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Blogger: BlogThis!

The American Dream Has Been Hijacked by Capitalists by Johnny Hill Foreword by Walter Davis.

Any form of government can be abusive to its citizens. Some how, the capitalists have convinced democracies around the world that capitalism is NOT abusive. Only communism and socialism are abusive the pound into our heads.

It is not communism or socialism that have shipped our jobs overseas, hoarded money, stolen our houses in foreclosures, destroyed our environment in the name of profit and sent our children off to die in wars the name of profit.

Some how, the people ....who put our society and the central focus...have become the bad guys (communists, socialists, union members) ...and those who want to profit no matter what happens to our communities..are now...the good guys.

The people who open large corporations...take all the profits out of our communities are the good guys. Look around the country...strip malls...the same old story...same old cancer...7/11, Walmart, McDonalds, Carls Junior, Sallys, Burger King, Coke, Pepsi (with their cancerous caramel flavored drinks), Chevron, Shell, Arco....CEOs that make billions while our kids...or families get paid very little...the dollar does not circulate in our is vacuumed up immediately and our fire departments...police departments...schools suffer from lack of funding.

This is a very good article, that puts this American tragedy into perspective. We are screwed unless we look at history, learn the true meaning of words like communism, socialism (the eastern European forms were not pure...just as our democracy is not pure)...and...we must unite...we must hold our government, and businesses.....and media accountable...and stop playing the public affairs game. 

Read this excellent article by Johnny Hill of Liberal America. Pass it on....savor it...take action.

Consider joining me on a worldwide campaign to counter the disaster public affairs has brought upon us.

Friday, January 24, 2014


Poverty is Not an Accident

Robert Reich ..How to deal with Low Wage Employers

HOW TO DEAL WITH LOW-WAGE EMPLOYERS. I met yesterday with a former executive of a big corporation who had a good idea. Taxpayers spend at least $55 billion a year on benefits (Medicaid, food stamps, etc.) to working people whose employers don’t pay enough to provide them and their families a decent standard of living. So in effect we’re subsidizing these employers – many of which (like Walmart) are large and profitable. His idea was to tax these employers by that amount. It would be easy enough to do since the IRS and the states have the Social Security numbers of all employees who receive these benefits, and can connect them to their employers. Not only would this “lousy-pay” tax be fair to other companies that pay higher wages and don’t get the subsidy. It would also help replenish federal and state budgets. And it would prod these low-paying corporations to raise wages so their employees don’t have to rely on taxpayer-financed benefits. What do you think?

Angry Conservatives

Justin Bieber

Lets try Democracy at Work and Worker Self Direction

0 in the Work Place is working in Mondragone, Spain. We can have democracy in the work place.

'Obama' filmmaker charged in NY in campaign fraud - Yahoo News

'Obama' filmmaker charged in NY in campaign fraud - Yahoo News

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pan African Film Festival | Black films & art from across the world

[SDCPJ] "Arts for Peace" extension!

Submission form deadline EXTENDED! 
** The Form MUST be filled out if you wish to have artwork in the exhibition **

Now due MON Jan 20th (MLK Holiday)

~ Call for Creativity! ~

Arts for Peace Project
Theme: Civil Rights

On the last Wed. in August in 1963, more than 250,000 people converged for the March on Washington, concerned about civil rights and the direction of our country. Martin Luther King Jr. also gave his famous "I have a dream" speech this day. But the Aug. 28th event was just one of many important moments within the Civil Rights movement. Much was accomplished both before and after, but today there is still more work to be done...

How are you inspired? What change will you create? 
Let us each work as one and together in fostering a better world.

We invite you to dream & express your ideas, individually or with a group, through your own choice of medium, such as song, dance, visual art, poetry, photography, essays, puppetry, sculpture, speech, etc.

Everyone welcome!

Submission form EXTENDED! 
Now due MON Jan 20th (MLK Holiday)

-- Artwork needs to be dropped off between Jan 13-22 (options on the form) and ready to be displayed. If these times do not work for you, please contact us ASAP.

