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[SDCPJ] Daniel Hirsch at the Peace Resource Center 8/25/12: "The Risks of Restarting the Damaged San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant"

"The Risks of Restarting the Damaged San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant"
Daniel Hirsch gave this presentation at the Peace Resource Center in San Diego on August 25, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

[SDCPJ] Media release: Daniel Hirsch:: "The Risks of Restarting the Damaged San Onofre Nuclear Plant"

August 23, 2012                                                          Contact:  Carol Jahnkow

For Immediate Release                                                              760-390-0775



"The Risks of Restarting the Damaged San Onofre Nuclear Plant"
Nuclear expert Daniel Hirsch speaks on Saturday, August 25, 2012

San Diego and Oceanside:  The crippled San Onofre nuclear reactors pose an unacceptable and unnecessary risk to our environment and our communities.  They leave Southern California Edison ratepayers footing a 670.8 million dollar bill for critically-flawed steam generator equipment.


Professor Daniel Hirsch, will speak on "The Risks of Restarting the Damaged San Onofre Nuclear Plant" at two presentations, on Saturday, August 25, 2012. Both programs are free and open to the public.

  • 10 am - 12 noon, Oceanside Community Room, 330 North Pacific Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA 92054 (between the Oceanside Library and Oceanside City Hall)


  • 3 pm - 5 pm, Peace Resource Center, 3850 Westgate Place, San Diego, CA 92105


Daniel Hirsch is a Lecturer on Nuclear Policy and former Director of the Stevenson Program on Nuclear Policy at UC Santa Cruz and President of the Committee to Bridge the Gap, a 42-year-old organization concerned about nuclear safety, proliferation, and waste.  Hirsch is an expert on nuclear power issues in California and is frequently called upon by the media to provide commentary on the San Onofre reactor situation.


"The pending question of whether it is safe to restart the damaged San Onofre reactors is one of the most important decisions for Southern California in years," said Hirsch.  "Eight and a half million people live within 50 miles of the plant.  Each reactor contains a thousand times the long-lived radioactivity of the Hiroshima bomb."


"The new replacement steam generators--critical equipment to assure that radioactivity isn't released into the environment and the fuel is kept cool so it doesn't melt--have failed in just a year or two," continued Hirsch.  "Thousands of tubes in the steam generators have been damaged.  Yet the operators of San Onofre have indicated they want to restart Unit 2 in the near future. Much is at stake."


Daniel Hirsch's visit to San Diego County is sponsored by the Peace Resource Center of San Diego.  For more information, please contact Carol Jahnkow, 760-390-0775 or

Hirsch's organizagtion: Committee to Bridge the Gap:



[SDCPJ] Strategies For The Return: Landmark Tenth Annual International Al-Awda Convention

Convention Video:
Together with our families in the homeland, we are planning our return to a Free Palestine!

Help design and energize
the work for the coming year along with our
expanding network of grassroots, student, and solidarity activists.

JOIN US at one of the largest annual gathering of Palestinians and their
supporters to address critical issues that our cause is facing.
With Special Guest of Honor: Marcel Khalife

Grassroots planning discussions and activist workshops will include:  Boycotts and
Divestment For The RETURN; Palestinian Children's Rights Campaign; Student
Summit with Community; Popular Arab Uprisings and Palestine; and Educating Congress!

Plus come take part in a debate on the proposed Palestine National Council

We have a list of exciting speakers that include Palestinian
photojournalist Nayef Hashlamoun from Al-Watan Center in Al-Khalil (Hebron), Palestine;
Dr. As'ad Daoud Hess-Linckost from The University of the District of Columbia who
will discuss the contamination of Gaza and West Bank water and how it is
severely affecting the Palestinian population in those areas; and Dr. Jess Ghannam who will
discuss the Popular Uprisings in the Arab World and their impact on
Palestine and Refugees.
Plus . . .
Cultural presentations, books and solidarity items, network with friends and fellow activists & lunch presentations & evening banquet with live music!
  • Friday 7 September 2012 Opening and Meet and Greet at Al-Awda Palestine
    National Center, 2720 Loker Avenue West Suite J, Carlsbad CA 92010
  • Saturday 8 September 2012 all day including Banquet at Torrey Pines Christian
    Church, 8320 La Jolla Scenic Drive North, La Jolla, CA 92037
  • Sunday 9 September 2012 morning Business Meeting for members and national coordinators
    at Al-Awda Palestine National Center, 2720 Loker Avenue West Suite J,
    Carlsbad CA 92010

We invite all Palestinians and Al-Awda members, and all groups and individuals who support the
implementation of the rights of all Palestinians to return to their
homes of origin, and to reclaim their land, to join us in this Landmark
Tenth Annual International Al-Awda Convention
. Mobilizing our efforts now is crucial!
This is your chance to get involved!

