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[SDCPJ] Fwd: [prcsd] Public meeting on the SDSU Study on Racial Profiling and SDPD Wednesday. Nov 30, 2pm

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Subject: [prcsd] Public meeting on the SDSU Study on Racial Profiling and SDPD Wednesday. Nov 30, 2pm
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Dear Friends,

Our allies at Women Occupy San Diego and the ACLU are calling for your participation in this important Committee Meeting of the San Diego City Council.

After many delays, the City is finally releasing the SDSU study of SDPD and racial profiling.  Find out the real story behind the headlines at this public meeting.

Please come tell your story.

The Peace Resource Center will provide testimony, and demand systemic changes in the police stops that start the prison pipeline.

End mass incarceration!  Rescind Penal Code 182.5!  

Peace comes with justice,

the Peace Resource Center.

Racial Profiling Report released by the city
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SDSU's report on racial profiling and the SDPD

will be the topic at the City Council PSLN (Public Safety & Livable Neighborhoods) Committee Meeting
Wednesday, Nov. 30th at 2pm.  

Tell your story about police profiling in San Diego.
Join the ACLU, Women Occupy and many community groups
City Hall - 202 C St. 12th Floor.  

Community Review Board Open Meetings
The last open meeting on 11/22 was canceled
and will likely be held on Tues. 11/29
6:30 to 8:00pm
Cherokee Point Elementary School
3735 38th Street
San Diego, CA 92105
Check the CRB website or call to confirm date and location

Justice for Alfred Olango!  

On September 27th, Alfred Olango was shot five times and killed by a demoted police officer of the El Cajon PD. His sister called for medical assistance as Alfred grieved the death of his childhood best friend, Bereket. He was only 38 years old, a father of two.  

Sign the Petition Here!
For more information contact sdcrbreform@gmail.com
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****You are receiving this because you want to be informed on actions around the reform of the Citizen's Review Board on Police Practices. Women Occupy in collaboration with other community groups is working to create a Community Review Board on Police Practices with real power that is accountable to the people of San Diego. If you do not want to receive these periodic updates please unsubscribe in the section below. Thank you.

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Women Occupy - CRB reform
P.O. Box 3481
San Diego, CA 92163

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World’s Largest Solar Powered Seawater Desalination Plant

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Ava DuVernay

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Death of the Liberal Class? Death to the Liberal Class!

- www.counterpunch.org - http://www.counterpunch.org -

Death of the Liberal Class? Death to the Liberal Class!

