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[SDCPJ] Photos - Immigration Reform Rally, 2/28/10

see their website at:

today's photos:

Peace Up,
Michael Gomel

[SDCPJ] Reminder: March 4 Education is a Human Right: Resist-Mobilize-Transform


Dear SDCPJ’s,


Please march forth on March Fourth  with K-12, SD Community Colleges, SDSU, & UCSD students, teachers, staff, and  families to refuse cuts to public education and vital community services. This will be an historic day—teachouts, walkouts, marches, bannering and many actions will be happening in San Diego, California, nationally, internationally. We need your help.


Rally at 3 pm, Centro Cultural on Park Blvd.

March at 3:30 to Governor’s office to deliver demands.

Rally at Governor’s office.


Could Peace Keeper volunteers please show up at 2:45 and look for me in a red vest—and pick up a vest from me? We need you!

In Unity,

Susan Orlofsky

Peace Monitors, Education for All Coalition, SD Coalition for Peace & Justice, UPTE-CWA 9119, San Diego Puppet Insurgency

You can reach me on my cell phone: 619.252.0242



Friday, February 26, 2010

[SDCPJ] Update on Stop Outsourcing Security Act

Stop Outsourcing Security Act, HR-4650, will put an end to funding private mercenary armies like Blackwater/Xe.


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Info from
Jan Schakowsky's office:

Just wanted to check in with you post-bill introduction.  We dropped the SOS bill on Tuesday…we got a fair bit of press, especially considering we were up against the Toyota hearings, and our bill is H.R. 4650.  We now have 18 cosponsors (current list is below).


Rep Baldwin, Tammy [D-WI-2] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep Conyers, John, Jr. [D-MI-14] - 2/25/2010

Rep Ellison, Keith [D-MN-5] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep Filner, Bob [D-CA-51] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep Gonzalez, Charles A. [D-TX-20] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep Grijalva, Raul M. [D-AZ-7] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep Gutierrez, Luis V. [D-IL-4] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep Hall, John J. [D-NY-19] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep Hinchey, Maurice D. [D-NY-22] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep Holt, Rush D. [D-NJ-12] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep Lee, Barbara [D-CA-9] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep Maloney, Carolyn B. [D-NY-14] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep McGovern, James P. [D-MA-3] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep Moore, Gwen [D-WI-4] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep Polis, Jared [D-CO-2] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep Shea-Porter, Carol [D-NH-1] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep Stark, Fortney Pete [D-CA-13] - 2/23/2010 *

Rep Woolsey, Lynn C. [D-CA-6] - 2/23/2010 *

 Nina Besser

Office of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (IL-09)

2367 Rayburn House Office Building


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[SDCPJ] Update on Saturday Demo: It's a go!

From: Frank Gormlie <>
Subject: Friday morning update on Progressives to Witness Tea party rally
To: "Frank Gormlie" <>
Date: Friday, February 26, 2010, 8:21 AM

Hi all.

I'm so proud of my San Diego friends. By my latest count, we now have 92 San Diego progressives who have committed to attend our counter-demo against the Tea Party rally, with 19 "maybes".  This is great, and it's all been done by email, the internet, and word of mouth.

Here's the latest:

We are planning to meet at the corner of Grape Street and Harbor Drive, at the northwest corner of the huge County Admin parking lot. 11am to 1pm. Some of us are planning to get there a little early to stake out that area. If you can come early, great.

The Tea Party rally is in and around the Star of India or the greens just west of the County Admin building. The parking area along Harbor Drive in that area will be blocked off.

Rain is still forecast for tomorrow, Saturday. We plan to be there with our umbrellas - unless the storm is so strong that it would make it impossible to be there.

We're encouraging people to take the trolley, to park at Old Town and ride south. Parking and traffic promise to be a challenge, even though we heard parking in the County Admin parking lot is free.

A sister counter-demonstrator who lives in UTC needs a ride. Can anyone help her out? Let me know and I'll put her in touch with you.

Some additional comments: some folks have become upset that we discussed singing the Star Spangled Banner - we don't have to sing that, so be prepared to sing other songs. If you don't want to carry an American flag, bring one that is upside down. American flags have been present at every anti-war rally in this city for the last 7 years during the Bush years. For some to now get upset about this is a little. ... uh ... misplaced I think.

We need those who can sing, to be prepared to lead the rest of us in a number of songs: America the Beautiful, This Land Is Your land, Imagine, and other songs, like We Shall Overcome. So, singers make yourself known.

Here is the most recent article from the OB Rag:

Standing Witness to the Tea Party Rally – San Diego Style

Please bring a friend. And continue to let me know via email if anyone new will be attending.

Thanks to the following groups or individuals who have sent out emails: ActivistSan Diego, Progressive Democrats of San Diego, SEIU folks, Tanja Winter, San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice, Barb Cummings,  Walter, Carol B, Monty, Shane, Anna, and others ....