Tickets $65 standard; Student $45 

Tickets are for entire convention and include refreshments and finger food
Friday, lunch and dinner Banquet Saturday, and refreshments Sunday morning.
Media: Special arrangement available for media reporters who will cover the
convention including interviews with guest speakers and panelists and
organizers. If you are with the media, please see or contact us at
Don't miss this Palestinian Convention. There will be none like it in the United States this year!
JOIN US to work together to bring the days of RETURN closer!

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition
PO Box 131352
Carlsbad, CA 92013, USA
Tel: 760-918-9441
Fax: 760-918-9442
Please Note: The content and any views expressed at this event are not intended to reflect the views of Torrey Pines Christian Church in any way.

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition (PRRC) is a not for profit
tax-exempt educational and charitable 501(c)(3) organization as defined by
the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States of America. Under
IRS guidelines, your donations to PRRC are tax-deductible. To donate, please
go to and follow the instructions. To
become a member,

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[SDCPJ] ALERT: State House Poised to Repeal CA's Environmental Law (CEQA)

From: "LA Neighbors United" <>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 20:35:20 -0700
Subject: ALERT: State House Poised to Repeal CEQA

August 22, 2012

Not Just Reforming CEQA but Repealing It:
California State Leaders Prepare for Last-Minute Votes

Environmental leaders across the state were shocked this afternoon to
learn that a last-minute bill supposedly intended to "reform CEQA"
would essentially repeal California's landmark environmental law, the
California Environmental Quality Act.

The Assembly could vote on the bill as early as tonight, followed by
the State Senate.

It was expected that the bill would streamline CEQA review and
perhaps narrow the circumstances under which legal action could be
taken, but the actual bill goes much further and essentially repeals CEQA.

In Los Angeles, as an example, environmental impact reports under
CEQA no longer would be necessary for community plan updates,
nonconforming development projects or transit projects including rail
lines. Local agencies would merely have to explain whether any OTHER
laws (local, state or federal) apply to proposed projects, and assert
that proposed projects are consistent with other approved plans,
programs and laws, such as California's Sustainable Communities
Strategy or the state's greenhouse gas law.

In other words: No longer would any serious state environmental
review be required under CEQA; No longer would mitigation of
substantial negative impacts be required; and No longer would legal
action against local agencies be permitted. CEQA would exist in name only.

In another example, which is extreme but illustrative, CEQA standards
as they are known today no longer would apply in the case of a
nuclear power plant. Other applicable state and federal laws would
remain, but not CEQA. The proposed legislation makes no distinction
between an infill development project in an urbanized area and a
nuclear power plant. CEQA would be gutted for all project types
across the board.

"The California we've known and loved is going to take a big hit if
this legislation passes," says Cary Brazeman, founder of LA Neighbors
United, a Los Angeles community group. "Environmental social justice
will be set back. The community will be shut out of the process of
evaluating the impacts of project planning decisions. This
legislation is for the 1%, not the 99% of Californians who call our
great state home."

The full text of the proposed legislation, SB 317, is posted on the
LA Neighbors United website [<>] under
"Latest News." (see pages 9-10 of the PDF)

At this hour (early evening on Wednesday), state environmental
leaders are urging citizens to contact members of the State Senate.
The House is perceived to be more likely to approve the legislation.
There is hope that the State Senate will see this legislation for
what it is and deny it.

Please forward this email to friends and neighbors across the state. Thank you.