Photo by Cliff | CC BY 2.0
For as long as I’ve been involved with progressive political movements, activists and organizers have been trying to reform the Democratic Party with little to no success.
Unfortunately, none of this is new as activists have tried to reform the Democratic Party since the 1960’s, only to see the Dems lurch further and further to the right over the past several decades.
In America, we don’t talk about history. If we do, it’s either a bunch of watered down bullshit, or outright myths and fallacies. That being said, it might be useful to talk to today’s young activists about the dark legacy of the Vietnam War, a war many consider to be the worst international crime of the second half of the 20th century.
According to military historian Nick Turse, over 4 million Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians were killed as a result of Uncle Sam’s limitless aggression in the pursuit of power. Today, Agent Orange continues to ravage not only U.S. veterans, but most importantly the people in Southeast Asia.
In order to understand today’s Democratic Party, progressives and liberals must come to grips with the history of their party. Consequently, we should never forget who got the U.S. into Vietnam in the first place: namely, JFK and LBJ, two Democratic-liberal heroes, of course.
Both JFK and LBJ adhered to Eisenhower’s “Domino Theory,” (which was an extension of George Kennan’s containment policy) the idea that Communism, like a cancer, would spread throughout the world if left unchecked. Therefore the U.S. Empire’s primary objective (at least nominally and ideologically) was to stop Communism wherever it raised its ugly little head – Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, etc.
For those who are willing to look, the Liberal Class’s disgraceful legacy during the Cold War has been forever sealed in the annals of history.
After 9/11, the modern Democratic Party continued its imperial legacy when it fully bought into and promoted George W. Bush’s “War on Terror.” Without question, Democrats share equal responsibility for the death and destruction that followed the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Not only did they overwhelmingly vote in favor of both wars, they also failed to cut funding when they had the power to do so (2006-2008).
Obama, a life-long adherent to the idea of “American Exceptionalism,” carried forward many of Bush’s policies. In December of 2009, Obama escalated the war in Afghanistan, sending 30,000 extra troops to the war-torn nation. Today, the war continues, with no end in sight.
In fact, Afghanistan is in worse condition today than it was after the Soviet invasion ended in 1989. Political corruption is rampant. Terrorism is the new normal. And poppy production is at an all-time high. This, not democracy or peace, is Obama’s legacy in Afghanistan.
Obama also expanded Bush’s NSA surveillance operations. His war on whistle blowers is unprecedented. And by now, the world is aware of Obama’s love for drones and Special Operations Forces, especially those living in Yemen, Syria and Libya.
Of course, all of this has taken place without a peep from MoveOn, the major unions, liberal NGOs or Democrats in U.S. Congress. Unsurprisingly, the Liberal Class has been all but silent during Obama’s reign as commander-in-chief of the largest and most murderous empire in the history of humanity.
Today, the Liberal Class attempts to normalize the Neofascist-freakshow, Donald J. Trump. Even the mainstream news commentators who are now attempting to cover Trump with an iota of journalistic integrity are normalizing characters like Glenn Beck in the process. For example, Glenn Beck was recently a guest on Anderson Cooper’s program, 360°, where Beck detailed the “horrors” of the Alt-Right.
Apparently no one remembers the many years Glenn Beck spent on FoxNews, demonizing progressives and painting Obama as a political radical who wanted to completely remake America in the image of Karl Marx. Anyone who thinks Beck is some sort of conventional conservative should read excerpts from his book, America’s March to Socialism: Why We’re One Step Closer to Giant Missile Parades. Short memories proliferate today’s media landscape.
