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Net Neutrality

[SDCPJ] The Duty to Disobey a Nuclear Launch Order

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[SDCPJ] Fw: Please forward: Why we are Thankful... Calendar of Events; Activist Holiday Party

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Subject: Please forward: Why we are Thankful... Calendar of Events; Activist Holiday Party
 Activist Calendar EVENTS at bottom of page:  

In the age of Trump is there really much to be thankful for?  When the Neanderthals are the majority in the House of Representatives and dominate so much of the body politics, can we feel thankful?

On behalf of the 50+ volunteers and the countless participants in Activist San Diego & KNSJ we are deeply thankful that you have supported and sustained us as we enter our 20th the year as an Information, Communications and Mobilization hub!

First and foremost we are thankful to the Indigenous peoples of this continent on whose land we reside. We are thankful for the continuing lessons that have arisen this last year as a result of the resistance movement at Standing Rock. May Thanksgiving become Native American thankfulness day.

In 2017 we are thankful for the millions of women who rose up to march in some of the most powerful expressions of dissent that this country has ever known. We are thankful that abusers are being exposed everyday in the press. Open the floodgates and wash away misogyny.

We are thankful that the Charlottesville atrocities have made white supremacy a national talking point, which must be confronted and understood as part of the fabric of the American legacy. We are thankful that the President exposed himself as an ally of white supremacy and the fascists by saying "there are good people among them". Thankfully his blunder makes our organizing work easier.

We are thankful that there is a new current within the military that doesn't want another war for empire; hopefully willing to speak out and even disobey a president bent on nuclear annihilation of his chosen enemies. We are thankful for the fruits of the peace movement. Peace is beginning to look like a better option than endless war. Many Americans now refuse to be blinded by patriotic posturing in the name of "America First".

We are thankful that Mexicans are refusing to pay for a wall to divide humanity.

We are thankful for the growing number of Americans who are welcoming immigrants, documented or not. We are thankful that our resistance movement will defend the Dreamers. We are thankful that sanctuary has become part of our vocabulary.

We are thankful that tens of thousands rose up around the US, as they did in San Diego, to denounce the Muslim ban as a crude, racist ploy.

We are thankful that those who want to destroy socialized healthcare, Medicare, and Welfare are so divided that they can't pass a single bill in the Congress that they control.

We are thankful that black lives matter and that millions of fellow Americans, who are not black or brown, Asian or Native are supportive. We are thankful for all those building racial justice coalitions saying in a unified voice "this too must end".

We are thankful for those who do the ongoing work for systemic change, joining and invigorating organizations and campaigns.

We are thankful that Bernie revealed the power of millions. We are thankful for the worldwide movement for sustainability to end the climate chaos. We realize that we are the only ones who can lead the planet away from the precipice; a new world is possible, if we unite the visionaries.

We are thankful that you are still reading this greeting with a firm determination to support the struggle for social and racial justice, and that you will do your part.

We are thankful that Community Radio KNSJ 89.1 FM has survived its first few years and is exposing San Diegan to information that has been left out of the broadcast media for decades. We are thankful for your membership and support as we aspire to build an extraordinary, multimedia portal of progressive information to transform the region.

We are thankful that hundreds marched with us after the 'elections', the hundreds joined us at our Counter-Inaugural Ball, that thousands joined to the immigrant rights march and the tax day march, that 800 filled the hall to greet Amy Goodman on behalf of KNSJ, that countless activists attended organizing meetings to build multi-racial unity and create an ongoing Radial Justice Coalition.

We are thankful that we are part of your community of consciousness and resistance... and that every day you do something intelligent to put your finger on the scales of justice.

We are thankful to have a vibrant network of family and friends with whom to celebrate the beauty of life, always thinking about those who do not have such good fortune so we can expand our human family.

We are thankful that you pay attention to the issues and causes which are vital to preserving the vestiges of democracy. We will do our part... Please visit us at and

Stay in touch, stay involved, stay connected and be thankful that we have each other in this most critical junction in in American history.

We are thankful for you.


Monday, Dec. 18, 7 pm - 9 pm

Activist Holiday Party
Food, Fun, Festive Music, Spoken word, Fabulous!
  Sorry,Please note above is last year's unedited flier. Date is MON DEC. 18!!
 A wonderful opportunity for cultural sharing, celebrating our past year W/ fabulous foods.
Potluck food. Want to perform or volunteer?
Joyce Beers Community Center Hillcrest - 3900 Vermont

1.5 blocks north of Univ. Av, near Panera's & Aladdin's Restaurant

Meet with other local Activists working on the cause of
Police Brutality & White Supremacy

Community Organizing meeting Sundays: 

                                                     at the Peace Resource Center, 3850 Gateway Place 92105  Join us!

SDPD  created a riot during the peaceful protests against Trump
organized by Activist San Diego and others.

We look forward to seeing you there.