LA Neighbors United
Cary Brazeman, Founder


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[SDCPJ] C.U.N.T. for a Cause ~ Pussy Riot Solidarity Concert

"We are freer than those who are prosecuting us. We can say everything we want, and they have their mouths shut, and are puppets." ~ Pussy Riot closing statements

If you haven't heard, Pussy Riot is a feminist punk band from Russia currently on trial for "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" after a guerilla performance at the altar of Moscow's Christ the Savior Cathedral. The performance? A "punk prayer" called "Our Lady, chase Putin out." Two weeks after the performance, three women in Pussy Riot were arrested, and they've been sitting in jail since then, denied bail and access to their children.

Pussy Riot "realized that this country needs a militant, punk-feminist, street band that will rip through Moscow's streets and squares, mobilize public energy against the evil crooks of the Putinist junta and enrich the Russian cultural and political opposition," and for that they are being punished.

This comes at a time when we see a global crackdown on activists who challenge authoritarian structures and seek to equitably transform our societies. In fact, the name of our event, C.U.N.T. for a Cause, follows in the tradition of Northern California-based C.U.N.T., or Creating Unity through Nonviolent Transformation. This group seeks to inspire new ideas, expression and action in regards to how we as individuals and communities respond to violence by creating community while disrupting the capitalist relations that divide us. 

On Saturday August 25th, we will host a solidarity concert for Pussy Riot! The show will include background on Pussy Riot and Putin opposition in Russia, balaclava making, local music, from single musicians to punk bands, and more! 

Interested in performing? Have ideas? E-mail


See you there, and don't forget to bring your very own balaclava!

[SDCPJ] Women PeaceMakers Conference and Dinner

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice <>
Date: Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 12:31 PM
Subject: Women PeaceMakers Conference and Dinner
To: "" <>


Breaking Barriers:
What it will take to achieve security, justice and peace
September 26-28, 2012
Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice


We are now at the end of August - "Breaking Barriers: What it will take to achieve security, justice and peace" is only one month away! We hope you will be able to join us at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice for this international conference of peacebuilders held in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the Women PeaceMakers Program.

This singular working conference will convene nearly 40 Women PeaceMakers from 33 countries with other peacebuilders and human rights defenders to strategize how to overcome both the age-old and newly systematized impediments to peace. Understanding that peace does not come at the end of conflict but with the rise of justice, panel presentations, workshops and breakout working sessions will engage delegates to formulate recommendations under three primary areas: security, justice and peace.

For more information, to review the agenda and to register to become a delegate, please visit:

Confirmed Speakers and Presenters:

Lina Abou-Habib
Executive Director
Collective for Research and Training on Development - Action

Mahnaz Afkhami
Founder and President
Women's Learning Partnership

Manisha Aryal
Director, Internews
Global Human Rights Program

Maria Butler
Attorney-at-law, Project Associate for PeaceWomen Project
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Rebecca Gerome
Program Officer, Women's Network
International Action Network on Small Arms

Amal Abdel Hadi
Steering Committee Member
Arab Regional Coalition "Equality without Reservation"

Catherine Harrington
Program and Communications Associate
Women's Learning Partnership

Fahima Hashim
Salmmah Women's Resource Center

Yee Htun
Coordinator, International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender
Violence in Conflict
Nobel Women's Initiative

Brigid Inder
Founding Executive Director
Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice

Asma Jahangir
Former President
Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan                  

Asma Khader
General Coordinator
Sisterhood is Global Institute- Jordan

Chi Yvonne Leina

Katherine Magraw
Peace and Security Funders Group

Jacqueline Pitanguy
Founder and Executive Director
Cidadania, Estudo, Pesquisa, Informação e Ação

Dr. Nadine Puechguirbal
Senior Gender Advisor
U.N. Department of Peacekeeping Operations

Mossarat Qadeem
Founder and Executive Director

Madeleine Rees
Secretary General
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Mary Hope Schwoebel
Senior Program Officer, Academy for International Conflict Management and Peacebuilding
United States Institute of Peace

Sarah Taylor
Executive Coordinator
NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security

Nahla Valji
Programme Specialist, Rule of Law and Transitional Justice
UN Women

Lilia Velasquez
Certified Specialist in Immigration and National Law


Before the conference we will also be holding an event to meet the
Women PeaceMakers who have participated in the program:

A Private Dinner with the PeaceMakers

Monday, September 24, 2012, 6 - 8:30 p.m.

Please join us for a special evening celebrating the 10th anniversary of the award-winning Women PeaceMakers Program, to be held on USD's picturesque campus. This intimate gathering will host the nearly 40 Women PeaceMakers who have participated in the program over its first decade, along with supporters and those interested in the program, for a three-course dinner and one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet these incredible women leaders.