Thanks so much everyone for making this happen - and if mother nature is willing - it will happen.

Frank Gormlie, editor and publisher OB Rag

[SDCPJ] Classes/TA sections canceled today] Ivan Evans

Dear colleagues:<br><br>I have just canceled my lecture for today and invited my TA to cancel her TA section. I also cc&#39;d the Dean of the Social Sciences to apprise him of my decision.<br><br>I have also circulated to that class (a large intro to Sociology class) my letter to you in which I called for a strike and disruptive demonstrations on campus. I have nothing to conceal from them and from the administration. THIS IS WHAT TENURE IS FOR: it provides us with the protections we need to act morally and appropriately when the time calls for it. We have always been professional. Now let&#39;s add boldness to it. <br>
<br>I call on all tenured faculty to do the same: cancel your lectures, join us on Library Walk and let us march across campus. Let them arrest us: the whole world is watching. <br><br>So bring home-made placards. I am searching for markers right now to make my own,<br>
<br>Ivan<br><br><br><br>---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: Classes/TA sections canceled today
From: "ivan evans" <>
Date: Fri, February 26, 2010 6:55 am
To: ""

Dear colleagues:

I have just canceled my lecture for today and invited my TA to cancel her
TA section. I also cc'd the Dean of the Social Sciences to apprise him of
my decision.

I have also circulated to that class (a large intro to Sociology class) my
letter to you in which I called for a strike and disruptive demonstrations
on campus. I have nothing to conceal from them and from the
administration. THIS IS WHAT TENURE IS FOR: it provides us with the
protections we need to act morally and appropriately when the time calls
for it. We have always been professional. Now let's add boldness to it.

I call on all tenured faculty to do the same: cancel your lectures, join
us on Library Walk and let us march across campus. Let them arrest us: the
whole world is watching.

So bring home-made placards. I am searching for markers right now to make
my own,


Dear all,

Please call on Chancellor Fox to declare a state of emergency and shut
down the campus. Last night, a group of Black students had to spend the
night at the Cross because they feared for their lives if they were going to try to make it home.
This is NOT a university.

Students should not fear for their lives while going to school.

It is fundamentally wrong that students and faculty of color have had
to labor around the clock this past week, putting aside their study, their
research, their teaching, their writing, while the rest of the campus
continue as usual.

It is fundamentally unfair. Who will give them back the lost hours? Who
will compensate them for their always-uncompensated and unrecognized
labor, in this case to birth an institution that is truly a place of LEARNING, in the most profound sense of that word.

We call on all of you--students, staff, faculty, union reps,
librarians--to share in this labor.


Yen Le Espiritu
Professor and Chair
Department of Ethnic Studies
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093-0522
Tel.: (858) 534-5206
Fax.: (858) 534-8194

Help restore democracy to California today:

Ricardo Dominguez
Associate Professor
Hellman Fellow

Visual Arts Department, UCSD
Principal Investigator, CALIT2
Co-Chair gallery@calit2
CRCA Researcher
Ethnic Studies Affiliate
Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies Affiliate

Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics,
Board Member

University of California, San Diego,
9500 Gilman Drive Drive,
La Jolla, CA 92093-0436
Phone: (619) 322-7571

Project sites:
: text/html; name="untitled-2"
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Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="untitled-2"; size=989;
creation-date="Fri, 26 Feb 2010 07:43:20 GMT";
modification-date="Fri, 26 Feb 2010 07:43:20 GMT"

[SDCPJ] Crime Alert Bulletin: Hanging a noose with intent to terrorize 11411 (a) PC

University of California, San Diego

Crime Alert Bulletin

February 26, 2010


SUBJECT: Crime: Hanging a noose with intent to terrorize 11411 (a) PC
Case: 2010-0240
Location: UC San Diego Geisel Library 7th Floor (Southwest
Corner - West side of aisle 3)

The UC San Diego Police Department encourages you to download
and post this bulletin in appropriate areas under your control.

Date/Time Occurred: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 10:30pm

Subject: No suspect information is available at this time

Information: On Thursday, February 25, 2010, at approximately 10:30pm
the UC San Diego Police Department received multiple reports of a noose
hanging from a bookcase on the 7th floor of the Geisel Library.

The library was searched by officers and library staff. A noose was
found hanging on the west side of aisle 3, which faces the windows. The
aisle is located in the southwest corner of the 7th floor.

Officers spoke with people who were in the area but no one witnessed the
noose being placed on the bookcase. We have received unconfirmed reports
that the noose was seen hanging from the bookcase as early as 8:00pm.