Public Exhibition will be on Sat. January 25th, 2014
from 1pm - 4pm (if we have a lot of submissions, the time may be extended)
@ The Peace Resource Center
3850 Westgate Pl, San Diego CA 92105

Questions? Call 619-263-9301 or email:

Humanist Fellowship of San Diego Upcoming Events

banner hfsd narrow
beach message
This Sunday...
Sunday, January 26, 10:30 am
A Brief History of Humanism
plus muffins and HFSD elections
See-Scan (follow signs for visitors)
3855 Ruffin Road, San Diego
Learn about the development of humanism from from the time of the ancient Greek philosophers through its decline in Europe during the Dark Ages until the Renaissance followed by the Enlightenment... Please rsvp so we can buy enough muffins! More
Saturday, February 8, 8:00 am to Noon 
Habitat Restoration - Mission Trails Regional Park - Humanity on Call
Join "Humanity on Call" partners to make this world - the only world we know of, a better place.

Assist park rangers with exotic plant eradication, habitat protection, and re-vegetation projects. For details visit our website here
food in boxesTuesday, February 11, 6:00 pm
Feeding San Diego
with Humanity on Call
Distribution Warehouse
9455 Waples Street #135, San Diego
Volunteers help with a variety of projects, all focused around sorting, cleaning, bagging, and boxing food before it is distributed to hungry families throughout our community. This is an excellent opportunity for family participation and a gateway to mentoring your children in the Humanist tradition. Volunteers must register... More
Rosary beadsWednesday, February 12, 7:00 pm
Dan Barker Debates Catholic Apologist
(and they have a lot to apologize for!)
University of San Diego
God: Supreme Being or
Imaginary Friend?
Dan Barker, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, will be debating local Catholic apologist Trent Horn from Catholic Answers. Admission is free. More 
HFSD Square
We'd love to have you as a member!
The Humanist Fellowship of San Diego is dedicated to advancing the principles and values of Humanism, and encouraging a reliance on rational thinking rather than superstitious dogma. The generous contributions of our donors and volunteers help us to meet the intellectual and social needs of our members, and insure that Humanism has an active presence in the San Diego community.

Throughout the year the Fellowship offers lectures and discussions, a monthly book club, films, picnics, holiday celebrations, an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and Meetup, and outreach to underserved populations including seniors and children. Our board members provide active leadership within the San Diego freethought community and at secular events such as Earth Fair, Pride Parade, Light the Night Walk, State Chapter of the Secular Coalition for America, Secular Outreach in Balboa Park, and the American Humanist Association Conference. See Events

If you have already responded to our request to join or donate to the Fellowship, thank you! If not, please consider joining or renewing your membership today. All contributions to HFSD are tax deductible, and you are welcome to earmark your donation for a particular purpose. 

JOIN or DONATE ONLINE $30 Individual, $40 Family, $20 Student/Military/Fixed Income, $500 Lifetime, $60 Business Membership (listing on our website)

Debbie Allen                                                               
HFSD President                                                           
Member, Board of Directors
American Humanist Association
HFSD Join or Donate Button

We'd love to have you as a member of the Humanist Fellowship

HFSD depends entirely upon volunteers and member contributions.
All dues and donations to HFSD are tax deductible.
                 Like us on Facebook      Follow us on Twitter

The Money Masters ~ Full Movie

Hidden Colors 2011 Watch Full Movie

Veteran gay conservative activist: "No hope for the Republican Party" | Power Players - Yahoo News

Veteran gay conservative activist: "No hope for the Republican Party" | Power Players - Yahoo News

Stop Fracking

Why is it Easier?

Jewish Man Exposes Israel's Lies

Peru To Provide Free Solar Power To 2 Million Of Its Poorest Residents By 2016

Google Search Operators - Google Guide

[SDCPJ] Anti-militarist Web site recently updated

This is to let you know that NEW articles and updated content have recently been posted at, the Web site of the San Diego-based Committee Opposed to Militarism and the Draft (COMD).
The current update includes three articles from the latest issue of COMD's printed newsletter, Draft NOtices:
- "Signs of a Coming Push to Further Militarize Schools," by Rick Jahnkow, analyzes the Pentagon's recent warnings of a possible recruiting crisis and the likelihood that it would lead Congress to impose a greater military presence in the public school system.
- "Immigration Reform and the Military." Jesus D. Mendez Carbajal reviews recent Obama administration changes in immigration policy and exposes the military-driven agenda behind these decisions. 
- "Legal Changes in Military Sexual Assault," by Kathy Gilberd, describes some legal changes that have resulted in increased reporting of sexual assaults in the military, but also cautions that problems remain and require continued pressure on the military.
In addition to the above three articles, the current printed version of Draft NOtices celebrates its 35th year of publication and includes articles on the goals of corporate school reform and a community's overwhelming vote against converting their local middle school into a military academy.
To order the complete printed version of Draft NOtices, visit the Web site's Draft NOtices page.