  Your Community radio
San Diego's Community Radio KNSJ has meetings the 1st and 3rd Thursday at the Activist Center 4246 Wightman @ Van Dyke in City Heights. Music Team meets 2nd Thursday at the World Beat Center. All are welcome  619-283-1100
                    Listen, comment, participate, support, donate and get on the air!

Monday, November 20, 2017

[SDCPJ] Fwd: Take Action: No Unconstitutional Strike against North Korea

From: "Rick Wayman, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation" <>
Date: November 20, 2017 at 4:54:12
Subject: Take Action: No Unconstitutional Strike against North Korea

Take Action: No Unconstitutional Strike against North Korea

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Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), a veteran of the Korean War that took place in the 1950s, has introduced a bill in the House of Representatives to stop an unconstitutional attack against North Korea.

The bill, H.R. 4140, would prohibit the president from launching a first strike against North Korea without congressional approval. The bill also calls on the president to "initiate negotiations designed to achieve a diplomatic agreement to halt and eventually reverse North Korea's nuclear and missile pursuits."

The bill currently has 61 co-sponsors, and more are urgently needed. Please take a moment to write your representative about H.R. 4140.

If your representative is already a co-sponsor, your message template will be thanking them for having taken action.

If your representative is not yet a co-sponsor, your message template will ask them to co-sponsor this important legislation.

Take Action

Connect with us on Facebook 

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Shift 3 Patterns of Behavior to End Financial Struggle

This is a radio show. You can call in to listen or comment 310-861-2349

11 AM to 1 PM Pacific Sunday 19 November 2017

Shift 3 Patterns of Behavior  to End Financial Struggle

Break Money Habit of Scraping-by and Meet Your Basic Needs

The Three “Do’s” … You must stop doing!

  1. Making Do
·         When you are settling for insufficient solutions and not feeling content.

  1.  Over Do
·         When you overspend, over give, over work, over commit and never get enough

  1. Do Without
·         When you deprive yourself of the essentials needed in your life

Special Guest:
Business Woman--Marine Veteran Lauren Rennella served in United States Marines; Licensed Insurance Agent, Financial Education Instructor, a passion for military families. Experienced first-hand, as a military leader, importance of personal money management. Her belief, we need to face our fears head on!   888-818-5669
Get eBook - 30 Ways to Save a $10,000 Emergency Fund
When you REGISTER for the Webinar

Design Your Financial Action Plan
Tuesday, Nov 21, and Thursday, Nov 30, 2017 5:30 pm PT
Attendees get - Fast Start Financial Action Plan Tool Kit and
eCourse Lifetime Access

What is the First Step to get out of debt?
What is at the heart of our most destructive money habits?
What must we stop doing to end the struggle?
What is a key factor you need to feel that there is enough in your life?
Will working harder and getting more money fix you money concerns?

Topic Sources:  National Financial Educators Council, Suze Orman, Financial Recovery Institute, Dave Ramsey
eCourse, Webinars, Workshops Register Now!
mailto:info@yourmoneywisdomnow.com760-845-5550 or 888-818-5669 

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Smart Practical Ways Spend, Save, Grow your money!
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q  Want to be debt free?
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q  Paying for college?
q  Rebuilding after financial set-back?

Saturday, November 11, 2017

50 Reasons Why You Need to Read NO NUDE SWIMMING - Introducing Robert Gottlieb

This is a radio show 

1 PM to 3 PM Pacific Sunday 12 November 2017

Call in number 310-861-2349

A retired attorney (mostly tired and quit), Robert Gottlieb maintained a private practice in Los Angeles and San Diego for a total of 36 years.

Robert Gottlieb

Robert began his general practice focusing primarily on business clients, and in the 1980s began representing insurance company clients. His career as a lawyer provides the backdrop of experience against which he has painted with a broad stroke the disillusionment and exhaustion that haunt the majority of attorneys practicing today.

Born in Los Angeles, Robert lived most of his early life in the San Fernando Valley. He attended public school and graduated from law school in Los Angeles.

Early in his days as a practicing attorney, Robert began making and saving notes involving situations with clients, prospective clients, courtroom proceedings, and the humorous and often absurd stories related to him by other attorneys. It didn’t take long to realize that the practice of law, like any other business, is about people much more than about the law itself.

In the mid- to late 1990s, Robert began to create narratives from hi notes. No Nude Swimming is his first novel.

The main character in his novel is attorney Sam Weisman. His wife wants a divorce, and his law practice is threatened by a hostile takeover. Pulled one way by two hilarious con artists who plan to steal his dreams, and another by his family and the real estate professional who's worked her way into his heart, Sam struggles to hold onto his sanity, his self-esteem, and the woman he loves. Grasping the end of his rope in one hand and the end of his rainbow in the other, he teeters between the abyss ... and the pot of gold!  