The UC San Diego Police Department is asking for your assistance in
identifying witnesses and those responsible for this criminal act. If
you have any information that may assist in the investigation please
contact the UC San Diego Police Department by calling 858-534-4359 or
sending an email to

The UC San Diego Police Department encourages you to report any criminal
or suspicious activity, occurring on campus, as soon as possible. To
report a crime or suspicious activity call 858-534-4357 or 9-1-1 (in an

Community Service Officers are available for escorts on campus between
5:30pm to 1:00am daily. To arrange for an escort call 858-534-9255.
Escorts after 1:00am are available by calling 858-534-4357.
Sdcpj mailing list

[SDCPJ] Immigration Rally Sunday, February 28 2 p.m.

[SDCPJ] Cesar E. Chavez memorial events March 27 and 29

The San Diego Cesar E. Chavez Memorial March/Parade and Community Celebration  MEMORIAL MARCH PARADE

Saturday, March 27, 2010 from 10 a. m. - 12:00pm

Free to all participants!


Prizes for: Best Float, Most Cesar Chavez Spirit and Most People in Group.

Route will begin in Sherman Heights (25th and J Streets), proceed south onto Cesar E. Chavez Parkway, turn left on Irving Avenue, then right onto Sampson Street, ending on Logan Avenue, at the heart of Historic Downtown Logan Heights.

Immediately Following the March/Parade -12:00pm-5:00pm


For more Information Contact:
Jovita Juarez (619) 227-4588, or
Paul Gomez (619) 337-4222

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AS A VOLUNTEER For questions on volunteer opportunites e-mail


12th Annual Cesar E. Chavez Memorial Breakfast

Monday, March 29, 2010
7:00am-9:00am San Diego Convention Center

The San Diego Cesar E. Chavez Commemoration Committee (SDCECCC), is proud to announce the 12th Annual Commemorative Breakfast on March 29,
2010 to be held at the San Diego Convention Center.

Every year the SDCECCC, comprised of community volunteers, organizes a series of events with the Cesar E. Chavez Memorial Breakfast as a focal point of community inspiration. This year's theme is El Arte de la Inspiracion/The Art of Inspiration. The breakfast will focus upon the inpirational qualities of the legacy left to us by a great Amercian hero, Cesar E. Chavez.

The breakfast celebration always includes a focus upon our youth and our community leaders who pracitice in their daily lives and work the spirit of service and social justice. One of the highlights of the breakfast is the announcement of our student essay contest and scholarship winners. Each year several scholarships are awarded to San Diego and Imperial Valley youth in grades 9-12 and additional scholarhsips are available to migrant education students.

CLICK HERE For Breakfast & Registration Information:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

[SDCPJ] Calendar for Int'l Women's Day and Women's History Month! Please share!

International Women’s Day/Women History Month Celebrations


Monday, 1 March, 6:00 – 8:00 P.M. Opening celebration for Women’s History Month with music, historic re-enactments, and storytelling.  Claire de Lune Coffee House, North Park.


Saturday, 6 March, 12:00 – 2 P.M. WE Center for STAR (Support, Training and Assistance to Refugee) Women recognizes refugee women who since 2006 have launched and strengthened their businesses with the help of the STAR Center, a partnership between Women's Empowerment International and the International Rescue Committee. A catered luncheon by STAR Center clients with flavors from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Iraq is offered. $25. International Rescue Committee, 5348 University Avnue, 92105. Please RSVP at or 858-486-6466; or you may send your check  to Women's Empowerment, P.O. Box 501406, San Diego, CA 92150-1406 or pay through PayPal at


Monday, March 8, 7:00 P.M. Women’s Equity Council of the United Nations Association of San Diego invites you to Cross-Generational Conversations, a discussion from three generations of international girls and women as we celebrate our 27th commemoration of International Women’s Day. Women’s History Museum & Educational Center, 2323 Broadway, #107, Golden Hill. Free. RSVP: 805.403.4773 or

Friday, 12 March, 6:30 – 7:45 P.M. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Choir San Diego and Women’s History Museum & Educational Center present Celebrating Our Sisters' Strength program, singing songs that call our souls and celebrate our strength! Wine, Hors d'oevres, Dessert, and Program, $20 (tax-deductible), a fundraiser for the non-profit MLKCCSD to raise funds for educational grants distributed to aspiring college-bound high school Fine Arts majors in San Diego County.  To date MLKCCSD has given over $100,000 in scholarships.


Saturday, 13 March, 10:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.  San Diego County Commission on the Status of Women invites you to participate in the 2010 Forum on the Status of Women and Girls in San Diego County. Alumni Center, San Diego State University, 55th Avenue, San Diego. $0 - $10. Continental breakfast. Registration and continental breakfast from 8:30 – 9:00 A.M., followed by the 2010 Forum. Register at


Tuesday, 16 March, 7:00 – 9:00 A.M.  The Sixth Annual International Women’s Day Breakfast celebrates, Through Her Eyes, Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice, University of San Diego. Registration and buffet breakfast begin at 7:00 P.M., followed by program from 7:30 – 9:00 A.M. $22/$8 subsidized student price purchased by calling 619.260.2727. Questions: 619.260.7509 or