To attend the Private Dinner with the PeaceMakers, click here.

For a list of Women PeaceMakers attending the conference, click here.


Generously supported by grants from the Fred J. Hansen Foundation, Open Society Foundations and the Raskob Foundation.

Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice
5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA 92110 | (619) 260-7618

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

[SDCPJ] "Communicating Climate Change" Workshop - Thurs, Sept 6, 2012 7-9 PM

Please join us for this special workshop sponsored by There is no charge to attend but please RSVP as space is limited. Light refreshments will be served. Also, please help us get the word out by forwarding this email to your friends and colleagues. A flyer you can print out and post is attached, and there are links to the RSVP form & a facebook event below. 

As climate activists we "get it": climate change is a human-made problem that poses an immediate and growing threat to our economy, environment, and health. Now it's time to reach out to everyone else and build a movement that cannot be ignored. To do this effectively we need to understand basic climate science and how to communicate it in a way that leads to action rather than despair.

Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012, 7-9 PM (Doors open 6:45)
CA Center for Sustainable Energy, 8690 Balboa Avenue, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92117 (east of 163, plenty of free parking)

·         Basic science of climate change (Janina Moretti,
o        The 10 facts every climate activist should know
o        The major causes and impacts of climate change
·         Communicating effectively on climate change (Michael Catanzaro, University of San Diego)
o        Dos and don'ts for effective communication
o        Correcting common climate change misconceptions
·         Role Play
·         Lots of time for Q&A

Hope to see you there!

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[SDCPJ] Perfect storm coming on radwaste; take action. Plus: anti-nuke rallies in DC Sept 20-22

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Nuclear Information and Resource Service <>
Date: Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 9:26 AM
Subject: Perfect storm coming on radwaste; take action. Plus: anti-nuke rallies in DC Sept 20-22

web banner
6930 Carroll Avenue, #340, Takoma Park, MD 20912; 301-270-6477;;





August 17, 2012

Dear Friends,

Radioactive waste policy in the U.S. is reaching a Perfect Storm--a rare confluence of events that inevitably will bring about the first major changes in our nuclear waste policy in 25 years.

These changes are likely to affect all of us--and perhaps the entire future of nuclear power and prospects for a nuclear-free, carbon-free energy future.

These changes are most likely to come about by Congressional legislation. But probably not in this polarized election year, more likely over the next 18 months.

What these changes will be is not yet established. This is both a potential threat and a genuine opportunity to finally make real progress on radioactive waste. Our combined presence, outreach and mobilization, our willingness and ability to make our voices heard, will make all the difference.

We're starting now, with a quick letter to our Congressmembers outlining a couple of very basic principles about radioactive waste. These may seem elementary, but trust us, 98% of your Congressmembers have never heard them before, and certainly not from the kind of numbers your actions can produce. Take this first step here, now. It's important.

National Conference Call Briefing
Many of you will want a lot more information on radioactive waste issues than this Alert can provide. So NIRS has set up a national conference call briefing from three of the nation's foremost experts on radioactive waste for next Thursday, August 23, at 4 pm Eastern time.

Speaking at this briefing will be:
* Steve Frishman, Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force: on the most recent developments affecting Nevada and the Western Shoshone Nation and the failed Yucca Mountain proposed high-level dump they have fought for so long.

* Don Hancock, Southwest Research and Information Center: on storage of highly radioactive waste: past, present, proposed and reflections on the recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future to "consolidate" storage at "volunteer sites."
* Geoff Fettus, Natural Resources Defense Council: on the recent legal victory that struck down the Waste Confidence Decision, an NRC regulation that excluded consideration of irradiated fuel rods in the licensing of nuclear reactors, and what comes next.

To be on this call, please contact Mary Olson of NIRS for call-in information by e-mail at She will get back to you. If you're with the nuclear industry, don't bother....

Further below, underneath my signature, is a little more background on some of the elements of this Perfect Storm on radioactive waste policy.

See you in September....