Monday, January 20, 2014

[SDCPJ] GN Conference in Santa Barbara - Please fwd widely


Vandenberg's Role in US Global Domination


Implications of US "Pivot" into the Asia-Pacific


 22nd Annual Space Organizing Conference


March 14-16, 2014      

Santa Barbara, California



Conference Program


Friday, March 14


2:00 pm Hospitality lounge & Conference registration at La Casa de Maria Retreat Center (800 El Bosque Rd, Santa Barbara). All guests should check in at the registration office, and then proceed to Casa San Ysidro.


3:30 pm Leave for Vandenberg AFB


4:00 – 5:30  Vigil at Vandenberg AFB


6:00 – 7:30  Dinner at Casa San Ysidro house

-         Welcome by Dennis Apel (Guadalupe Catholic Worker House)

-         Music by Holly Gwinn Graham (Olympia, Washington)


8:00 – 9:30 Showing of Ghosts of Jeju documentary film



Saturday, March 15


7:30 am  Breakfast at Casa San Ysidro house


9:00 – 11:00 Introductions and local updates


11:15 – 12:00 Presentation by Bard Wormdal (Norwegian journalist) on his book The Satellite War


12:00 – 1:30  Lunch and awards


3:00 - 4:00 Presentation by Tamara Lorincz (Canadian activist) on Conversion & Demilitarisation


5:15 – 6:15 pm  Dinner


6:30 pm Move to Trinity Episcopal Church (1500 State Street)


7:00 – 9:00 Community program at Trinity Episcopal Church (free and open to public)


-         Welcome by David Krieger (Nuclear Age Peace Foundation)

-         Dennis Apel (Guadalupe Catholic Worker House)

-         Dave Webb (GN Chairperson, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Leeds, UK) 

-         Andrew Lichterman (Western States Legal Foundation)

-         Christine Hong (Korea Policy Institute and US Santa Cruz)

-         Mary Beth Sullivan (Social worker & peace conversion activist, Bath, Maine)

-         Music by Tom Neilson & Holly Gwinn Graham




Sunday, March 16


7:30 am Breakfast


9:00 am – 12:00  Global Network annual membership meeting (Election of board, coordinator's report, budget review, strategy & planning discussion, next meeting decisions, 2014 Keep Space for Peace Week theme)


12:00 Lunch


1:00 Check out of retreat center




Please sign me up for a sleeping space at the retreat center on March 14 & 15.  Enclosed is _________ (Pay what you can best afford between $50-$150)  Meals are included.

Please send me local hotel information in the Santa Barbara area.

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
PO Box 652
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 443-9502  (blog)

Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.  ~Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, January 19, 2014


  Activist San Diego and KNSJ 89.1 FM RADIO EVENT -


Live Music & Performance Event

A sample of what to expect: 


Yoshi My mission is to spread love and raise consciousness through Hiphop music as well as my lifestyle, inspiring others and having fun doing so.

Poetiic - Anything Is Possible  - she does nothing from selfish ambition, she is a profound yet humble performer and community host - Poetiic AIMS TO MOTIVATE and have fun in the midst of it all - Be entertained folks - hear ye' Poetiic! 

PlayBir -: Street raised . Street made . Street sane .  A standing icon for all who are helpless against thy self. : SobirLivin' . 

Tara Nichole An advocate for communication and compassion, while an artist, singer-songwriter, and motivational speaker. She teaches you to protect yourself, express yourself, and LOVE like you mean it. 