Thursday, 18 March, 5:30 - 8:00 P.M. 
Run Women Run and California List present a Premier State-wide Candidate Forum with California Women Making History: Janice Hahn, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor; Kamala Harris, Candidate for Attorney General; Gloria Romero, Candidate for Superintendant of Public Instruction; Mary Salas, Candidate for State Senate District 40; Toni Atkins, Candidate for Assembly District 76; and Crystal Crawford, Candidate for Assembly District 74. Moderator Bettina Duval, Founder of California List, Proflowers/Provide Commerce, 4830 Eastgate Mall, San Diego. $35 for members of Run Women Run and California List; $50 for nonmembers until March 11. After March 11, tickets are $40 for members; $55 for nonmembers. Donate $250 + for Special Photo Opportunity: Members who donate $250+ will have the opportunity for a photo with candidates before the program begins.

Thursday, 18 March, 6:00 - 8:00 P.M.
Finance, Fashion, and Philanthropy, Bloomingdales, Fashion Valley.


Saturday, 20 March, 10:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. San Diego and Cabrillo-Diego Branches of the American Association of University Women present Reviewing Beijing Plus 15: Progress and Barriers to Women’s Equality, Development, and Peace, a report back from the U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women from AAUW and UNA delegates to CSW! Light refreshments. Free. Mission Valley Library Community Room, 2123 Fenton Parkway, San Diego. Contact: 619.504.4741  or


Saturday, March 27 – Mark your calendar for the annual San Diego County Women’s Hall of Fame, honoring six San Diego women! UCSD Price Center. Questions: 619.233.7963 or

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

InformIT: How to Network Windows 7, Vista, and XP Computers Verify that You're Using NTFS on Your Hard Drives

InformIT: How to Network Windows 7, Vista, and XP Computers Verify that You're Using NTFS on Your Hard Drives

Self-Running PowerPoint Presentations

[SDCPJ] Senate panel finds lawless Blackwater contractors

From Washington Post:

Senate panel finds lawless Blackwater contractors

The Associated Press
Tuesday, February 23, 2010; 9:01 PM

WASHINGTON -- A Senate investigation accuses the Army of turning a blind eye when a Blackwater subsidiary hired violent drug users to help train the Afghan army and declared "sidearms for everyone" even though employees weren't authorized to carry weapons.

The findings by Democratic staff on the Senate Armed Services Committee paint a disturbing picture of lawlessness that contributed to the May 2009 shooting deaths of two Afghan civilians and fed anti-Western sentiment in the region.

"Blackwater operated in Afghanistan without sufficient oversight or supervision and with almost no consideration of the rules it was legally obligated to follow," said Sen. Carl Levin, the committee's chairman.

"Even one irresponsible act by contractor personnel can hurt the mission and put our troops in harm's way," Levin said.

Mark Corallo, a spokesman for the company, which is now known as Xe Services, said management was taking steps to address shortcomings in the program when the shootings occurred.

"The individual independent contractors actions the night of May 5th clearly violated clear company policies and they are being held accountable," he said in an e-mailed statement.

Former employees of the company's subsidiary Paravant - Justin Cannon and Christopher Drotleff - have been charged with killing two Afghans and injuring a third.

Cannon and Drotleff were not supposed to be armed and had been drinking.

They also probably shouldn't have been hired by Blackwater at all. Drotleff's lengthy criminal record included assault and battery, while his three-year career in the Marines ended after seven unauthorized absences, assault and other charges.

Cannon had been discharged from the Army after going AWOL and testing positive for cocaine, although he later petitioned successfully to have his military records changed to an honorable discharge.

The Senate Armed Services Committee planned to convene a hearing on Wednesday. Among those expected to testify were several former Blackwater contracting officials and contracting officers for the Army.

Levin said he wanted to investigate the circumstances surrounding the 2009 shooting because it was such an obvious example of lax oversight of the estimated 100,000 contractors working in Afghanistan.

Blackwater has been involved in several security incidents, including the 2007 shooting at Nisoor Square in Baghdad that killed 17 people, including women and children. Since the shooting, the Myock, N.C.-based Blackwater has renamed itself Xe Services and overhauled its management.

Iraq has pulled the company's license to operate in the country.

Levin said he wants to determine who should be held accountable for the gaps in oversight that led to the 2009 shooting and what should happen to prevent future incidents. But he stopped short of suggesting that Xe be barred from working with the military overseas.

The senator said that among the startling discoveries in his investigation was that contracting personnel acquired several hundred weapons, including more than 500 AK-47s, from a U.S. facility in Kabul that stores the weapons for use by the Afghan police.

The committee obtained a November 2008 e-mail from a company vice president that said, "I got sidearms for everyone... We have not yet received formal permission from the Army to carry weapons yet but I will take my chances."

Corallo called the distribution of weapons without prior authorization a "shortcoming" in the program.