But first, if you haven't yet heard, a major national anti-nuclear rally and three-day convergence is being planned for Washington, DC from September 20-22. We hope as many of you as possible will come. This will be the first such national event in many years and we're looking forward to seeing all of you. Here is a poster for the event--save it, print it, put it up all over your community! Click the poster and you'll get to the website of Coalition Against Nukes, which is sponsoring the events.

This is not a NIRS-sponsored event. Rather, this is a true grassroots phenomenon being organized by individuals and grassroots groups across the country through social media, phone calls, and direct contact. Isn't that great to see?! NIRS is supporting and helping how we can, and we'll be speaking at the Congressional briefing they're planning, and other events over the three days.

Please contact Coalition Against Nukes if you need help with things like buses to DC and other logistics. Set up caravans and car pools. We do hope many, many of you will come for at least a portion of the events.

And here is one more thing: this No Nukes Girl has become a symbol of the anti-nuclear opposition in Japan. Click on her to go to the artist's website, where you can download and print this artwork. Print it large! Let's have 1,000 No Nukes Girls in Washington, DC and at the NRC September 20-22!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to NIRS in the past two weeks! We are so grateful. But unfortunately, we fell far short of our $10,000 goal for contributions. Also unfortunately, bills did not stop arriving in our mailbox. So, we have to ask again: please support NIRS now, as generously as you can. We're trying not to send more paper to your home mailbox, or bother you incessantly online, but we do have to ask. If you're like me, you get about 10-12 pleas per day for contributions from various political candidates. We support the political process, but hey, why not donate to something that is using your money not to get elected, but to build an entire movement? Your donations are tax-deductible, very gratefully appreciated, and are used to build the movement for a nuclear-free carbon-free future. And what better cause could there be? Don't like giving online? Then please send a check to NIRS, 6930 Carroll Avenue, #340, Takoma Park, MD 20912. And thank you so much.

Again, below is a discussion of some of the major factors leading to the Perfect Storm in radioactive waste policy. Take a moment to read it. And please take a moment here to send the initial message of basic principles to your Congressmembers.

Thanks so much for all you do,

Michael Mariotte
Executive Director
Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Some of the elements creating the Perfect Storm

A number of factors have occurred in recent years--and especially recent months--that have brought us to this Perfect Storm on radioactive waste that will certainly result in substantial changes to--and, if we work it hard--improved, radioactive waste policy. These include:

*President Obama declaring an end to the proposed Yucca Mountain, Nevada radioactive waste dump and, in tandem with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, ending Department of Energy funding to pursue this project.

*Then NRC Chair Greg Jazcko's refusal to spend any more NRC money or resources on reviewing the Yucca Mountain license application, given the administration's decision to end Yucca Mountain, followed by the appointment of Yucca-skeptic Allison Macfarlane to replace Jazcko.

*The Department of Energy's establishment of a Blue Ribbon Commission to re-evaluate U.S. radioactive waste policy, which reported its recommendations earlier this year. Those recommendations are now reflected in new legislation (S. 3469) offered by retiring Senate Energy Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) and will be reflected in a new proposal slated to come from the Obama administration in September 2012. Key provisions of these recommendations include establishment of a centralized "interim" waste storage site--which the entire environmental community adamantly opposes; establishment of a new agency to replace DOE in selecting a radioactive waste site(s) and a new but largely undefined "consensus" process so that only communities that really want a nuclear waste dump should get one.

Centralized "interim" storage means wholesale and risky transportation of high-level nuclear waste across our country, affecting tens of millions of Americans, to a site that may not be suitable for permanent storage and from which waste may have to be moved again. Tell Congress: No Mobile Chernobyl; Stop Fukushima Freeways! We will not accept radioactive waste transport to an "interim" site, period.

*The Fukushima disaster and the frightening reality of severe damage to a reactor's irradiated fuel pool, while at the same time fuel stored in dry casks at Fukushima was apparently not adversely affected by either the earthquake or tsunami. Add to that a growing recognition that fuel pools at U.S. reactors are typically much fuller than those at Fukushima, and thus are both more vulnerable and carry a larger radioactive inventory.

*This summer, a federal appeals court ruled in favor of several states, NRDC and others who had brought suit challenging the NRC's "waste confidence rule." This rule had stated that the NRC need not consider radioactive waste generation in licensing new reactors or extending licenses of existing reactors, because the NRC was confident that a permanent radioactive waste site would be licensed eventually and that, if not, existing on-site storage is good enough in any case. The court ruled that the NRC has no reason to believe a permanent site will be established and has no technical basis for stating that existing on-site storage methods (primarily fuel pools) are good enough.