CCC - Community Coaching Center - Hosted by 

Include Autism is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing services that instill community-wide autism inclusion. Our focal program,Community Coaching (CC) program, takes Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and social skill training to a new level by providing a unique service that takes therapy "on-the-go", into the community. Community Coaching provides natural, hands-on opportunities for our program participants to develop adaptive, functional skills needed to become included in their community. For individuals and families that require additional support in the home setting in order to more safely and successfully transition to the more integrated community learning environment, Include Autism now offers an in-home ABA therapy option, Discovery Link. Our Autism Inclusion TrainingVolunteer/Peer Pals, and Baseball Leagues offer the community opportunities to understand, accept, and include individuals diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder into their organizational communities.

phone (858) 603-9835
fax (619) 752-3168
P.O. Box 720072
San Diego, CA 92172

Designed Beanies 4 U  | Trying to motivate people to show their unique side. Instead of the cookie cutter look.

My name is Lisa Guerrero the owner and designer of a unique one of a kind, hand crocheted beanies, slouchies, hats, headbands, baby blankets and more. I learned to crochet at the tender age of 8 years old by a family friend. I hurt my back 5 years ago so I've not been able to find employment. While I decided a few years ago I needed to make my own income. So I put what I've learned as a child towards my future and started making crocheted items. Now I don't make the old designs your granny wore but you'll find the up to date looks as well as my new designs. I listen to the client and give you what your looking for a unique look that's all yours.

Don't get caught wearing the same thing everyone else is wearing!!! Be unique, wear your team colors and stand out in the crowd. Match that outfit or toss on a slouchie in the rush of morning. Turn a bad hair day into a "wow" you look good with a headband, loose slouchie with holes, so even if its hot you get air flow and stay cool but look good.

I also have been trying to motivate the musicians to promote your name on a beanie not a big name like Nike. Yes they're great and you're wearing them on your feet, but there not paying you to promote their name.  Get the public to recognize your name as an artist.  I do custom orders as well.

Lisa Guerrero






See you there!


Tara Nichole


*Co-writer to Dat Phan  (1st Winner of The Last Comic Standing)

*Co-host at CCA Writer's Conference

*Specializing in quick, quality, custom songwriting. 

* Certificate of Recognition from Clay Drayton  (Motown Songwriter)

*Owner of Tara Nichole Galleries, with B.A. in Art, UCSB Songwriting"

Tara Nichole, a natural leader and lover of the arts, is a San Diego born singer songwriter and visual artist with over 400 songs written, and airing on NBC Morning News. "A creative force for now and for the future." - Dat Phan

Weightier Matter - Domestic dispute industry reform and litigant resources

Weightier Matter - Domestic dispute industry reform and litigant resources

Weightier Matter - Domestic dispute industry reform and litigant resources

Saturday, January 18, 2014

[SDCPJ] SUPPORT SD Vets for Peace - SUNDAY MLK Parade!

TOMORROW, 1/19, come support and march with SD Veterans for Peace in the MLK Parade AGAINST WAR and the US global drone warfare!!  

SD Veterans for Peace will be marching in the MLK parade pulling our Drone model.  All like-minded people are welcome to march with us!  

The parade starts at 2:00 PM on the 19th at the San Diego County Admin. building, in downtown San Diego.

Educating Our Communities on Solutions to Help Military Families 01/18 by SDCommunityCoalition | Military Podcasts

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Russell Johnson, the Professor on 'Gilligan's Island,' Is Dead at 89 | Yahoo TV - Yahoo TV

Russell Johnson, the Professor on 'Gilligan's Island,' Is Dead at 89 | Yahoo TV - Yahoo TV

Home_A Christmas Wish for Elizabeth

Home_A Christmas Wish for Elizabeth

We Loved It! DivorceCorp Documentary Shows Why Parents Knew What They Were Talking About All Along–Finally! « California Coalition for Families and Children, PBC

We Loved It! DivorceCorp Documentary Shows Why Parents Knew What They Were Talking About All Along–Finally! « California Coalition for Families and Children, PBC

Federal Court in Ciavarella “Kids For Cash” Case Issues Groundbreaking Ruling: State Court Judge’s Acts Not Immune from Conspiracy and RICO « California Coalition for Families and Children, PBC

Federal Court in Ciavarella “Kids For Cash” Case Issues Groundbreaking Ruling: State Court Judge’s Acts Not Immune from Conspiracy and RICO « California Coalition for Families and Children, PBC