"Though Raytheon, the prime contractor, and the (Defense Department) customer were both aware of Paravant management's decision, and were working to obtain authorization, contractors should not have been armed without the proper approvals," he said.

Army contracting officials did not respond to requests for comment.

[SDCPJ] Support needed for Stop Outsourcing Security Act



Christian Stalberg, Coordinator
Xe Watch (aka Blackwater Watch)
Tel. (919) 801-0734


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Citizens’ Group Urges Support of Stop Outsourcing Security Act: Legislation Introduced February 23rd

RALEIGH – On Tuesday, February 23rd Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) introduced legislation that would phase out private security contractors in war zones.

Last year the U.S. employed more than 22,000 hired guns in Iraq and Afghanistan. They performed tasks that ranged from protecting diplomats, training police and military, to repairing and maintain weapons systems, and loading bombs onto drones.

“The behavior of private contractors has endangered our military, hurt relationships with foreign governments, and undermined our missions overseas,” Schakowsky said.

The Stop Outsourcing Security Act would restore the responsibility of the American military to train troops and police, guard convoys, repair weapons, administer military prisons, and perform military intelligence. The bill also would require that all diplomatic security be undertaken by U.S. government personnel. The White House could seek exceptions, but those contracts would be subject to congressional oversight.

“The latest allegations where Xe Services/Blackwater personnel took hundreds of weapons unauthorized in Afghanistan from both U.S. military and Afghani stockpiles underscores the fact that these mercenary companies are still unregulated, out of control and an ongoing liability to the interests of the United States and its military missions,” Christian Stalberg said, coordinator of Xe Watch (aka Blackwater Watch) headquartered in North Carolina. “It is high time to restore to the military the functions which it traditionally handles.”

Every member of Congress should support this legislation to defend the human rights of all people from contractors, to protect taxpayer money from fraud and waste, and return core governmental functions to the government.

To view a copy of the Senate bill:

About XeWatch (aka BlackwaterWatch)

Xe Watch exists to shine a light on Xe Services (aka Blackwater) specifically, and private armies/mercenaries generally. We represent a growing contingent of concerned individuals and groups including, but not limited to, human rights and peace activists, people of faith, civil libertarians, and veterans. XeWatch is concerned about human rights abuses, indiscriminate use of deadly force and the lack of accountability by private armies, mercenaries, and private security contractors. For more information visit

--  --------------------------------------- Raymond Lutz, Coordinator Citizens' Oversight Projects (COPs) 1265 Avocado Blvd, Suite 104 (#335)             El Cajon (San Diego Cty), CA 92020 USA Voice 619-820-5321 http//

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[SDCPJ] Drones and San Diego: Made locally, killing globally

Drones:  Made Locally, Killing Globally

by Carol Jahnkow & Nancy Mancias

San Diego is home to defense contractors General Atomics Aeronautical Systems and Northrop Grumman, the world's largest and leading manufacturers of drones. General Atomics builds the Predator and Reaper drones. Northrop Grumman provides the software for a similar aircraft, the Global Hawk spy drone.

These remotely controlled vehicles come with a hefty price tag -- Predator and Reaper's range between $4-$12 million and the Global Hawk's cost about $35 million. With their high tech sophistication, drones have become the weapon of choice in fighting the U.S. occupations. More than 7000 drones are ready to prowl the skies over Afghanistan and Iraq. The demand for drone surveillance and strikes has increased through the request of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates for $112.9 million in the next $708 billion defense bill. Last year, U.S. tax payers paid $489 million for 24 new Reaper drones and $554 million for the Global Hawk drones in the 2010 defense bill.

San Diego residents can catch a glimpse of the Predator and Global Hawk drones at the AeroSpace Museum, but those in Afghanistan and Pakistan are not likely to have such casual contact. Drones scout over the two countries launching Hellfire missiles onto intended targets. Since July 2009, there have been 89 drone strikes in Afghanistan. In the first two weeks of January, six drone strikes took place. The strikes have escalated under General Stanley McChrystal to prevent civilian casualties. Though with the latest U.S. and NATO assault in Marja, 16 innocent civilians have been killed; pointing out that U.S. military intervention in the region is not the way to bring real and sustainable change. In Pakistan, it may never be known how many civilians have died as a result of U.S. Predator and Reaper drone strikes, but there are estimates of hundreds of innocent bystanders who have perished in the attacks. Pakistani authorities released statistics indicating that in 2009, drone strikes had killed over 700 innocent civilians. January 2010 proved to be a deadly month with 123 innocent civilians killed. Latest reports, show that 18 missiles by eight drones killed 16 innocent people on February 2nd.