*Responding to the court decision and contentions filed in every current new reactor and license renewal case by grassroots intervenors (including NIRS), the NRC ruled that it cannot grant any new reactor licenses, or approve any new license renewals, until it has addressed the waste confidence problem. Early indications are that this could take a year or more. This suspension of new licenses should be made permanent.

*In the meantime, pro-nuclear forces are marshaling to try to force Yucca Mountain on Nevada and the American people, and to try other mechanisms to speed nuclear power development, create new radioactive waste sites regardless of environmental impact, and to ignore the hard lessons learned from the past 25 years of failed radioactive waste policy.

*Over the past few years, the nation's anti-nuclear, environmental community has managed to coalesce behind a statement of principles for radioactive waste. These principles are known as HOSS--for Hardened On-Site Storage--and reflect a belief that high-level radioactive waste should remain where it has been generated, but that the fuel pools should be emptied to the extent possible as soon as possible into dry cask storage that is additionally protected by berming and other features from natural disasters, terrorism and the like. You can read this statement here (pdf file). No one believes that dry casks are a permanent solution to the problem, but after years of discussion, the nation's anti-nuclear movement believes they are the best answer for the present for the waste that already has been generated. Of course, ending the generation of any more radioactive waste is also vital, and demonstrating the shortcomings of every possible waste storage method--including our preferred method of HOSS--is a key step toward ending waste generation generally.

Stay Informed:

NIRS on the web (stay up-to-date with the Nuclear Newsreel section on the front page, featuring the day's most interesting news on nuclear power and other energy issues):

NIRS on Facebook:

NIRS on Twitter:!/nirsnet

[SDCPJ] "The Risks of Restarting the Damaged San Onofre Nuclear Plant", Daniel Hirsch, August 25--Oceanside and San Diego

Please share with your lists and networks!

"The Risks of Restarting the 
Damaged San Onofre Nuclear Plant"

Special visiting Speaker: Daniel Hirsch, one of the leading experts on nuclear issues
Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Saturday, August 25 -- TWO locations!

10 a.m. to Noon:  Oceanside Community Room,  330 North Coast Highway, Oceanside,92054

3-5 p.m.  Peace Resource Center of San Diego, 3850 Westgate Place, SD 92015

The crippled San Onofre nuclear reactors pose an unacceptable and unnecessary health and safety risk to our environment and our communities.  It leaves Southern California Edison and SDG&E ratepayers footing a 670.8 million dollar bill for critically-flawed steam generator equipment.  

Learn more about the situation and what we can do!

Daniel Hirsch is a Lecturer on Nuclear Policy and former Director of the
Stevenson Program on Nuclear Police at UC Santa Cruz and President
of the Committee to Bridge the Gap, a 42-year-old organization
concerned about nuclear safety, proliferation, and waste.

Sponsored by the Peace Resource Center of San Diego

More info:

Hirsch's organizagtion: Committee to Bridge the Gap:

Daniel Hirsch Speaks at Shut San Onofre rally

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[SDCPJ] FW: NEWS ADVISORY: Local veterans to lead weekly demonstration at General Atomics (Poway) questioning the use of Predator Drones over the United States skies


To: ;
Subject: NEWS ADVISORY: Local veterans to lead weekly demonstration at General Atomics (Poway) questioning the use of Predator Drones over the United States skies
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 12:45:54 -0700

San Diego Veterans For Peace to lead weekly demonstration at General Atomics (Poway) questioning use of Predator Drone over the United States skies
Who:   Veteran and associate members of the San Diego Veterans For Peace (Chapter #91) and friends and supporters
When:  Thursday, August 16th and every Thursday thereafter, 4-6 PM
Where:  Corner of Scripps Poway Parkway and General Atomics Way, Poway, CA  
What:    Chapter veterans from all five military services and associate members, friends and supporters will be demonstrating and educating the public concerning the current and expanding use use of the Predator Drone throughout the skies of the United States.  Homeland Security and law enforcement are using the drones to do surveillance work throughout the United States without judicial oversight.  Law abiding citizens, meeting to conduct business or political affairs, are being recorded and documented by the US government and local officials for unknown purposes.  The Predator Drone, made by General Atomics, in Poway, makes continuing war an easy choice, thus keeping America embroiled in current and future wars of choice.
Why:  The San Diego Veterans For Peace is a 501-C-3 veterans educational organization that works to increase public awareness of the overall costs of war and to restrain our government from intervening, overtly or covertly, in the affairs of other nations.  The public is always invited to join us.
Additional information concerning the weekly demonstrations may be obtained from Dave Paterson, 760-207-9139, or
This News Advisory submitted by:
Gil Field
Director For Communications
San Diego Veterans For Peace