Visit the website at to make a purchase

[SDCPJ] Fwd: NEWS ADVISORY: San Diego Veterans For Peace to set up "Hometown Arlington West" on Veterans Day, Saturday, November 11th, 2017



On Saturday, November 11th, 2017 (Veterans Day),  the San Diego Veterans For Peace will be setting up its respected "Hometown Arlington West Memorial" on the front lawn of the USS Midway Museum, 910 N. Harbor Drive, near the corner of Broadway, in downtown San Diego. Chapter veterans from all five services will be honoring our 300+  fallen brothers and sisters from Southern California who have died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, with special memorial markers. The public is asked to stop by, read their names, honor the ultimate sacrifice made by these local fallen veterans, and to reflect on the overall costs of these two ongoing wars.


Chapter members and friends of the San Diego Veterans For Peace, the local San Diego chapter of the national Veterans For Peace organization, an international 501-C-3 veterans educational organization.


Lawn in front of the USS Midway Museum, 910 N. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101


Veterans Day, November 11th, 2017 from 8 AM to 5 PM


Chapter members of all five military services will be staffing the Hometown Arlington West Memorial on this  Veterans Day, and encourage the public to stop by and honor our fallen brothers and sisters from Southern California, as we continue to reflect on the overall costs of war.

CONTACT: For information or interviews

David Barrows
Event Spokesperson  
San Diego Veterans For Peace

This NEWS ADVISORY published by:
San Diego Veterans For Peace
Gilbert E. Field
Director for Communications

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

[SDCPJ] Fwd: [] Fwd: Come together for a safe climate on November 5!

Date: November 4, 2017 at 1:01:51 AM PDT
To: ggsd350 <>
Subject: [] Fwd: Come together for a safe climate on November 5!

Join us on November 5! 

Trump and Mother Nature have been hard at work building our movement. Now it's time to do our part!  

Gather for live music and a rally at the San Diego Civic Center at 11 a.m., then march to the Federal Building and demand a safe climate for all. 

Full Details: 
  • When: Sunday November 5 at 11 a.m.
  • Rally: San Diego Civic Center Plaza at 3rd and "C" streets. There will be music by the Shaketown String Band and speakers will include retired Superior Court Judge Robert C. Coates, San Diego Sierra Club chair Ruben Arizmendi and other local climate leaders. 
  • March: From the Plaza to the Federal Building to post the pledge to mobilize and advise our elected officials of what is necessary: WWII-scale mobilization.
  • RSVP on Facebook and invite others!
Don't hesitate to get in touch, and don't forget to bring your family and friends! 

We are the ones we've been waiting for. See you on the streets! 

Derek & Nancy Casady & TCM San Diego 


Our email group guidelines are here:

Google Calendar:

Help Us Fight Bullies

Silence Bullies supports educational programs for low-income, disadvantaged children, and ALL young people.
Bullying in Numbers:
Over 67% of students believe schools respond poorly to bullying.
71% of students report incidents of bullying as a problem at their school.
90% of 4th through 8th graders report being victims.
1 in 10 students drop out of school because of repeated bullying.
168,000 school children miss school yearly due to bullying.

For Health and Safety Professionals: Bullying Prevention and Intervention
Health and safety professionals and volunteers are disturbed about the physical and psychosocial harm experienced by many youths as a result of bullying by their peers. Bullying among children is aggressive behavior that is persistent, intentional and involves an imbalance of power or strength. Bullying can take many forms such as: hitting or punching (physical bullying); teasing or name-calling (verbal bullying); intimidation through gestures or social exclusion (nonverbal bullying or emotional bullying); and sending insulting messages by e-mail (cyberbullying). There is no one single cause of bullying among children. Rather, individual, family, peer, school, and community factors can place a young person at risk for bullying his or her peers.

Effects Of Bullying
Bullying can be a sign of other serious antisocial and/or violent behavior. Youth who frequently bully their peers are more likely than others to:
·         Get into frequent fights
·         Be injured in a fight
·         Vandalize property
·         Steal property
·         Smoke
·         Use illicit substances
·         Be truant from school
·         Drop out of school
·         Carry a weapon Youth who are the targets of bullying behavior may exhibit signs of:
·         Lower self-esteem
·         Feelings of fear
·         School phobia and absenteeism
·         Nightmares and sleeplessness
·         Depression and anxiety

Thoughts of suicide Research that looks at the full range of bullying behaviors is finding that the incidence of bullying in the United States is widespread and its consequences more enduring than suspected. In a nationally representative survey of school children, nearly 30 percent reported moderate and more frequent involvement in having been bullied, in bullying or both within the school year. Whether they are perpetrators or targets of bullying, these children face difficulties adjusting to their environments, socially and emotionally.

Global Content Media
Rasheed Lateef 

 On 30 November we will be treating veterans to a dinner in the Staples Center VIP ROOM!

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