As many U.S. domestic programs suffer, drones and other unmanned aerial systems have taken a prominent role in the U.S. occupations and defense budgets with billions continuing to be directed toward research and development. Even though General Atomics and Northrop Grumman brought countless technical jobs into the community, San Diego along with many other cities has had their share of hardships. The civilian unemployment rate is at 10.1%; there are more than 160,000 San Diegans unemployed, and employers have lost roughly sixty thousand jobs. The school district is $87 million dollars in the red with threats of salary and program cuts. Over 7800 people live on the streets. According to Veterans Village of San Diego, 30-40% of San Diego County's homeless are veterans.

San Diego is the number one county recipient of Department of Defense spending in the nation. The economy is overrun and overspent by defense contractors such as General Atomics Aeronautical Systems and Northrop Grumman. Drones in warfare are made for surveillance and strikes, and contribute nothing to the U.S. economy. Money for non-military related jobs, education, housing and health care could easily come from the millions spent per day on the U.S. occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Carol Jahnkow is the Executive Director of the Peace Resource Center of San Diego ( Nancy Mancias is a CODEPINK activist and organizer who lives in San Francisco, CA. (

Join us Tuesday, March 2   4 to 6 p.m
Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina (Harbor Island)
1380 Harbor Island Drive
, San Diego, CA 92101
(at Harbor Drive and Harbor Island Drive across from the airport).

We will be protesting outside of a conference at the hotel, “Unmanned Aircraft Systems West” featuring 25 top experts from the military and military industry at the Sheraton Hotel and sponsored by the Association of Naval Aviation.

[SDCPJ] March 4 Education is a Human Right: Resist-Mobilize-Transform


-----Inline Attachment Follows-----

Read what the Tea Party folks are saying about us

--- On Tue, 2/23/10, Frank Gormlie <> wrote:

From: Frank Gormlie <>
Subject: Read what the Tea Party folks are saying about us
To: "Frank Gormlie" <>
Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2010, 9:29 AM

Read what the Tea Party folks are saying about us:

"Looks like the San Diego area Progressives are trying to round up 100 counter protesters for the Anniversary Tea Party on the 17th (wrong date it's the 27th). I'm curious to see if they actually pull it off since we've never had more than a dozen show up before. Our folks always enjoy the friendly banter, so this should add some color to the day! This is a funny article…especially the part where the author does not consider Obama left enough to be a real Progressive: Should Progressives Confront Up-Coming Tea Party Rally?. "

This was a quote from a post on the Temple of Mut, one of the chief organizing blogs for the local "non-partisan" Tea Baggers - one who even claims she's a Democrat.

We have met over half our goal of one hundred progressives - please come and join us - and let me know if you will be there.

Wall Street Bonuses Up

DiNapoli: Wall Street bonuses up 17 percent

The Conversation: AIG Bonuses Play Video ABC News – The Conversation: AIG Bonuses

Judge approves Bank of America's Merrill settlement AFP/Getty Images/File – Merrill Lynch headquarters in New York City. The SEC alleges that Bank of America hid from its shareholders …
By MICHAEL GORMLEY, Associated Press Writer Michael Gormley, Associated Press Writer – Tue Feb 23, 6:54 am ET

ALBANY, N.Y. – Wall Street bonuses were up 17 percent to over $20 billion in 2009, the year taxpayers bailed out the financial sector after its meltdown, New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said Tuesday.

Total compensation at the largest securities firms grew beyond that figure and profits could surpass what he calls an unprecedented $55 billion last year, DiNapoli said. That's nearly three times Wall Street's record increase, a rate of growth that is boosted in part by the record losses in 2008 of nearly $43 billion, the Democrat said.

"Wall Street is vital to New York's economy, and the dollars generated by the industry help the state's bottom line," said DiNapoli. "But for most Americans, these huge bonuses are a bitter pill and hard to comprehend. ... Taxpayers bailed them out, and now they're back making money while many New York families are still struggling to make ends meet."

DiNapoli supports reforms that require Wall Street bonuses to be tied to long-term profitability, to force more stability in the volatile markets and "make sure the securities industry thrives without driving the rest of us out on a fragile economic limb."

DiNapoli reviews tax collections each year and bases his annual projection of Wall Street bonuses on income and other taxes paid in New York City.

DiNapoli notes the bonuses help state revenues tremendously as it faces an $8.2 billion deficit, but they are a "bitter pill" to most taxpayers nationwide.

The bonus estimate doesn't include compensation that Wall Streeters chose to take in stock options and other kinds of deferred payment.

He said the bonus pool is a third less than the amount paid out two years ago when Wall Street had its previously most profitable year.

The estimate does not include stock options that have not yet been realized or other forms of deferred compensation. This year's estimated bonus pool is third less than the amount paid two years ago, the previous most profitable year.

For example, Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman could receive a stock bonus currently valued at $8.1 million for 2009 if he meets certain performance targets, the bank said in January. Gorman is getting deferred stock worth $5.4 million but no cash bonus for 2009, Morgan Stanley said in a filing. Gorman can't cash in the stock for three years.

Banks had been expected to hand out near-record compensation for last year's performance. Several banks earned huge profits in 2009, aided by billions in government bailout funds and a rebounding stock market.

