policy updates as well as SDGBC's programming and organizational accomplishments. We will also provide updates from our partners in USGBC and International Living Future Institute networks. $30 - $40 More info:

February 24th Sunday 3:00 p.m. Hands-on workshop to build your own SoloBee Bungalow Shelter Event is a hands-on workshop where you make your own SoloBee Bungalow, the shelter that many non-stinging, native bees use to lay their eggs. You will craft a beautiful handmade gift for a friend, child or for yourself, while also learning about these gentle, non-stinging, super-pollinators that make our natural environment thrive while providing us with nuts, fruits and vegetables. No prior carpentry experience needed, everyone is invited. Register here and we will reply with address and ask which type of wood you want to use, salvaged or natural redwood.  More info:
February 27th  Wednesday 11:30 am - 1:30 pm Humanitarian Crisis at the Border Hosted by BORDER ANGELS and League of Women Voters of San Diego Tom Ham's Lighthouse, 2150 Harbor Island Dr. San Diego 92101.
 We're bringing in the experts to tell us what they're seeing and how they're responding to immigrants seeking asylum and entry at our border. Come get the latest updates and learn how you can help. $38  More info:

February 27th to March 3rd   Audubon Bird Festival Marina Village Conference Center, 1936 Quivera Way, Mission Bay, San Diego 92109.   We are celebrating the wild birds and habitats of our county, which truly offers some of the best birding in the U.S. The Festival supports the education, conservation and sanctuary programs of San Diego Audubon Society, so by joining us, you get to see the birds and help them too. More info:
February 28th Thursday 6 pm  - 8 pm  Solar for Homeowners 3980 Sherman St. Suite #170 San Diego, 92110
Tailored to homeowners interested in going solar, this free workshop outlines the fundamentals of solar electricity and solar water heating. Learn how to reduce or eliminate your electric and gas bill with clean power and find reliable solar contractors in your area. Experts from the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) will explain the fundamentals of solar electricity and solar water heating and share valuable consumer awareness tips that will help you feel confident when evaluating solar technology for your home .  More info:

                                   New events are always happening....please check for updates to the event list

                                            Also visit our "get involved" tab for various group's websites. Check their events page for their
                                            habitat restoration work parties, beach clean-ups, committee meetings, workshops, field trips etc



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