Arsenio Hall Breaks Down Over the Late Whitney Houston | Yahoo Celebrity - Yahoo Celebrity

Arsenio Hall Breaks Down Over the Late Whitney Houston | Yahoo Celebrity - Yahoo Celebrity

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fortune 500 2012 - CEO pay vs. our salaries - FORTUNE on

Fortune 500 2012 - CEO pay vs. our salaries - FORTUNE on

Senator Boxer Dirty Money

Feinstein Dirty Oil Money

Scotta case Letter Federal Attorney General re Demack

5 Twitter Marketing Tactics for Building a Huge Fan Base - Jeffbullas's Blog

5 Twitter Marketing Tactics for Building a Huge Fan Base - Jeffbullas's Blog

[SDCPJ] Why we need YOU to join the Keystone Pledge of Resistance

Dear Friends,

Over the past few months has held 3 Keystone (KXL) Pledge of Resistance trainings to prepare participants for peaceful, dignified civil disobedience. Our goal is to pressure President Obama to live up to his inaugural statement "We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations" by rejecting the Keystone Pipeline and moving forward with a bold climate plan. Over 60 people have been trained so far in San Diego. Our goal is 100. This is part of a national pledge of resistance organized by Credo, Rainforest Action Network, and The Other 98%, which over 75,000 people across the country have signed.

It has been incredibly inspiring to join with a group of people who are deeply committed to climate action. Participants have spoken movingly about their concern for their children, grandchildren, and people around the country and the world who are already seeing significant climate impacts. Time is short for us to avert the worst impacts of climate and we believe it is time for climate activists to get out of their comfort zones and follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Alice Paul, Nelson Mandela and the millions of people who have successfully used nonviolent civil disobedience to advance just causes like civil rights and women's suffrage.

San Diego has been asked to be one of 3 groups that will hold its KXL civil disobedience action shortly after the State Department publishes the final Environmental Impact Report (assuming it echoes the draft EIS in recommending the project move forward). This early action is intended to show the seriousness of the national campaign and its participants around the country. No one knows when the EIS will be released, but it could be at any time now. We have a great leadership team that is working to get our logistics set up to be ready to go when our group is called.

Please take one or more of these three steps TODAY to help make this a successful campaign:

1) RSVP NOW: For our next training, this coming Saturday: January 11, 2014, 9:00am-1:30pm in La Jolla (location sent w/ confirmation)

2) DONATE / PLEDGE NOW: Make a donation to help cover fines (or a pledge to help with bail) for some of our courageous participants who need help with funds   

3) SPREAD THE WORD: To others who may be able to participate or donate via email, social media, etc.

We can't do this without you! Please act today, and feel free to contact us with questions.

On behalf of the many awesome activists working on this project,

Masada Disenhouse


The Hidden Enemy




Corruption in the Senate



Raise the Minimum Wage

Raise the Minimum Wage





My New Book About Sudan

Ceasar's Messiah Movie Trailer

The Dark Side of Coffee Trade

Miko Peled "The General's Son" Exposes Israeli Lies

Are these Your Heros?

Are these Your Heros?

National shame

National shame

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Stephen Fry on Catholisism

Juanita Ayson on Accupuncture

Interview with Congressman Filner

Free Trade Enslaves Us All

Blog Archive

Farouk Al Nasser

Farouk Al Nasser
Farouk Al Nasser at NCCPJ

Victor Calle

Victor Calle
At NCCP April 2008

Gore Vidal and Floyd Morrow

Gore Vidal and Floyd Morrow
April Fundraiser in San Diego

Tanja and Cindy Sheehan

Tanja and Cindy Sheehan
Fund raiser for Cindy April 2008


The Citizens' Internet Television Network


The Citizens' Internet Radio Network

Save America

Save America
Save America





We Are All One

We Are All One
We Are All One

Secular Humanism

Secular Humanism
Secular Humanism

Change the System

Change the System
Change the System

A Lie Does Not Become the Truth

A Lie Does Not Become the Truth
A lie does not become the truth





Fetus Rights

Fetus Rights
Fetus Rights

The Earth Was Created

The Earth Was Created
The Earth Was Created