State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has pressed the nation's eight biggest banks to reveal how much they plan to pay out in employee bonuses for 2009. The Democrat also sought the size of the banks' bonus pool would have been affected if the banks hadn't received a taxpayer rescue at the height of the financial crisis in late 2008.

[SDCPJ] March 4 Education is a Human Right: Resist-Mobilize-Transform

Monday, February 22, 2010

The New Working Poor

[SDCPJ] Fw: We have 50 - Need 50 more progressives at Tea Party rally

-----Forwarded Message-----
>From: Frank Gormlie <>
>Sent: Feb 22, 2010 1:54 PM
>To: Frank Gormlie <>
>Subject: We have 50 - Need 50 more progressives at Tea Party rally
>San Diegans: We have 50 progressives willing to non-violently witness the Tea Party rally on Saturday Feb 27th. We need 50 more in our quest to organize one hundred counter-demonstrators. We feel we need that many in order not to look and appear dis-organized and pathetic.
> we have one hundred solid patriotic progressive citizens to watch our
>local racist movement gather, we will be calling the counter action off - or going somewhere else.
> you join us from the OB Rag
> and peace
> movement
> as we
> stand
> the San
>Diego Tea
> Party
>that is
>coming up on
> Feb 27th?
> Their rally is there from 11am to 1pm on that Saturday, down at the
>Star of India. If
> you
> can commit, please reply and let me know. If you have already
>committed to me, you don't need to do so again. (I apologize if you
>received multiple versions of this email.)
>If we don't have one hundred
>we won't be there, that simple.
> Check out this post by clicking on the link - read the many comments,
> Should Progressives Confront
> Up-Coming Tea Party Rally?
> Thanks, Frank Gormlie

Sdcpj mailing list

[SDCPJ] Phyllis Bennis speaks March 2: "The Middle East in US Policy: Empire Still?"

SDCPJ will hold a "Ground the Drones" Protest from 4-6 p.m. on March 2 at the Sheraton Hotel on Harbor Island (Harbor and Harbor Island Drive across from airport).  come to the Drone protest and then head out for SDSU for the Phyllis Bennis event!

Palestine Awareness Week 

Students for Justice in Palestine at San Diego State University

invite you to attend a distinguished lecture on

The Middle East in US Policy: Empire Still?

by Phyllis Bennis

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
6:30 pm
SDSU Campus
Hardy Tower 140 (HT 140)

About the speaker:  Phyllis Bennis is a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) where she directs the New Internationalism Project. The Middle East component of the Project challenges the drive towards U.S. empire in that region and beyond, focusing particularly on ending the U.S. wars and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and supporting a just and comprehensive peace based on an end to Israeli occupation and apartheid policies in Palestine. The United Nations component analyzes U.S. domination of the UN and attempts to strengthen the potential role of the UN as part of a new internationalism and the global resistance to empire. Since September 11, 2001, the New Internationalism Project has also been involved in examining the root causes of, and critiquing U.S. responses to that tragedy.   

Phyllis is also a fellow of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. She has been a writer, analyst, and activist on Middle East and UN issues for many years. While working as a journalist at the United Nations during the run-up to the 1990-91 Gulf War, she began examining U.S. domination of the UN, and stayed involved in work on Iraq sanctions and disarmament, and later the U.S. wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 1999, Phyllis accompanied a delegation of congressional aides to Iraq to examine the impact of U.S.-led economic sanctions on humanitarian conditions there, and later joined former UN Assistant Secretary General Denis Halliday, who had resigned his position as Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq to protest the impact of sanctions, in a speaking tour. In 2001 she helped found and remains on the steering committee of the U.S. Campaign to End Israeli Occupation. She works closely with the United for Peace and Justice anti-war coalition, co-chairs the UN-based International Coordinating Network on Palestine, and since 2002 has played an active role in the growing global peace movement.  She continues to serve as an adviser to several top UN officials on Middle East and UN democratization issues.

Phyllis has published numerous books, including the best-selling Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Primer  and her newest book Ending the US War in Afghanistan: A Primer.   

[SDCPJ] Anne Feeney, Internationally acclaimed labor folk musician in Concert Mon March 1

Activist SanDiego presents
Internationally acclaimed labor folk musician
 Anne Feeney in Concert
Labor Beat Songs of Struggle
 Monday March 1, 7:30 ( doors open 7pm)
Church of the Bretheren - Peace Resource Center
3850 Westgate Pl., SD 92105
                     Donations $10 -$20                     Iinfo: 858-459-4650 
"Anne Feeney is the greatest labor singer in North America." -- Utah Phillips