The liberal media outlets have benefited greatly from Trump’s campaign, both as the Republican nominee, but also during the GOP primaries. Remember, during the primary season, Trump was a regular guest on virtually every major “news program” on MSNBC and CNN.
Liberals ate it up. They figured, like the Clinton campaign, that they could use the Neofascist buffoon for ratings, while simultaneously propping him up as a viable candidate, for they assumed there was no way Clinton could lose to a reality TV star, right?
Now that President-elect Trump is two months away from taking power, Obama, the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, the Clintons, etc., tell us to root for The Donald because it’s time for the nation to “heal.” On the contrary, millions of people have taken to the streets in defiance of the Liberal Class. These trends will continue as the Democratic Party has learned nothing from the 2016 elections. Not only has the Liberal Class given us Fascism, they’re now normalizing it.
The unions are no better than the media or the politicians. They don’t educate their members. And they’re completely beholden to the Democrats. Political independence is an afterthought, which is a tragedy because organized labor played such a significant role in shaping progressive politics over the past 100+ years. But those days are gone. The traditional labor movement is all but dead.
Today, in many cases, the labor movement represents everything that is dysfunctional and wrong with the Liberal Class. Nearly every major union, with the exception of seven (APWU, NNU, ATU, NUHW, UE, CWA and ILWU), endorsed Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist.” The same was true in the Chicago mayoral election of 2014, where the vast majority of unions in the Chicago backed the Neoliberal candidate, Rahm Emanuel, over community activist and Latino, Chuy Garcia.
NGO’s, Organized Labor and the Democratic Party represent a failed past. They also represent a lack of imagination. Undoubtedly, everyone should support the activists who are currently demonstrating in cities and towns across the United States. Popular rage should be understood as the only logical reaction to Neofascism.
That being said, we’re going to need more than popular anger and outrage: we need serious alternatives to the Liberal Class and its many institutions.
At this point, I beg the people who will read this article: do not waste your time trying to reform the Democratic Party. History matters. And history tells us that “reforming” the Democratic Party (whatever that means, as the left has no unified vision) is not only a lost cause, but symptomatic of an American population that lacks anything resembling creativity or independence.
The Tea Party comparison is equally absurd, as the Tea Party was backed by millionaires and billionaires. The Elites had a vested interest in pushing the Republicans even further to the right, which is why the movement was so successful. Anyone telling you different either lacks ideas or has a vested interest in continuing the same failed bullshit progressive organizers and activists have been doing for decades.
In the meantime, everything has gotten worse, from the police state and the rise of the prison industrial complex, to the U.S. Empire and climate change. We are running out of time. We don’t have two or three decades to transform electoral politics.
Let’s avoid the terrible pitfalls of Bush-era activism, where the three dominant organizational influences were sectarian groups (Revolutionary Communist Party), liberal NGOs (MoveOn) and undemocratic unions (take your pick). We need principled movements. We need movements who are willing to stand up and speak out regardless of which party holds electoral power.
Most importantly, we need new ideas, programs, strategies and tactics. So far, more than a week after the election, I have yet to read an article that’s suggesting anything different than what I was reading during Bush’s second term, almost ten years ago. That’s not a good sign.
Article printed from www.counterpunch.org: http://www.counterpunch.org
URL to article: http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/11/18/death-of-the-liberal-class-death-to-the-liberal-class/