[SDCPJ] Santa Monica City Council urges probe of San Onofre reactors

Santa Monica Council urges probe of San Onofre reactors

Posted Aug. 15, 2012

Council unanimously votes for state investigation of San Onofre costs, reliability and alternative energy resources and urges federal license amendment hearing

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. -- Last night, the Santa Monica City Council voted unanimously to urge the state to fully investigate the costs and reliability of the crippled San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and to compare it to other available energy sources. The council also voted unanimously to urge federal regulators to hold a transparent and public license amendment procedure for the plant's twin reactors.

The reactors at San Onofre have been shut down since January, when one of the thousands of thin, tightly packed tubes in the newly replaced steam generators failed and leaked radioactive steam into the environment. Further testing revealed unprecedented, accelerated wear in thousands of these tubes, less than two years after the steam generators were replaced.

In a decision filed on December 15, 2005, the California Public Utilities Commission approved a plan under which Southern California Edison could bill ratepayers up to $680 million for the costs of four replacement steam generators ($569 million for replacement steam generator installation and $111 million for removal and disposal of the original steam generators). The CPUC required a reasonableness review for expenses beyond this amount and set a maximum ratepayer collection cap of $782 million. A technical report commissioned by Friends of the Earth estimated the cost of repairing or replacing the faulty generators at San Onofre at $400 million to $800 million. This estimate does not include the costs of replacement power, inspections and preliminary repairs, which according to recent reports by Edison have already reached $165 million.

Under state law, Edison can ask the California Public Utilities Commission to allow it to recover its costs through rate increases to its customers. An investigation by the CPUC, such as the one called for by the Santa Monica City Council, could end in a ruling that Edison, not its customers, is liable for the costs. Such a ruling could push Edison to  permanently shut down the reactors rather than incur additional expenses.

The Council vote also directs the City of Santa Monica to urge the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to conduct a public, transparent license amendment hearing on San Onofre. A license amendment is a formal, open and legally adjudicated procedure that would allow for independent expert review of the significant modifications to the replacement steam generators. Under NRC rules, a license amendment is required for major design changes to replacement equipment like those Edison made to these replacement components. In a petition before the NRC, Friends of the Earth and other public interest groups charge that the replacement generators were not "like for like" as Edison presented them to regulators, but instead were substantially altered.

Santa Monica's action is similar to the resolution unanimously adopted last week by the Laguna Beach City Council.


Kendra Ulrich:             (216) 571-7340,
Diane Moss:             (310) 463-1355

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The Dark Side of Coffee Trade

Miko Peled "The General's Son" Exposes Israeli Lies

Are these Your Heros?

Are these Your Heros?

National shame

National shame

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Stephen Fry on Catholisism

Juanita Ayson on Accupuncture

Interview with Congressman Filner

Free Trade Enslaves Us All

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Farouk Al Nasser

Farouk Al Nasser
Farouk Al Nasser at NCCPJ

Victor Calle

Victor Calle
At NCCP April 2008

Gore Vidal and Floyd Morrow

Gore Vidal and Floyd Morrow
April Fundraiser in San Diego

Tanja and Cindy Sheehan

Tanja and Cindy Sheehan
Fund raiser for Cindy April 2008


The Citizens' Internet Television Network


The Citizens' Internet Radio Network

Save America

Save America
Save America





We Are All One

We Are All One
We Are All One

Secular Humanism

Secular Humanism
Secular Humanism

Change the System

Change the System
Change the System

A Lie Does Not Become the Truth

A Lie Does Not Become the Truth
A lie does not become the truth





Fetus Rights

Fetus Rights
Fetus Rights

The Earth Was Created

The Earth Was Created
The Earth Was Created