"She's a person who lives the spirit of music in the sense of the best songwriters, not simply as an entertainer. She participates passionately and with great compassion in struggles for justice. Her song "Have You Been to Jail for Justice" is characteristic of Anne's work not only because of its advocacy, but because it conveys a joyful sense of humor. Like Anne, this song looks at the world with a spirit of community, the spirit of an organizer, people who write and sing from a sense of enjoying people and participating in the life around them even as they recognize the great inequities that we have." Peter Yarrow
"Congratulations on your fine songwriting!" -- Pete Seeger (Legendary folk singer and political activist.)
If I had a cause - and who doesn't? - I'd want Anne Feeney singing for me."-- Stephen Ide (Writer for Dirty Linen Magazine, which covers folk, roots, traditional and world music.)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

[SDCPJ] offer to Friends of MECIC from Mo'olelo Performing Arts Company


Sent: Saturday, January 16, 2010 4:49 PM
Subject: from seema

Hip Hop Theater & Middle East Politics
Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company ( invites friends of MECIC to Robert Farid Karimi's hip hop, spoken word play, self (the remix).
Friends of MECIC save $5 when you order your tickets online using this coupon code: PERSIACC.
About the show:
What is Robertito to do? He is half-Iranian and half-Guatemalan growing up in California at a time when the shadow of the Iranian Hostage Crises looms large. In self (the remix), acclaimed playwright and performer Robert Farid Karimi, accompanied by a soundscape created by DJ D Double, tells a "remixed" autobiographical tale of a boy struggling to learn about manhood, nationhood, and neighborhood.
A play with one man, one DJ and 23 characters.

When: Feb 25 - March 21, 2010 (visit for performance times)

Where: The 10th Avenue Theatre, 930 10th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101


Info/Tickets:, 619-342-7395,


$5-off Coupon Code: PERSIACC

Order soon, some performances are already sold out!

Coming up at Mo`olelo...
February 24 - March 21, 2010: self (the remix)


[SDCPJ] Meeting Monday, February 22. 7 p.m.

The San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice will meet on Monday, February 22, 7 p.m. at the First Church of the Brethren, 3850 Westgate Place, SD 92105.

All are welcome.

Topics for this important meeting include the March 2 Ground the Drones demonstration and the March 20 Anniversary of the Iraq War Car Caravan, bannering event, and candlelight vigil.
Sdcpj mailing list

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb 2010 Coalition Events

Please review, forward, support.



Join Us In Our Studio Audience as we Explore Controversial Issues

Your support is requested

Semi-Annual television production training is on the horizon in March and April 2010. Lets start working on your show concept now.

More progressive organizations need to get their own television shows. We want to help train your crews and to get you on the air.

Get hands on training

We need:

10 Directors

30 Camera Operators

10 Internet Broadcast Directors

10 Sound Engineers

10 Graphics Generators

5 Producers

10 Floor Directors

Training is free and no experience is necessary. We just ask that you volunteer. Kids as young as 9 and 74 are part of our crews!

You must RSVP before coming to the studio in El Cajon. Call for address, directions and information.

Walter 760-917-1251

Consider joining the Citizens' Internet TV Network and delivering Internet TV broadcasts to your audiences world wide.


Important Websites

Blog Address

Come and leave your opinion!

Community Coalition

Join Us!

My Main Website

Internet TV Broadcasts Live and Archived

San Diego County Community Coalition

Thursday 18 February 2010 @ 6:30 PM

Javan Jackson's

The Love Expression Connection TV Production

Justice is love demonstrated in public. Local artists are joining forces to bring a message of love to San Diego Community. L

Lloyd May and Chad Mckinney will be interviewed.

Friday 19 February 2010 @6:30 PM

Progress in San Diego TV Production

Is justice being reflected for both sides in family court? What are views of men's rights advocates Harry Crouch of the National Mens' Coalition will discuss these topics.

Is the international policy of the United States in The Middle East reflecting justice?

Faith Attaguile will discuss her recent trip to Gaza and her reflections on the plight of the Palestinian people.

Executive Producer Walter Davis will host.

Sunday 21 February 2010 @ 11:00 AM

The San Diego County Community Coalition Monthly Meeting

The Community Coalition will be conducting its monthly meeting at the Southern Sudanese Community Center 4077 Fairmount Ave, San Diego.

We will continue to develop strategies in our efforts to encourage unity among concerned citizens while motivating the apathetic.

Meeting topics to include:

Public Information Campaign

TV Production

Technology Training

Malcolm X Library Seminars

Please consider paying your $25.00 annual dues. They help a lot.

Was 9/11 an Inside Job?

1000 Architects and Engineers worldwide say an investigation is warranted.

See Dwain Deets of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth on Progress In San Diego, COX Channel 18/23 @5:00PM

Sunday 21 and 28 Feb.

See Webcasts of all of our shows live and archived versions at

Click on the LIVE ICON

Broadcasts usually begin at 8PM and 9 PM on the Internet on the Day of Production

For questions and to RSVP, Contact: Walter Davis

Phone: 760-917-1251

Join the San Diego County Community Coalition

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Stephen Fry on Catholisism

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