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Walter Davis, Joseph Atwill and Gavin Naciemento On Progress in the World Radio Show

This is a radio show. Please share. Join us live or via the archived broadcast.
You can chat with us via chat room and ask questions or call in.

11 AM Pacific to 1 PM Pacific
17 November 2016
Call in Number 310-861-2349

Executive Producer Walter Davis will be interviewing Gavin Nascimento and Joseph Atwill.

Gavin Nascimento is a Life Coach, Activist, Vegan Athlete, Writer, Public Speaker and Social Media Personality.

Through his personal journey in life, along with an insatiable appetite for learning, he has developed a unique outlook and understanding of the system that we call "society" and how it functions and why.


Joseph Atwill
We are lucky to have this brilliant mind revealing what has happened during the past election, where are we headed and what we can do to turn things around. 

Joseph is the author and producer of the book and movie Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus.

We will be discussing Weaponized Anthropology, Inverted Totalitarianism, Manufactured Consent and how the media keeps the public ignorant.

Related Shows:

Earth Citizens: 9 Facts You Must Know to be a Better and New Kind of Human

Joseph Atwill: Inverted Totalitarianism and Manufactured Consent

Blog Link

[SDCPJ] FW: Pres. Obama: Reject the pipeline. Now.

> Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 2:27 PM
> Subject: Pres. Obama: Reject the pipeline. Now.
> The President must stop the Dakota Access pipeline while he still can.
> Friends,
> Yesterday, as tens of thousands of people rallied together across the globe to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline, the US Army Corps of Engineers issued a statement saying that the decision on the pipeline will be further delayed for more consultation.
> Normally, this would be a good thing: delay is often our friend. But, these are not normal times. Donald Trump is going to be President in 65 days and delay could give him the power to decide Standing Rock's future. We need fast action, and the kind of action that will last. Dakota Access has proven that is has no concern for corporate responsibility and common decency.
> President Obama has the power to stop the pipeline, protect Standing Rock's water, and take the decision out of Trump's hands.
> Tell President Obama to stop Donald Trump from deciding the future of Standing Rock's water and stop the Dakota Access pipeline by rejecting the final permit for the project.<https://act.350.org/go/12892?t=1&utm_medium=email&utm_source=actionkit&akid=18216.781064.T3YFCc>
> [https://dbqvwi2zcv14h.cloudfront.net/images/WashDC-2.JPG]<https://act.350.org/go/12892?t=2&utm_medium=email&utm_source=actionkit&akid=18216.781064.T3YFCc>
> LaDonna Allard with Sacred Stone Camp, and Eryn Wise with the Indigenous Youth Council leading a march of 3,000 people in Washington D.C. as part of 300+ actions yesterday.
> President Obama should do what Trump won't and stop this pipeline, protect people and our water instead of Big Oil's profit. Before he leaves office, he can still reject the permit and declare the Cannonball area of Standing Rock a National Monument, as Indigenous historians on the ground have been calling for for years.
> There's never been a moment like this in the movement to defend Indigenous rights in this country. The solidarity everyone is showing right now is what we'll need to weather the coming years.
> Seeing tens of thousands of people from Berlin to Los Angeles march, rally, and take action to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock was a beautiful thing. Over 300 people sat-in at the Army Corps of Engineers office in Washington, DC, backed by 3,000 people standing with them. Dozens more risked arrest at other offices, delivered letters, and held events in nearly every major city.
> To see more highlights from yesterday, check out the photos here<https://act.350.org/go/12893?t=3&utm_medium=email&utm_source=actionkit&akid=18216.781064.T3YFCc>.
> I'm so proud to be part of this big, beautiful movement with you.
> With thanks,
> Dallas Goldtooth on behalf of the Indigenous Environmental Network and 350.org
> Sources:
> Dakota Access pipeline protests spread, firms fight back - Reuters
> <http://act.350.org/go/12894?t=4&utm_medium=email&utm_source=actionkit&akid=18216.781064.T3YFCc>Dakota Access Pipeline Co. Attacks Native Americans with Dogs & Pepper Spray - Democracy Now<http://act.350.org/go/12895?t=5&utm_medium=email&utm_source=actionkit&akid=18216.781064.T3YFCc>
> [https://act.350.org/o.gif?akid=18216.781064.T3YFCc]
> ________________________________
> 350.org<http://350.org?akid=18216.781064.T3YFCc> is building a global climate movement. Become a sustaining donor to keep this movement strong and growing.<https://act.350.org/donate/build/?akid=18216.781064.T3YFCc>

Tim Wise: White Like Me [Trailer]

Anti-Gay Bigot Kim Davis Loses Marriage Battle, Might Owe $233,058 in Le...

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

[SDCPJ] Stand with us Tuesday: No Dakota Acess protest at Army Corps office

Join SanDiego350.org for
events and actions
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SanDiego350 logo
Dear Richard,

On Tuesday join Native Americans, environmentalists, and nurses at the San Diego Army Corps of Engineers office as part of a national day of action calling on the Army Corps and President Obama to revoke permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline. We'll have speakers (including local Native American leaders who've traveled to Standing Rock) and music, and we'll sign and deliver individual postcards to the Army Corps.

WHEN: Tuesday, Nov 15, 2016, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

WHERE: Army Corps of Engineers, 8775 Aero Drive, San Diego 92123

RSVP now to join us Tuesday as we stand in solidarity with Standing Rock

Please help us make this action huge!
Over 200 people have RSVP'd already and we're hoping to double that number:
The movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline is growing stronger each day, and, especially following the election, this is the time for all of us to rise up and play a role in the fight for a sustainable planet and a just society.

We can't wait to see you Tuesday. Email us with any questions.

Masada Disenhouse

House Republicans Kill Trump’s Wall And Mass Deportations In Less Than A Day

House Republicans Kill Trump’s Wall And Mass Deportations In Less Than A Day

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Progress in the World Radio Show: Joseph Atwill - Inverted Totalitarianism and Manufactured Consent

This is a Radio Show
Monday 14 November 2016
11 AM to 1 PM
Call in number 310-861-2349

Manufactured consent. A concept where people call for their own enslavement. 

Inverted totalitarianism. A concept where there is not a charismatic leader but secret leaders who are really pulling the strings. 

Joseph Atwill is the author and producer of the book and movie Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus. 

We are lucky to have this brilliant mind revealing what has happened during the past election, where are we headed and what we can do to turn things around.

Friday, November 11, 2016

[SDCPJ] Fwd: Day of Healing and Reconciliation After Our Election

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From: "Judy Kimmel, Peace Alliance" <info@peacealliance.org>
Date: November 11, 2016, 10:56:00 AM PST
Subject: Day of Healing and Reconciliation After Our Election
Reply-To: info@peacealliance.org

The Peace Alliance

Join Day of Healing and Reconciliation After Our Election
This Sunday, November 13, Washington DC & Livestream
Video appearances by Marianne Williamson, Al Sharpton, Dr. Oz and many more.

This past election day was a shock to everyone's system no matter what your political persuasion and we wanted to let you know that we are there with you.  We believe it is important that we see this outcome as a call to engage with each other in a deeper and more authentic way, walking our talk of peace and reconciliation.

Clearly we are deeply grateful for everyone's wisdom, thought, and sincerity in moving the agenda of peace and nonviolence forward in our communities, states, and this diverse and multidimensional nation.  YOU are each peace builders, creating a path to global community and calm, a network of aligned visionaries striving to have an impact on our national dialogue. Thank you for that.

As a testament of our deep belief in the power of engagement and dialogue we are joining with other organizations to sponsor a day of Healing and Reconciliation on this Sunday. Register here.

We hope you can join us in person in Washington DC or via live streaming to hear powerful peacemakers inspire us with their wisdom and message of hope. Together we can shift the paths of progress to a kinder, gentler world. More details below.

Sign-up to join here. 

With deep respect for you and your dedication to peace,



Judy Kimmel
Board Chair, Peace Alliance



Day of Healing and Reconciliation After Our Election
This Sunday, November 13, 12:00 PT, 3:00 ET, Washington DC & Livestream

For many Americans, Wednesday, November 9, 2016, will mark a powerful turning point in U.S. history.

Many awoke with heavy hearts, pained by the division and polarization of their beloved country... some wondering, "is this really my country?"

Others were possibly energized by the results or by their experience of voting for the first time and engaging in the democratic process.

Regardless of what "side" you're on or political party you identify with, we must all join together to begin the deeper healing.

We must forge new pathways to middle ground and engage in new conversations about how we can build bridges, close gaps and defend our democracy together.

We're being called to step forward in unity to fulfill our highest potential — as individuals, as a nation and as one global family. We can do this. We can all be lightbearers leading the way.

We cannot give up HOPE that real change is possible and that a county, and a world, that truly works for all IS possible...

This Sunday, November 13 at 12noon Pacific, 3:00 Eastern, you'll have an opportunity to begin the healing process and engage in honest conversations about tangible ways we can move forward TOGETHER.

A powerful lineup of inspiring speakers — including spiritual, political and community leaders, musicians, artists and activists are joining together for this day.

You can RSVP for your free ticket here: http://www.dayofhealing.us

The broader invitation for you is to use the whole day to engage in healing conversations and initiate actions toward healing the divides. Invite your friends, family, neighbors and community and join us.

We envision tens of millions participating...

Here's how YOU can get involved:

  • RSVP here: http://www.dayofhealing.us
  • Once you're registered, help spread the word here: http://www.dayofhealing.us/share
  • Activate events in YOUR town and in every town across the country. (You'll have the ability to organize living room events in your area by Friday.)
  • The major broadcast will be on Facebook Live, Sunday, November 13, from 12:00-2:00 pm Pacific/ 3:00-5:00 pm Eastern, followed by local programs.

Mark your calendar, invite your friends and spread the word to every faith, spiritual and community leader you know and join us!

Division got us here, now let's give unity a chance...


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